This is the Create a Planet version of Talin. For the original Talin, see: Talinian Socialist Republic (Talin)

The Communist Empire of Talin was an nation in Create a Planet along with Colozeb and States of Russia.

History of Create a Planet (Full)

Remade version

Episode I

After the fallout, Polish people have survived the nuclear war from the Spanish nuclear weapons, but food is scarce so people are cannibalistic.

History of Talin (outdated)

Establishment of Talin

Most towns survived during the fallout, citizens wanted to name the country called New Estonia, but Chille Talin wanted to name after his last name called Talin, and begin the establishment.

The population is unstable enough, due to overloading population, and conquered 2 countries and 600,000 troops were been sent to attack Leningrad, and ended the war, forming the invasion and failed to conquer Brest.

So they formed Coplatic, to create a superpower, and defeated Brest.

The World War IV

They formed a large alliance after the Coplatic empire, and Talin decided to defend its territory from the enemies, and Silgam III has died and the Talin is surrendered the war, and Lilmana was taken its throne.

Mostly Talin is now been struck economy, and been ceased by a war wanted to have to formed Russia, and sented 2,500,000 troops to Moscow and 500,000 has retreated to home, and 400 is missing, and 200,000 is injured, against Belarus, the Silan dynasty was ended and now been expended east.

Strink Empire

Talin was decided to make Strink more powerful, and the Talinian empire has ended, around 80 years, Strinkian era has ended.

Talin was refounded the 3rd time, from Russia, decided Talin will survive longer, and the ruler was fallen, the European Conquest was started, the battle of Vilnus was done, and Lithuania has fallen.

Talini II was wanted to take Russia for invasion and decided to destroy the towns using 700,000 tanks, and 5,000,000 troops, and begin to attack north and now Russian Empire has ended and Talin is lost 600,000 troops during the collapsing invaders.

Talin's capital has moved to Amilan City after the European Conquest.

States of Russia

Mainly Talin was attacking the states, the states got threaten, and Rock was restored at the top of Talin, after the states have become the communist.

The states have been joined by the Tybers, and Talin trys to form Tallinn with Rock, and the nuclear strike has started and Tallinn has fallen, Talini VIII has surrendered.

After 120 years of destruction, Estonia wanted to build Talin again from protecting against Russia, and been enslaved by Dujiloki for 5 years.

Talin was refounded after Dujiloki puppet state, and called it the Talila, but the people wanted to take The Tybers by "-ber" to form Taliber, so the name has voted, and now Polish invasion has started.

After Taliber has been struck by Russia, the Taliber dynasty has ended.

The Azore-Talinian Superpower

Talin wanted to rule Europe the east, Geonal III was wanted to create an empire to struck, and 200 battles were won by Talin, and 12 years, the barbarian destroyed Talin and Azores, and ended Talin's destruction.

People is worried about Talin by attacking Sterminu, and been ruled Baltic States 3rd time, and nuked Norway, and Deiltor XXII is now creating new nuclear weapons, and Novgorod was struck, too.

The Infection

Novgorod - I wanted Talin's nuclear weapons, and wanted the Infection from Sibegols to destroy it and restore health and six million Talinians have died due to Nuclear tests by Novgorod.

Religion extent

The new religion is taking most of Europe and Talin didn't wanted to be in a new religion .

Novgorod Revolt

The attacks by Novgorod has revolted a revolution on Talin and splits by the people, Talin does not exists for 34 years.

The Talin Reich

Rowland is not defended well, when Lithuania has an idea too from Talin Reich, the Dinosaurian attack has broken the Talinian Reich into 2 nations called Kaliningrad and Talin (The 9th restoration).


Talin Reich didn't research about Dinosaurs in space, and their language so they attacked them instead, the Battle of Crimea has lost Rowland region, causing the Drada VII's death to split up.

The Battle of Baltic States

After the 6th Reich, Talin decides to rule Baltic States the fourth time, and captured Estonia, after Alteri VI has been built 20 cities in the Baltic States and lack of materials.

The Poles are easy to get in their way to fight so their goal is to capture Ania, and attack the east HRE.

Beyond Part 22

In the time machine, Talin is now bigger when Muscovy activated the Time Machine, after that Talin has fallen during the nuclear mutant collapsing, and Poland-Lithuania has founded.

The 10th restoration has failed because they attacked and renamed to Poland, and the 11th restoration was Talin is in Ukraine.

The 12th restoration has formed when Novgorod-Sibir has decided to rename it, the Global Conquest has started and the video is similar like THOE (Part 7).

Apocalypse - Create a Planet II

Well Talin was rise into power in the Apocalypse and conquered Europe, and beyond the Apocalypse season it may not be existed after Corinthian Empire expends to Balkans, after the trapped in Europe part, New Talin was born again.

Apocalypse - Spore Invasion

Since the Spore invasion has formed by generated creatures in the game, however been appeared the first time where Earth is comsumed, Talin has built defense states.

Post-Spore Era

All is not lost on the history, the Talinian Empire invades all kinds of empires, and then the empire invades the great invasion of it, the great people has killed and fought and until Talin's big conquest of the world, and spreads around quickly and defeats Mother Nature, and all people revolt they wanted to bring water back.

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