Purity, power, victory the motto of Teutonica

Teutonica Ball

Teut (toot) or Teutonica Ball

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Teutonica is my official nation and first appeared in [[1]] episode.


Teutonica is a Relo-Dictatorship which is a government governed by a dictator determened via an election the two canidates with the most votes move on and the others are "released". The two left then fight to the death in hand to hand combat or until one surrenders. The loser if not killed is chained and exiled on an artificial island made of concrete and is completely flat and is solely inhabitated by tigers or if on Tag der Unabhängigkeit (Day of Independence) lion-tiger hybrids called "ligers". The dictator then has almost all the power except when declaring war and judging crimes which come to the Olkanhawen (awl-ken-hawv-en) which is the equivalent to the Supreme Court. These are voted upon with the Grand Bishop which is determined by all the bishops in the country. Only 501 may vote and to run for Grand Bishop they must be at least 30 years old and have been a bishop for at least 5 years.

I now have a mod for EUIV that adds Teutonica! YAY! (EXTREMELY OP NATION I JUST GOT CARRIED AWAY)

More to come!




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