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The aspect of the game

Supremacy 1914 is game like Europe Universalits but in the time of the WWI, is very good for mappers imaging his new official nations.

The first mapper

TheGidgo , better known as Arseniy paptusov , started gaming in November 2013 . Between November 2013 and June 2014 he has made 8 videos about it==Link of the game and maps==

Click here to go to the game

There are many tipes of maps, but two are for high patents.

The first 4 maps are: Northen Atlantic Map ( In the Image), Europe in 1914 Map, Southen Asia in 1914 Map and Europe in 1910 (Premium)


If you want to play supremacy 1914 write your name here:

  • João Dinis Carvalho
  • Lisastr67
  • Bradgeography
Supremacy 1914 part 6-007:38

Supremacy 1914 part 6-0

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