"Founder of the New-Era of Mappers"
Years active 2011-2015
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TheJarJar99, otherwise known as ♛ Emperor Jarjar ♛, was a Mapper who started Mapping in 2012. In October 2015, TheJarJar99 stopped mapping, because he wanted to retire from it. TheJarJar99 has a gaming channel called TheJarjarGames.


Introduction to Mapping

Somewhere around 2011, Jar found a series called "History of Europe" where the countries talked liked real people. He was intrigued and watched the whole series there was at the time. He eventually decided to make his own mapping videos which sucked at first. He was the first mapper other than MervueMeringue. He eventually grew to dominate the early mapping community.

The Abscence

As Jar rose up in the mapping community he began to develop writers' block. He still has this problem today which is why not much is uploaded any more. As Jar faded into nothingness for most of 2013, other mappers such as 99batran and MOAP rose to take his place.

The Return

In the beginning of 2014, Jar began to come back into the community. But, he had missed a lot. He is currently trying to regain his former popularity, which some would say he has now being the 3rd most subbed mapper ever. He is making more new series than ever, and he says by 2015 he will have at least 2 new series and the third season of his The Alternate Future of Europe started.


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