Thazi is a city-state located around once known as the Republic of Burma. Burma collapsed when the Varcahi army named the Royal Army of Varcahi took over Mandalay and Yangon.
Burma sweet place

Burmese States


Fall of Burma

A division of armies in Varcahi fought in the siege of Varcahi, as millions of Burmese were caputred or died from the invasion, the last front named Kahkabi is located around in Yangon, the 4000 men and 30 artillery began to protect the lines. Since Varcahi is actualy a barbaric nation (they own slaves) and advanced, the tank type named Calvitzer is much stronger than those in Burma, so which leads to the collapse of Burma and formed three city states collectively known as "Burmese City-States". Most of the city-states have a city name, but the city-state is claimed to be the leader of the Burmese City-States.

Economical Rebuild

As the economical crisis is frequently rising, the Thazi leader, Emtarithaphal II suggests to clean the industry work and production and focus on the GDP instead of the population control, the salary of every worker is increased 50% to all companies based on Thazi, once it started, heavy protests around the rich said that it's not a good choice for the monarch of Thazi and begins a coup d'etat by the military of Thazi which caused the Martial law in this time. Most of the TVs are disabled and the governments are all patrolled by military until the monarch resolves the problem, after a few months, the Martial law ended and the monarch removed the salary law once again.

Before this, Emtarithaphal II was assassinated by a person named Faliaklam, a Varcahese immigrant, he left here because of slavery laws are harsh. Avgalva I was taken to the throne after 6 hours when the old leader is killed along.

The Great War

The Fourth World War took place where Varcahi tried to invade Thazi and also Siam. Most of the divisions of Siam invaded Thazi and the Burmese states, some resistance groups retook Thazi back, before this, the Siamese soldiers forces to convert them to Buddhist instead of the Varcahese religions. The southern part is buddhist while the north is influenced by the Varcahese, when the European scientists made mutated creatures and released them off the ground including muttated humans with more strength, the Varcahese and Siamese leaders disgust the European mutants and forced to declare war against them. Which also liberated Thazi and the city states.


Around 2334, a message on Ahaparura II's friend was sent to him, as his final days on Ming and the infection of the European scientists caused the end of the work on the Tibetan mountains, as devouring mutants killed 3/4 of the population leaving 1/4 to become infected and mutated.

"Dear Ahaparura,

This is the end of the world, as our last communication, I'd would like you to continue rule your own empire for a few years left. Our Tibetan survivors managed to survive near what is left as Pakistan and India's north. And final notes to finish this message for you, I am sorry but the mutants are getting too strong every hour, as the virus ravages our quarter of our people, which reanimated corpses become stronger, if you are reading this, here is a formula that our Tibetan doctors and researchers on the mutant blood, it's very dark and contains viruses so drinking and opening is prohibited. If you released this, there is a chance that Europeans will take over South East Asia.

And that's my last message to you, my friend."

The fortifications of Thazi is becoming weaker as mutants and workers polluted water and forced to make an act called "Act of Filter".
Thazi (attempt)

Flag. (the turtle part is suggested by Goldenrebel25 because I couln't draw anything but dinosaurs in

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