Season I

The Baltic Republic (2023 CE-2075 CE)

At 2020s, names changed faster than normal in this series. That's because I'm lazy on other cutlures.

  • Iltricar Machpar (2023-2032)
  • Garmitchar Duvar (2032-2040)
  • Biltraick Mailgarjus (2040-2046)
  • Sarmont Gerlavuiar (2046-2061)
  • Narilvark Tuiiv Siargarch (2061-2075)

Season III

The Var'jush (0 AQA-90 AQA)

  • Itypbrus I (0 AQA-20 AQA) - Founded the Talinian civilisation.
  • Thirgaphus I (20 AQA-43 AQA) - Who declared war against the Gdansian Tribe and made the Army of Vilnus.
  • Itypbrus II (43 AQA-70 AQA)
  • Itypbrus III (70 AQA-90 AQA)

Under Polithuanian Rule (90 AQA-116 AQA)

  • Isopharphus II (90 AQA-100 AQA)
  • Tarchghar I (the Terrorfire) (100 AQA-116 AQA) - He founded the Circle of Ossus (named after the one in AOE3)

The Itarqurich (786 AQA-869 AQA)

  • Reigarphus I (786 AQA-793 AQA)
  • Archargeorgar I (793 AQA-812 AQA)
  • Ikarbrus I (812 AQA-820 AQA)
  • Reigarphus II (820 AQA-832 AQA) - Who made harsh laws in the match of the harsh times in Medieval times but different.
  • Separhuk I (the Curious) (832 AQA-849 AQA) - The curious just occupied East Germany.
  • Ikarbrus II (849 AQA - 860 AQA) - Ikarbrus has a long history, he supported the rebellion against the Permian Empire. And also supported the Avers in the Southern Swedish land.
  • Ikarbrus III (860 AQA-869 AQA)

The Quartar'aitch (869 AQA-1019 AQA)

  • Archargeorgar II (the Rebellious) (869 AQA-892 AQA) - Who overthrown the state of Itarqurich.
  • Berjarkarus I (892 AQA-910 AQA)
  • Ikarbrus IV (the Well-Fender) (910 AQA-955 AQA) - The title is usually means they fended off the peasant revolt and abolished peasant laws in 943 AQA.
  • Separhuk II (955 AQA-972 AQA)
  • Kercarhsar I (April 972 AQA-May 973 AQA) - The short reign leader makes the monarch laws. A poor person do not become the monarch but if all of his sons died, it will be replaced by another.
  • Ikarbrus V (973 AQA-978 AQA)
  • Ikarbrus VI (978 AQA-992 AQA)
  • Archargeorgar III (the Occupier) (992 AQA-1019 AQA) - His reign makes the new occupied zones as the territories of Germany. It ended it's occupation after the Rebellion of 10. He had no sons and led to another.

The Varlorntarph (1019 AQA-1050 AQA)

  • Baschkar I (the Silent) (1019 AQA-1023 AQA) - Due to no facts on laws and wars, he's known for as 'the Silent'.
  • Ikarbrus VII (1023 AQA-1050 AQA) - Since giving gold is his goal, he has the title of the leader-treasurer.

The Silte'flich (1050 AQA-1239 AQA)

  • Archargeogar IV (1050 AQA-1059 AQA) - When his father Ikarbrus VII has gave treasure to him, he decides to use all of the money to recruit mercenaries and overthrow him. And he enacted to take over Russia for the Rise of Talin plans.
  • Tacgorv I (the Warmonger) (1059 AQA-1070 AQA) - Been declaring war against the city-states of Ukraine, he is awarded as the 'warmonger'.
  • Baschkar II (the Terrorfire) (1070 AQA-1095 AQA) - Since Tarchgar I gained the title as Terrorfire, he also re-adopted that title to be the successor of Tarchgar.
  • Baschkar III (the Bastard) (1095 AQA-1102 AQA)
  • Ikarbrus VIII (the Conqueror) (1102 AQA-1143 AQA) - Despite his warmongering moves, he is known to be the Conqueror. And he also believes the Silte'flich family are conquerors which he is also learning it well.
  • Archargeogar V (1143 AQA-1165 AQA) - He raises education and military levels. Just he also conquered Scandinavia and as well Russia. (except Kamchatka region)
  • Baschkar IV (the Terrorfire) (1165-1180 AQA) - Just like Baschkar II, he also make the title of Terrorfire. He also plans to invade the weak Crimea because he thought they were weak and useless until support of Venetian military.
  • Ikarbrus IX (1180 AQA-1201 AQA) - Been weak and useless, he was captured and killed in Berlin. Allowing the HGE soldiers and their artillery move closer to Russia.
  • Kerarhsar II (1201 AQA-1239 AQA) - Finally the HGE soldiers reached the Talinian capital, the general declared he is no longer the leader of Talin.

Season IV (Tagah)

The Storltphtsch (23 BDM-)

  • Duscagathgar I (23 BDM-3 ADM) - Nothing special but he died after a dimension sickness, a sickness that causes light symptoms, if not treated will die immediately, only 1 in 8 were lucky, the rest were infected with some are well again.
  • Ikarbrus X (3 ADM-40 ADM) - 

wip lol

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