The TFOE Wiki Administration (AKA Mapperdonian Armed Forces by some) are essentially the de jure official military police (staff) of the Mapperdonian Community/Society. Its members are chosen from a small pool of intellectuals. The pool is, in essence, a "list" of users who are capable of being part of the staff but are not. People in this pool typically display some sort of above-average intelligence, maturity or disciplined behavior, average or satisfactory problem-solving skills, and most importantly: experience. The list currently contains about 20 people compared to 200.

New staff members are usually "chosen" from this small pool. Sometimes new ones are filled every season and are expected to be one of "Mapperdonia's finest". However, there are some special cases where the members aren't chosen but were promoted due to agreements (For example: Mind or Zukas). However, they display slightly less discipline compared to the "Chosen" staff.

For example, Mindria actually came into the staff because he was at the right place at the right time. The staff members at the time (Batran, Goldenrebel, and MOAP were most notable) were dealing with overwhelming problems, and they were having trouble looking for new members. Batran helped organize this and proposed a solution to the small pool. He proposed the compromise that the people can recommend staff members to the pool, and the admins vote on it every season (this is how the tradition of seasonal recommendation polls came to be). Fortunately for Mindria, it happened to be almost his birthday. He asked Batran about volunteering for staffmanship. Batran had no one else to choose at the time, so he (along with other staff members) wanted to carry out the proposal. They voted and passed the law with Mindria (under an agreement) being the first in the "Fall 2014 Adminship". Basically, Mindria was the first test subject in an experiment. When he showed capabilities to handle alts, he was made into a permanent staff member.

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Active Staff

Name Rank
Batran99 Owner/Supervisor/Founder
CorrosiveDragon Bureaucrat
Mindria Admin
Mapper Freaker Admin
EthanConquistador Admin
Monsoonjr99 Admin
Flaming Spaghetti Monster Admin
AenMaps Content Moderator
Pezminer12 Content Moderator
KommunistKoala AP Discussions Moderator
Finn Mapper Discussions Moderator
JMathias23 Discussions Moderator
XenobladeShulk1503 (Olimario) Chat Moderator
Kitsune the Pro Chat Moderator
Priceless008 Chat Moderator
SconesAndTeaMapping Chat Moderator
Sidewinder291102 Chat Moderator

Inactive Staff

Name Rank
MrOwnerandPwner Bureaucrat
Goldenrebel25 Bureaucrat
Disturbedfan1100 Bureaucrat
Asdf Mapping Admin
Multi Mappers Admin
Zukasratavarius Discussions Moderator
TolfTolf Discussions Moderator
MervueMeringue Discussions Moderator
Infamous/Silvermilita Chat Moderator
TheJarjar99 Chat Moderator
Starring94 Chat Moderator
Percy (IhorPrTV) Chat Moderator
IonMapping Chat Moderator
HappynHungry Chat Moderator