The tribal community was been migrated to Europe since 10000 years ago (the origins are in Egypt or Africa) (humans migrated to Europe about 30,000-100,000 BC), finding some gatherer fear, the tribal chieftain was needed to be wise about 50 year old and upper can be a chieftain as they need to be wise and old. Lifespan can be difficult, since it is over 35 only during the Neolithic Age. So many militarious orders were been made, turning the tribe into a military place, where they train their own men into citizens. Keeping much men as possible, they promote their country into their own new technology, agriculture was arrived since the year 6000 BCE. Agriculture is so strong that domestication happened to the wolves in the northwards, domesticated into hunting dogs. For the hunters they preserved. The stone tools needed to be advanced, culture has spreader, religions of totemism has risen, forming the new era through there. A tribe that was belonged to the proto-Slavic ones, they were now been absorbed to the empire, too much for the near attack. Expansion happened slow, the main city becomes more populated of 2000. The naval seafare has built for people who is helping them, many of the citizens start fishing the territory making the food surplus, consuming much food as possible, they begin to gather communities and work to there, production has raised later, the little tribal community has expended larger at 1500 BCE, forming the population at 2500.


Tech Level

  • Military: 1
  • Government: 1
  • Economy: 1
  • Infrastructure: 0
  • Population: 0

To keep a note, population doesn't mean people. It means the tech level type.

Science points per turn: 12

Other Statistics


Religion: NONE



  • Zephyrus
  • Multi Mappers (???)

Unofficial Allies:

  • Don't know yet.


  • None.

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