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It's 2750 AD. All the glaciers on the Earth have melted in 23rd century. Only 30.000 people survived back then, now there are only 20 million people on Earth.


Since the apocalypse happened, all the countries have fallen apart. You have to build a new ones and maybe conquer others.



  1. Don't cause drama.
  2. Don't harass, insult or offend other users. 
  3. Don't overpower yourself.
  4. You can choose the location of your country, mapmaker will place your country on a map, with as much territory as needed at his look.
  5. You can see the example here:
  6. If you read the rules, say "YELLAH SUBMARINE"


Mikoyanshik (owner)

Sidewinter (moderator and mapmaker)

FPO (moderator)


Free European Council:

Desc: The Free European Council is for an Europe, where Democracy is Leading the Continent.

  • Freedomite Republic of Austria (Founder)
  • Reykjavik Collective (Co-Founder)
  • Tavastian Federian (Co-Founder)
  • Lutsk/Vedena 

Holy Covenant:

  • Kingdom of Egypt
  • Republic of Muscat


  • Tavastian Federation - TheSteampunkTotoro (Cyan)
  • Kyoto Shogunate - Sidewinder (Orange)
  • Reykjavik Collective - LukaGaming (Magenta)
  • Muscovy - MAGICxPython (Ultramarine)
  • Austria - FPÖ (Gold)
  • Minnesota - Ethan (Grass)
  • Kingdom of Egypt - ChuzzyBuddy
  • Muscat - Matomano (Prussian Blue)
  • Mongolia - Mongolian Mapping (Light Blue)
  • Ukranland - Gregjarlot (Pink Purple)
  • Vedena - Vlad Nykytiuk (Dark Orange)
  • Javanese Empire - Stronk Indonesiaball (Dark Purple)

NPC nations in Sunken World


  • Gaul
  • Scotland
  • Valencia
  • Balkan Union
  • Sicily
  • Gothenburg
  • Ukransland


  • Far East Republic
  • Kim Dynasty
  • Saigon Republic
  • Malaya
  • Greater Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Xia Dynasty
  • Southern India
  • Sultanate of Sabah
  • Emirate of Kuching
  • Jakarta Union
  • Himalayan Republic

North America

  • Appalachian Confederation
  • Cascadia
  • Anchorage
  • Californian Union
  • Missisippi
  • New Georgia
  • Unidos Este Mexica
  • Guadalajaran Republic
  • Yucatan Republic

South America

  • Kingdom of Guiana
  • Uruguay
  • Republic of Represa Balbina
  • United Tribes of Rionegro
  • People's Republic of Branco
  • Chiefdom of Mato Grosso
  • Patagonian Federation


  • Fezzan
  • People's Republic of the Western Sahara
  • Guinea
  • Republic of the Gold Coast
  • Gabon
  • Former Angolan Republic of Luanda
  • Madagascar
  • Capetown
  • Mozambique
  • Zanzibar
  • Djibouti


  • People's Republic of Flinders
  • Barrier Syndicate

Turn 1 (2750-2753)


Austria (2750-2750) - Freedomite Republic of Austria (2750- )

  • Government:
    • Change of the government and first elections: The bundeskanzler Adolf Hofer (NFPÖ) declared first elections for Bundespräsident and Bundeskanzler. There are 9 parties running for 2753 elections:
      • Neo-Freedom Party of Austria (NFPÖ) - Nationalliberal, Right-Wing Populism, Direct-Democracy, Austrian Patriotism
      • Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreich (SDPÖ) - Social Democracy, Pro-Estabilishment
      • Neue Volkspartei Österreichs (NVPÖ) - Christian Democracy, Conservatism
      • Nationaldemokratische Partei Österreichs (NDPÖ) - Neo-Nazism
      • Neue Kommunistische Partei Österreichs (NKPÖ) - Eurocommunism
      • Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DVNP) - German Nationalisms, Right-Wing Populism, Monarchism (Habsburg)
      • Liberale Front (LF) - Liberalism
      • Bündnis Zukunft Österreichs (BZÖ) - Economic Liberalism
      • Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (SPÖ) - Socialism
    • The results are:
Party Votes % Seats +/–
Neue Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (NFPÖ)16,26950.150 +50
Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs (SPDÖ)7,47522.823 +23
Neue Volkspartei Österreichs (NVPÖ)5,00515.415 +15
Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNVP)1,5284.75 +5
Bündnis Zukunft Österreichs (BZÖ)1,3984.35 +5
Liberale Front (LF)9722.92 +5
Nationaldemokratische Partei Österreichs (NDPÖ)2930.900
Neue Kommunistische Partei Österreichs (NKPÖ)900.200
Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (SPÖ)850.200
Invalid/blank votes3
Registered voters/turnout33,118100
Source: NONE
    • Arnold Schröder, the Blue Party candidate, won the elections. A coalition between NFPÖ, NVPÖ, BZÖ and LF was made. DVNP and SPDÖ are opposition. The Bundeskanzler tries to ban the NDPÖ, due to what neo-nazis made. The parliament approved that with everyone except LF, LF believes that everyone shall have his own opinion, no matter how extreme that is.
    • The Verbotsgesetz: Adolf Hofer enacts the Verbotsgesetz (with the majority of the parlament) against the Neo-Nazis, he says , that Neo-Nazis shall be rehabilitated in Prisons, because Neo-Nazis have no right to be Neo-Nazis, because he dislikes Extremism of every direction, like his Ancestors Heinz-Christian Strache and Philippa did.
    • The Expansion of the Parlament: Adolf Hofer also stated, he wants to expand the Parliament from 100 to 183, but he did that after the elections in 2753, Means in 2756 It gets enacted.
  • Military:
    • Reenactment of the Bundeswehr: Adolf Hofer saw old documents of the Bundeswehr under Strache and Co. He believed the Budneswehr was at this time the strongest, and could have invaded literally everyone who they wanted and also defend from everyone. He says that men and women at the age of 17 shall go to the Bundeswehr and serve until they are 24. 
  • War/Conflicts/Expansions:
    • Expansion of Austria into Switzerland: Austria invaded Switzerland because they believed this is their territory.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Saxon Republic: We want to propose with you an Economical Union called "Neudeutsche Union" Under a double-rulership between you and me, also we could make an Alliance.
  • Technology:
    • Rediscovery of vehicles: We found many vehicles in the ruins of Old-Vienna, many of them seem working, we have tried to activate them again, 2 of 10 didn't activate, and we investigate to remake AND revolutionize them.

Empire of Minnesota

  • Government: A ruthless dictatorship led by Oke Sagan. However the structure of this dictatorship is based on loyalty and power and if a dictator dies, then a person can elect another to take its place. The capital is in... Wisconsin (the worst state, Minnesota > Wisconsin, WE WILL TAKE MINNESOTA BACK!)
    • Reclaim the Holy Land of Minnesota: Minnesota is considered a holy land for our people for many centuries now and we must reclaim and relocate our capital from former state of Wisconsin to the holy lands of Minnesota! We begin sending thousands of settlers to settle Minnesota and eventually relocate our capital to St. Paul, Minnesota - the Holy City that was once considered to be destroyed by climate change.
    • Internal Politics: Politics are basically dictated by the dictator and he emphasises on steering to revive the thoughts of the Holy Lands of Minnesota that people have in the 25th century, including a rebirth of the Ghallianist religion.
  • Religious Affairs: The Ghallianist religion is thought by Minnesotans to be founded by Harvey Weinstein when he was in steroids but it was later denied by Oke Sagan as heretic and his brand of the Ghallianist religion is the true religion and is founded on 2751 (which is year 1 for the Minnesotan Calendar). Nevertheless, it seems that the Ghallianist religion still retains Weinstein's prophecies and such, such as the angels which were ghouls tied up to make them look like protagonists and demons that are actually those who are cursed of becoming modern humans that are today. As a result, to be in what Weinstein thought was heaven, you must serve something good to the ghouls and eventually you can become a ghoul but accursed to hell if you treat them badly. The holy cities or former places include Minnesota, former Hollywood and former New York City, with claims of former NYC and Hollywood containing gateways to a ghoulish dimension, but they don't exist because its just mythical nonsense.
  • Economy: Substantial economy, there's nothing interesting but the Minnesotan economy is also somewhat communist.
  • Military: Minnesota has one of the most militaristic states yet but still lags behind in quality, thus they rely on numbers to succeed. Many of these personnel often are forced to eat meat as they claim in Ghallianism, to become a ghoul, you must indulge in your life with almost all the time with meat.
  • Technology: Pre-industrial levels and there's little effort to revolutionise technology and surroundings because the state is in a Luddite state (but not completely like the Amish). Hopefully this isn't like Konig des Menschen 2.0 please no.
  • Diplomacy: To be in heaven with all other ghouls, no interactions with outside of the world must be made apart from themselves. (N/A)

Vedena (Volynian Republic)

  • Government: New political party: "Equality!". This party propagandas full equality between every person in Lutsk and creating one single commune. This party got only 8 persons in parliament and ~6% of all votes. Other politicians are independent, but few of them formed another party: "Union of freedom!". They think, that every country in this world must be same democratic like Volyn and they are for creating a world union, which will solve all major problems. Also now Dulibia plans to make only one big city, which will control all of country. Lutsk plans to expand abroad. Of course, there will be other settlements, but 80-90% of Vedena might lives in Lutsk. Lutsk looks like an ancient Greek polis.
  • Population: Now the population of Volyn is 36,300 (+6300) people. Males/females proportion = 49(-1)/51(+1) %
  • Military: around 1000 (+300) soldiers. Since Dulibia has no metals, the only resource they can use is wood. Now Vedena has 80 wooden tanks and 10 wooden planes.
  • Economy:  Primary sector - 29(-6)%, Secondary sector - 52(+2)%, Tertiary sector - 19(+4)%. Based on manufacturing production (since it is a city-state) and on agriculture. A major part of agriculture based on private gardens. The economy is capitalist. Lutsk (city). Lutsk's economy grows at 5-12% every year.
  • Diplomacy:  Lutsk(city and country)expands. Now it controls a bit of Volyn, but it still too small to be a major power in East Europe.


  • Government -  Established a capital in Dundalk. We are a democratic nation. Our leader name is James McCloud.
  • Population - Around about 250,000 people. 140,000 being male. 110,000 being female.
  • Military -  20,000 soldiers along with 4 patrol boats.
  • Economy -  Like Reykjavik, fishing is our strongest economical point.
  • Diplomacy -
  • Austria/Reykjavik: Can our nation join your new alliance?
  • Scotland: Want to trade goods with us?


New Republic of Mongolia

Mongolian federation

The country isnt that advanced. The biggest city is the capital, 80% of all types of cities are only villages. The Mongolian culture is very present, and people really likes the govern, and recent changes in the country was well accepted.

  • Government: Republic. The capital is Sukhbataar, and 44% of all country live in this city. The president is named Batjardgal Yambajav. Elections happens in 3 years. Everyone that has more than 16 years old has full rigths, mens and womans, and can vote. Every city has a voting urn, and when is voting times, results are collected in four days.
  • Economy:
  1. Primary sector: 6%
  2. Secondary sector: 3%
  3. Terciary sector: ‐1%
  • Its based in mining, since a big mine was discovered in Gobi Desert, livestock and a little agriculture.
  • Population: Its around 70,200 people;
  • Military:  It has 3,300 soldiers in total, 1 tank and 2 artilleries. The tank and the artilleries are recovered, so they have old technology.
  • Diplomacy: Roads to economy get better Asian frends? I can do this with Europe too :)
  • Wars/Events: No war is happening. 430 exploration soldiers were sent to see what left over of Ulaanbataar.

Reykjavik Collective

  • Government: A kinda like confederacy state, with capital in Reykjavik and two regions: Reykjavik and Akureyki.
  • Economy: Mostly based on fishing.
  • Population: about 60k
  • Military:
    • 3500 land soldiers, using pre-industrial levels stuff
    • 6 patrol boats to protect trade
    • Scout Corps: 200 people, to explore further lands.
  • Events:
    • Colonization: We start to colonize along the eastern coast of Greenland (or Grænland) and make up our third region, Grænland, in order to expand. We also send explorers up north to find the lands formerly known as "Norway" and "Svalbard".
    • Conscription: Males and females ages 18-30 are now ordered to be conscripted to the army, with males for at least 1 year and females for 6 months in order to have a capable militia.
  • Technology progress: We found pre-industrial stuffs in Reykjavik and Akureyki and we are now making use of them and revolutionizing them. Also, we are working on using the geothermal energy under Iceland to power our nation.
  • Diplo stuff:
    • Austria: Alliance?
    • Scotland: Trading?
    • The-nation-at-Sweden: Trade?

The Republic of Muscat

  • Population: 17,513
  • Leader: Sylvianus I Spectran
  • Government: After the fallout of humanity and the rising of the seas, the people of the area regrouped around Jebel Akdhar. The culture had gone haywire and The people decided to elect leaders until they prosper and have the power to change government type. After they come up with the Act of Jebel Akdar, they move towards Muscat, arriving there and living there.
    • The Act of Jebel Akhdar: The people have all gathered up, numbering about 17,500 people. The People have declared the Act of Jebel Akhdar. The Act calls for an emergency status being in place. The Emergency State makes the people entitled to work and service the nation for as long as the Emergency state continues. The People are now encouraged to reproduce as quickly as possible, in a short time. An army is also erected based on this Act, the Emergency Force.
    • Act 1:1, The Scavengers Act: The Worlds Civilisations collapsed, leaving behind relics of their technology. Our best chance to advance is to scavenge these relics. Therefore, our Emergency Army will develop a branch to scavenge.
    • Act 1:2, The Education Restoration Act: All Books and Information are valuable at this point. To us, our survival is not all there is, the success and future of our children are also important. Therefore, to make sure our children are successful too, we restore our education system to educate our children to remain successful.
    • Act 1:3, The Reproduction Act: The Earth, once a land populated by nearly 8 billion people, now is a sparsely populated with civilisations starting from the former glory of what was advanced nations. The need for people to restart is high now that people have gathered up and rebuilt nations. Therefore, our nation needs manpower to restart the nation.
    • Act 1:4, The Infrastructure Creation Act: We used to live in bustling cities with millions of people, and now, we are in historic huts. We need to improve our infrastructure, we need to construct.
  • Military:
    • Emergency Army (Regular Corps):
      • Bowmen: 120
      • Swordsmen: 120
      • Camel Spearmen: 100
      • Camel Archers: 100
      • Shielded Swordsmen: 50
      • Camel Chariots: 10
      • Total: 500
    • Emergency Army (Naval Corps):
      • Dinghy: 4
      • Fishermen Boat: 2
      • Patrol Boats: 2
    • Emergency Army (Scavenger Force):
      • Light Camel Raiders: 40
      • Light Camel Archers: 40
      • Camel Transporters: 20
      • Total: 100
    • Military Scientists:
      • Projectile Researchers: 20
      • Relic Analysers: 50
      • Irrigation Researchers: 10
      • Material Researchers: 10
      • Transport Researchers: 10
      • Total: 100
  • Expansion:
    • Northern Expansion and Across the Hormuz: A third of our Regular Corps and the Naval Force's 1 Fisherman Boat and 2 Patrol Boats moved towards the North of the Nation. upon reaching the remains of Sharjah, the Naval Forces Moved towards the North and making constant trips to the lands above the Hormuz Strait and the Sharjah Peninsula, creating a small base of operations.
    • Western Expansion and Securing the Hope Bay: The Rise in Sea Levels has caused a bay to be built next to New Muscat. To secure this bay, A third of our Regular Corps, and the remaining Naval Corps secure various points around the bay to claim as ours, starting with the land opposite to New Muscat on the Bay Entrance.
  • Economy:
    • Agriculture: Our people, trying to develop the land, have started to mass produce farms, with about 3,000 people working in farms inside our nation. Our main products are Rice, Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger and much more. Having also discovered lands in Iran has led to us discovering Saffron, and starting to cultivate it in the lands of New Hormuzia.
    • Inter-Hormuz Trade: Our Patrol boats and Fishermen boat are able to withstand the currents of the seas. This makes them amazing as transport ships in the Hormuz Strait because it is uncharted territory and the sea could be rough.
    • Mining: Oman and Iran both are rich in minerals. This was a known fact. Therefore, many workers have decided to go mining, as a state-sponsored job, to produce minerals and metals for the nation. About 1,000 people work in these mines.
    • Extraction of Resources: While Mining has been a major source of resources, it has not been the only one. Therefore, to accompany the mining industry, other people have decided to extract resources such as timber, water, stone, abode, ceramics, glass, cement and many other resources. These have allowed the nation to expand it's construction abilities.
  • Operations:
    Construction Plan 1
    • Construction of New Muscat and New Suhar: The Old cities of Muscat and Suhar were devastated and abandoned. The people were better off building new cities than living in the Old, battered cities. Thus, the cities of New Suhar and New Muscat were built. New Muscat is on the lip of the Hope Bay and New Suhar is close to the Hormuz Strait and the UAE.
    • Re-discovery of Gunpowder [Completion: Next Turn]: Gunpowder, a marvel discovered hundreds of years ago, now is almost lost in our civilisation. A push to find this marvellous discovery again has started. Since this is old knowledge, the mission to re-discover them should take a short while and products using gunpowder should be available in 2 years time. Projectile Researchers are preparing theories to create a device that could fire projectiles using what is known of gunpowder.
    • Scavenging Mission: The Scavenging Corps lay siege to the Old City of Muscat, taking everything of interest back to be analysed. In a life where all mysteries can be in the middle of concrete, one must make sure to check thoroughly and carefully. This mission has already had some results, with the discovery of 2 bicycles and a barrel of petroleum. In reality, 4 bikes were found. However, these were taken by the Relic Analysers to Lab-City to be analysed and recreated in labs to enter mass production with the help of the Transport Researchers. Also, Construction Researchers are on site, at Old Muscat, to explore the construction style used. Material Researchers are also on site, checking the materials used for building in this city. 
    • Construction of Lab-City: Lab-City, a secret town built to accommodate the researchers. It is far from the rest of civilisation, researching all there is to advance our nation. No one is told of this area except for a select few, including the Leader, Sylvianus I Spectran
  • Diplomacy:
    • The New Civilisation in Iraq: Trade?
    • The Egyptians: Trade?
    • The Bab-el-Mandeb Civilisation: Trade?

Tavastian Federation

  • Government: Constitutional Republic, led by President Anttoni Keravainen.
  • Laws:
    • 4-Child Policy[Old]: For the sake of rapid repopulation, a law which gave the minimum barrier of 4 childs per family to receive after 10 years of marriage, if this goal isn’t reached there will be heavy taxes and earlier military training for the existing children.
    • Mandatory Training: You know what this is.
  • Population: 227 840
  • Military
    • Land:
    • Spearmen: 12 340
    • Swordmen: 8 900
    • Spearmen(With Shields): 3 550
    • Swordmen(With Shields): 3 450
    • Bowmen: 5 670
    • Crossbowmen: 2 710
    • Musketmen: 1 820
    • Rangers(Commando unit): 910
    • Horsemen: 870
    • Knights: 340
    • Naval:
    • Patrol boats: 19
    • Frigates: 4
  • Operations
    • Not into war rn
  • Expansion
    • Päijät-Häme: We expand, taking all of the Päijät-Häme peninsulas with 30 000 settlers and 4 000 infantrymen.
    • Jyväskylä: We expand to Central Finland, taking Jyväskylä with 23 000 settlers, and 4 500 soldiers
  • Diplomacy
    • Austria: We join your alliance
    • Muscovy: We propose that we stay on the Nordic subcontinent, and you stay on the Russian-Europe subcontinent, does that sound ok?

Turn 2 (2754-2757)


NPC Events

  • All trade deals are accepted.
  • War erupts in South America as Rionegro and Represa Balbina fight over access to the Amazon Sea coastline.
  • A major earthquake in the Mediterranean causes a tsunami which hits Greece, Sicily, Fezzan and the Nile Federation.
  • More nations form.


  • Government:
    • Party "Equality!" got 7 politicians in the parliament and 4% of total points.
    • Party "Union of Freedom!" becomes very popular. Now it has 24 politicians and 18% of votes.
    • One politician, Ivan Boykmenko, became very popular and this time he got almost 9% of total votes. He has plans to unite East Europe by force (Lutsk Trump).
  • Population:
    • many people from Volyn (and sometimes even for farther lands) migrates to Lutsk and the population of Lutsk is 43,900 people (+7,600). Males/Females proportion = 50(+1)%/50(-1)%.
  • Military:
    • Around 1700 (+700) soldiers. Vedena has improved their wooden tanks and planes and now they are faster and capable to be used properly in war. Vedena has 130 wooden tanks and 80 wooden planes.
  • Economy:
    • Primary sector: 20(-9)%, Secondary sector: 56(+5)%, Tertiary sector: 24(+4)%. The economy of Lutsk has been grown at 30% (+9%|+13%|+8%) in these three years because of early industrial revolution. Lutsk is a cultural, financial and political center of Ukraine. Lutsk builds merchant navy and trades with tribes by rives.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Lutsk expands. Now it is a pretty big city and one of the biggest in the East Europe. It plans to pave a road between capitals of neighboured countries.

Freedomite Republic of Austria

  • Government:
    • Nationalratswahlen (Legislative Elections) 2756: It's again 3 Years ago the People of Austria voted their last Nationalrat (National Council/Parliament), and now it's time to create an new Legislative Preiod for the next 3 years.
Party Votes % Seats +/–
Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ)19,32233.8762 +12
Deutsch-Österreichische Volkspartei (DÖVP)13,09322.9542 +27
Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs (SPDÖ)716512.5623 +-0
Bündnis Zukunft Österreichs (BZÖ)685212.0122 +17
Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNVP)56089.8318 +13
Die Progressiven Grünen Österreichs (PGÖ)49868.7416 +16
Liberales Forum-Liberale Front Allianz (LiF)22023.860 -2
Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei Deutsch-Österreichs (KAPDÖ)4960.8700
Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (SPÖ)50.0100
Invalid/blank votes0
Registered voters/turnout57,049100
Source: NONE
  • Jörg Fischer (Who is legitimate Sucessor of Adolf Hofer, after he died 2754 to Heartattacks), Got the Jörg Fischer has the government commissioned by the President of Austria, Arnold Schröder.
  • Jörg Fischer did Coalition talkings with every Party, but it seemed only an Blue-Black Coalition is Possible, and so is Bundesregierung Fischer I sworn in. Massive Protests were mainly only in Graz, but nowhere else (Suck it Lefties). FPÖ and DÖVP get together 56,82%, an stabile Majority in the Parliament.
  • Denazification Act: Jörg Fischer declares that every Nazi has to be denazificated, No matter how, because he reminded the Parliament and the new Austria of the Third Reich from 1933-1945. Everyone in the Parliament Approved that.
  • Swiss Autonomy Act: Since Switzerland is an Colony of ours, they demand Autonomy, and we made there an Referendum: 96.91% of the Swiss want Autonomy. We grant them Autonomy, in return we can mine in their country.
  • Introduction into a Upper House: The Bundesrat: Jörg Fischer also Had the Idea of making an Bundesrat for the Länder in Austria (Except for Switzerland, they get their own Shit), because he thinks this is stabilizing the Country.


  • Introduction Into new Stuff: Since we mine much in our Mountains, Engineers of Austria have founded new Technology (new-old): Panzers and Aircraft. Our Soldiers have the honor to test the Panzers and Aircraft. We also fix them, In case they have any Bugs.
  • Introduction of the Federal Ministry of Defence: Jörg Fischer has Made the Bundesministerium für Verteildigung: He Appointed Gerhardt Strache to the Defence Minister.


  • Expansion Into Italian, Bavarian and Hungarian Territories: Jörg Fischer did Announce to conquer the Italian, Bavarian and Hungarian Territories for the Good for Austrian People, and for Future Generations.


  • Reykjavik Collective: We accept you in the Free European Council, also we want trade with you our newest Technology!
  • Tavastian Federation:We accept you in the Free European Council, also we want trade with you our newest Technology!
  • Lutsk: We are in the FEC ;)

Kingdom of Egypt

  • Population:
    • Egyptians: 50,000
    • Slaves: 1,000
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy
  • Pharaoh: Ahch-To
  • History: For hundreds of years, Egypt was a dangerous place to live in. Various tribes fought each other in an everlasting war over fresh water. From an outsider's perspective, there looked to be no hope for Egypt. In 2755, a 15 year old boy who was thought to be a God by many tribes attempted to unite all of the tribes by force. The boy led the tribes which believed him to be a God into battle against the tribes which didn't. In 2756, all of the tribes which didn't believe that the boy was a God were slaughtered and the remaining tribes united, forming the Kingdom of Egypt.
  • Progress:
    • Expansion and Exploration: King Ahch-To has demanded his citizens to build settlements on the island Northwest of Egypt and to build settlements South of Egypt, along the Red Sea.
    • Monument to the Gods: King Ahch-To, inspired by the structures built by the Ancient Egyptians, has designed an obelisk which he plans to have built in every Egyptian city. These obelisks will not only be a monument to himself, but a monument to Egypt as a whole. The first obelisk will be 500 feet tall and built in the Egyptian capital city, Ra.
  • Military:
  • Army:
    • Spearmen: 2,500
    • Swordsmen: 1,000
    • Archers: 500
    • Horsemen: 250
    • Chariots: 100
    • Camel Archers: 500
  • Navy:
    • Fishing Boats: 50
    • Triremes: 2
  • Wars/Conflicts:
    • Slavery: King Ahch-To has demanded that any and all remaining people who fought against him before the Kingdom of Egypt was formed are to be enslaved. They will build his monuments and serve his people.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Republic of Muscat: Greetings, I am Ahch-To. I am God. If you're friendly towards the Kingdom of Egypt, the Kingdom of Egypt will be friendly towards you.

New Republic of Mongolia

Ulaanbataar exploration was a sucess. There is 300,000 inhabitants living in bad condition, so the govern took the inhabitants to live in the capital, Sukhbataar, and started a recuperation of the city.

Mongolian federation
  • Population: 389,078 (94% Mongols, 6% Russian)

Military is increasing. Metal using is very common in weapons and tools, helping in farming and livestock. The govern launched a program to research about the recovered tank and the recovered artilleries (end in 6 turns). Actually Mongolia doesnt know nothing about it. And, with these weapons, were found gunpowder, and scientists are researching about it (end in 4 turns).

  • Military:
  1. 1,500 bowmans
  2. 4,500 horse bowmans
  3. 2,000 spearmans (with shields)
  • Economy: Is the same stuff
  • Diplomacy: Yea dont changed any shit

Empire of Minnesota

Minnesotan expansion

We're not expanding into Wisconsin (but mapmakers don't know what is Minnesota so I gave them this reference!

  • Government: Oke Sagan (age 56 by 2757 or year 7) is still the leader of this state and establishes the "Ghoulish Enforcers of Minnesota" (GEM) as one of the ruling parties to further organise the state. The state itself is now considered in general as a theocratic dictatorship, thus putting extremely religious laws that enforces people to not do apostasy or dissrespect the ghoulish gods.
    • Reclaim the Holy Land of Minnesota (2751-present): Some miserable stupid people inside Minnesota decided to further colonise Wisconsin when Sagan wanted them to move westwards, not southwards. Many are being forced to move into the west to settle and colonise, whilst pushing for "religious crusade" against heretics who don't believe ghouls are real gods and are demons to them.
    • Luddite Reversal Program (LURP): This program would decrease the sentiment against developing new technologies led by Oke Sagan. However in return, we begin sending out those who have the most reluctant to heavily industrialise and do something significant to our state to the lost cities of Minnesota and St. Paul. (see Technology)
    • Internal Politics: No major changes yet apart from the LURP program and establishing a major party to begin modernising the state somehow.
  • Religious Affairs: The new sect of the Ghallianist religion sparked a debate between Weinstein's followers and Sagan's followers of the Ghallianist religion which will go on for the additional three years before Weinstein's followers, the original sect of the Ghallianist religion would begin to lose favour due to laws being enforced being extremely different. Weinstein's followers claim Sagan's ways of thinking ghouls are heretic and he would be punished when he dies while Sagan says to Weinstein's followers that his beliefs are reformed and ready for a more industrialised world, including forced conversion and a planned written book called the "Call of Ghouls", which is like the Bible except its to describe "3,000 years of history".
  • Economy: Substantial and still has a vague communist-like economical system because Oke Sagan doesn't care about economics.
  • Demographics:
    • Population: 82,032
    • Ethnicity: 100% Midwesterner (97.4% Ghoulite, 2% Old Wisconsinite, 0.6% Old Minnesotan) (Just noting before you rant or complain something, its 300 years of change so I can do that)
    • Religion: 98% Ghallianism, 1% Christian faith, 1% Other
  • Technology: As the Luddite Reversal Program goes on by leader Sagan, he commanded to scavenge and scout the lost city of Minneapolis and St. Paul (they are stitched together once) to find anything interesting. They found lost "pizza temples" (Domino's, Pizza Hut and all that crap), which were quite heretical and also quite a lot of wasteland. They also found another "temple" which was a former store called Walmart but all they find is to scavenge metal and use it for "holy ghoulish purposes". Then there's this, there are a lot of firearms in one temple and they began reverse-engineering that one but that'll end up to be 16th century equivalent in technology due to lack of knowledge how it worked without relying on black powder.
  • Military: 8,000 in personnel, all trained "to become ghoulish" (not in a zombie way but going through religious stuff).
  • Diplomacy: To be in heaven with all other ghouls, no interactions with outside of the world must be made apart from themselves. (N/A)

Reykjavik Collective

  • Government: A kinda like confederacy state with voting, with capital in Reykjavik and three regions: Reykjavik, Akureyki and Grænland.
    • Domestic stuff: The "Democrats" party won the majority of seats in the Althing (aka Icelandic parliament).
  • Economy: Mostly based on fishing.
  • Population: about 61k
  • Military:
    • 3500 land soldiers, using pre-industrial levels stuff like musket rifles. also 12,5k militia, only used in wartime
    • 6 patrol boats to protect trade and roughly 400 sailors
    • Scout Corps: 200 people, to explore further lands.
  • Events:
    • Colonization: We continue colonizingalong the eastern coast of Greenland (or Grænland) and go deeper inland in order to expand. We also send explorers up north to find the lands formerly known as "Norway" and "Svalbard". We send colonists, soldiers and explorers eastwards to colonize "Norway".
    • Conscription: Males and females ages 18-30 are now ordered to be conscripted to the army, with males for at least 1 year and females for 6 months in order to have a capable militia.
  • Technology progress: We found pre-industrial stuffs in Reykjavik and Akureyki and we are now making use of them and revolutionizing them. Also, geothermal energy is used as the main source of power to light up our nation.
  • Diplo stuff:
    • Eire: Trade?
    • Valencia: Trade?
    • Gaul: Trade?

Tavastian Federation

  • Government: Constitutional Republic, led by President Anttoni Keravainen.
  • Laws:
    • No new laws
  • Population: 327 840
  • Military: (I changed swords to axes due to logic, and added a different unit)
    • Land:
    • Spearmen: 15 340
    • Axemen: 9 900
    • Swordmen: 4 500
    • Spearmen(With Shields): 3 750
    • Axemen(With Shields): 3 850
    • Bowmen: 5 670
    • Musketmen: 2 643
    • Crossbowmen: 2 910
    • Rangers(Commando unit): 1 210
    • Horsemen: 990
    • Knights: 390
    • Naval:
    • Patrol boats: 22
    • Frigates: 5
  • Operations
    • Not into war rn
  • Expansion
    • Pohjois-Savo: We begin expanding out of the Tavastian territories for the first time, and enter to Savonia, taking the major city of Kuopio, which has become the second biggest city in the lands that used to belong to Finland. We send 28 000 settlers, and 6 700 soldiers to keep peace with our new subjects and the settlers.
    • Pohjois-Pohjanmaa: We expand to the north, taking all the lands between our own territories and the ancient city of Pudasjärvi with 27 000 settlers, and 5 500 soldiers
  • Diplomacy
    • Austria: We’d like some more gunpowder, if possible
    • [Skåne?]: Hello fellow Nordic brother.

Turn 3 (2758-2761)