This is now an Inactive Map Game.


A Map is chosen each game!!!! It varies from Europe-Asia-North/South America-Australia and the Middle East

A country that's bigger than another country is stronger Than another country

Every time its your turn You can take 1-2 Dark grey square(s) And Paint it black

No cheating (obviously)

Place a Dot that is any color To show where your capital is

If your capital is taken Then Your out until the next map (or relocate the capital temporarily).

Change the color on where you want your nation to be!!!!!!!!!

Only use the map Of the history!

Current Map

Blank map



Unions/unified countries

Both countries that are in the union control The union

they can change there name if they want

And Unions have randomly given out names To there locations!!!.

  • Luthasvia and Francöna (Mamporian empire)

CPU Countries

  • Macedonian empire (annexed by Chlero)
  • Pictland
  • Rome
  • Warsaw republic
  • Pomerania
  • Deridea
  • Ireland
  • Small British states (Essex, Northumbria, Kent (possibly Wales and Wessex)
  • Reykjavik (speaks a new language related to English: Reykjavikan)
  • The Huns
  • Hungary
  • Vikings
  • Ostarrichi
  • Egypt
  • Austria


Viking-Hun War

Europe-France War


  • Trio Mapping (Proshlaria) (red)
  • Philipp Mapping (Chlero) (Dark blue)
  • Mapper Freaker (Ronschdilatia) (orange)
  • noneleft (Luthasvia) (purple)
  • HappyDance9 (Francöna) (magenta)
  • Ironhand21 (Forsania) (black)
  • Kolonel heart (Germania) (Grey)

Map vote

  • Nerlonia (1)
  • Greve (0)
  • Ukraine (0)
  • Europe1 (2) (mapper freaker)
  • Europe 2 (0) (philipp Mapping)
  • Asia (0)
  • New world (0)
  • Africa (0)
  • Russia (0)
  • China (0)
  • South America (0)
  • North America (0)
  • Anatolia (0)
  • Crimea (0)
  • Falklands (0)
  • Antarctica (0)
  • Nibiru (0)
  • Venus (0)
  • Mars (0)
  • the moon (0)


Please note this is the 'history' section. The one above this section is unofficial.

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