The Tchian Tribe or simply Tchia is one of the nations in Create a Planet and later been reintroduced The Alternate Future of Europe, they were friendly and helpful in Create a Planet series as little fallout triber cleaners. In The Alternate Future of Europe, they were hostile and were barbarians and were part of the Buceras and first they were originated in Russia near the Urals and recent series of TAFOE was in Mongolia.

They have a strong army called the "Awquule Hemtujlin" which has 50,000 melee soldiers, 20,000 archers and 95,000 cavalries. Which they used for a powerful sieges in this, they were like Huns, but they break into two, Agarons were also part of the Buceras, meaning that they are close allies.

They punish people who misbehave, such as not collecting their payment for the military, killing a Tchian general, obeying the Roman laws. The punishments are like the Stewarts but they are different, if you kill a Tchian general, you have to have your finger cut off, another if you not collecting their payment for military, this results to be having all money stolen by the collectors and have to help the tax collectors as their boss.

˜˜˜˜                    200-655?                  Tafoeitaly




- (originally have Messino, Agenti Pompeii, Carthaginae and Rome)


Old Tchian


Barbaric-Tribal Dictatorship

Wars Fought

Tchian Conquest of Rome


Ducats (for all ancient age to renaissance)


Rome (456 AQA - 470 AQA)





Awekkate I Majkyus (394 AQA - 420 AQA)

Geuttenon I Majkyus (420 AQA - 456 AQA)

Regency Council (456 AQA - 457 AQA)

Awekkate II Majkyus (457 AQA - 495 AQA)

Sbuleit I Majkyus (495 AQA - )

History (Create a Planet)


Flag of Tchia. The Yellow at the bottom represents the sand of the Gobi Desert, sybol means it's somehow the current House's symbol, they are indentical.

The Beginning

The people were peaceful, they cleared out the fallout that was been destroyed, these nuclear mutants known as "Vergonski" were tall, mindless, powerful mutants that came from the Finnish lands. They usually do cleaning up thanks to the remnants of Talinian fallout cleanout, they also get an effect to the mutants. They cleared off the fallout that the Vergonski made the mutation to humans.

The Dinosaurian Attack

This attack has yet done with the Hictosk and the Tcosk, they usually get into a bully for some occasions, they have done the restoration  that they collapse due to saying.

History (The Alternate Future of Europe)


The invasion of the Rome has led to destroy it's army, it's army is so strong that a legion can't stop the army of the Awquule Hemtujilin in Rome, they are so strong their general named Awekkete I had fought with his army of 165,000 men against Tateuros Mescarri's army of 25,000 as their garrison, they were surrendered after the siege of the city of Rome. They captured it to control as their capital. By 396 AQA, the Romans surrendered to their sword, their naval army has been cut down by their ally, Agarons against them.

City-State Movement

During this period, they began to sign the revolt against the Roman Nationalists, meaning they gain indepdence from Tchia in 458 AQA where Awekkate II is known to be titled as "The Terrible", it's not was due to the factor. He was cutting down the army but he deserted his few armies and men to be removed. The people tend to take over Corsica, the generals won't count as they know it.

They encounter the Corsican lands as they know it, the military engineer of Corsica named Lolguuin Seqqunrus has the encouter for building the Corsican walls, the Calopolis soldiers want the Corsican land too, they occupy and then the Tchian demands enforce to give the northern part of Corsica to the king (Sbuleit I) as they never apply to their merchants due they have naval supplies to sell them to overseas and local. Meaning the Calopolis merchants have leaving the northern part of Corsica.

The army Ahlletauinn Baccuin had made victory to capturing Corsica.

The European War

During the Great War, the general Baccuinvus have set to invade the Illyrian region. It's army have formed a group called the Third Division of Tchia. They have battled over the Italian peninsula.


Their culture is highly influenced to the Quals after 0 AQA, same with all humans in Earth got influenced to the Quals. But they still have the normal Mongol culture in the past, but they were barbaric and usually gone into movement towards Europe, they usually focus on the policies of military, engineering and they feel the power of the tense.


The economy was very bad enough, they made counterfeit weapons that they have missing ammunitions for the buyers or they don't work. They sold them for over 500,000 ducats making them to recruit more soldiers for having their military focus. The economy of their real weapons were only sold on Agarons as they were real.

They were also had the tax over ~15% which the citizens/residents of Tchia had to pay for 35 ducats per person for their military. In 490 AQA, they changed the tax from 15% to 12% due to reign of Sbuleit I's new purposed to make at only 29 ducats per average person only allowed to pay. During 560 AQA, the tax is lowered down to 10% after that, it was about 25 ducat payment, the taxes was lowen bwecause of the population growth coming and growing more.


The military is consisted of a large army in the past, surronding and raiding lands, about 600,000 men were joined in the army in the year 700 AQA, so far, many people were seized throughout, the archery which was fallen slowly was powerful but hard to be trained because of the Imperialism act thast made the problem. Although it was strong, they attacked in some time, it was powerful, but slowly it fades away to a weak army which will be finish at 1400 AQA, which is the 15th century of AQA and will use it for defensive and stability soon.


The poor lifespan has been amongest in the Asian continent, as the territory said the southern Asia and Japanb were unhabitable yet, because the scarce of the resource to move in. The nomads moved their empire to there where there's high lifespan towards it.


Blah blah blah

The Majkyrus House Family Tree


394 AQA  Awekkate I - unknown Tchian member
418 AQA   Geuttenon I   -  Peuutenlt
                   |              |
436 AQA  Awekkate II - Sytn      Seutthent - Aquuentel II (Giiterijin [Agarons])
                   |                          |             |          |
469 AQA     Sbuleit I - Tencorus             Lekorrne I     Spekkt - Gertinium I (Destt House [Agarons])
                   |       |                                      |
496 AQA     Sbuleit II   Pecurtte Majjle                  Posogontte I (Destt House [Agarons])

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