The situation of GanDaiMe11 in the "alliance might-be-war scenario", Rogue Alliance was founded.


GanDaiMe11 - the rogue.

Sorry for the joke that was here before.


TRA Ronin

The Rogue Dictatorship

I managed to get Craft0Video on my side, so I am making this new alliance called The Rogue Alliance. This alliance is going to pick a side, if war happens. They won't make alliances, before the war starts.


GanDaiMe11(Sole Dictator of the Rogue Dictatorship)


99batran ; Seems he's the boss around here, we need to have good relations with him.

Founder of the wiki(+50)


Current Relation: 75 (Somewhat Friendly)

Disturbedfan1100 ; Kinda bossy, starts flame wars at TRA.

Fighting me(-50)

I like his videos(+20)

I apologised him(+150)

Current Relation: 120 (Erm..Friendly?)

Sunburn9000 ;  Starting wars, I like wars.

Started a war against me(-200)

I apologised him(+150)

Current Relation: -50 (Hostile)

MikiPL ; Some random guy that started trying to improve my behaviour.

Didn't really do nothing(+20)

I apologised him(+150)

Current Relation: 170(Friendly?)

EthanConquistador ; Friendly.


Current Relation: 50(Friendly)

MrOwnerandPwner ; Trying to put me down for this, tho I like his efforts.

Admin of the wiki(+100)

Spying on me now(-70)

Current Relation: 30 (Untrustworthy)

Happydance9 ; Created the QMU, might be worth having good relations.

In the QMU(+100)

Tried to bring Arcy in the QMU(-40)

Current Relation: 60 (Somewhat friendly)

Mind1337 ; Part of GCA, a friend of an alliance, the Marshall of GCA.

In the GCA(+100)

Trying to make himself a leader, annoying sometimes(-5)

Current Relation: 95 (Allies)

Goldenrebel25 ; A friend, who seems not bothered by my opinion. Good mapper, might be a strongally, leader of GMA.

Leader of GMA(+100)


Current Relation: 110 (Highly Trustworthy)

Zukasratavarius ; Leader of GCA. Strong relations must be imminent.

Leader of GCA(+100)

Current Relation: 100 (Friendly)

Drexmapper ; Seems a good mapper, might be useful.

Leader of GCA(+100)

Current Relation: 100 (Friendly)

ArceusFan(or Arcy) ; Don't really like him, he might join the QMU that's the only reason I would need him. Doesn't seem a trustworthy guy.

Current Relation: 0 (Unknown)

Craft0Video ; A recent alliance, seems a good one, we made the new Rogue alliance

The first one who joined my alliance(+150)

Current Relation: 150(Allied me, trustworthy)

Zephyrus Mapping ; Good mapper, good friend. Didn't accept the invitation to TRA tho.

Good Mapper(+50)

Good Friend(+100)

Didn't accept alliance(-70)

Current Relation: 80(Somewhat Trustworthy) 

Allies relations

GCA ; the Goddamn Commie Alliance, hired us to fight on their side.

Hired TRA(+100)

Current Relation: 100(Superiors)

GMA ; Goldenrebel's alliance, maybe a good ally.


Current Relation: 50(Friendly)

HDA ; Split in two QMU.

Don't have anything against them(+30)

Invited Arcy to be in the QMU(-20)

Tried to make me an alliance after we already joined other side(+70)

Current Relation: 80(Friendly)

NMA ; Split in two QMU.

Don't know them(+5)

Current Relation: 5(Recognised)

MUC ; Neutral.


Current Relation: 50(Friendly)


Splash Renegade Talon

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