The Abbasids

The Abbasids was an absolute monarchy, established in 5687 AD. 'They were created by the MapAnimator.


The Abbasds were in fact, a Muslim Nation, dating back as early as the 8th Century! However, in 5687, they were revived by the Mamlukian Egyptians. They were revived to avoid nationalistic and patriotic revolts and riots, as the Mamluks were becoming quite a superpower at the time!

Techological Advances

When it comes to technology, The Abbasids were always very advanced. They were always far ahead of other countries, especially when it comes to nuclear weapons and military forces.

The Empire and it's borders

The Abbasid empire, streched from Gibraltar, all the way the way to west India! It was one of the largest and long lasting empires of the Future of Europe!

Here is a picture of The Abbasds! Consisting mainly of Africa.


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