The Alternate Future of Asia is a series made by Ethan. 

The Alternate Future of Asia






23rd April 2014 (1 month and 11 days)




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Season I


Note: The timeline is not actual yet, but it will be changed overtime.

November 2014: Start. Russian expansionism has finished with Ukraine and starts to invade Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

December 2014: EU and US warns Russia on its aggression. And joins the war immediately because of Ukraine. Putin refuses the warning.

January 2015: Second Korean War. North Korea and South Korea is back on the continuation of the Korean War. US says that it will become unstable due to unrest.

Febraury 2015: China gives help from North Korea while Taiwan declares war at China for revenge.

March 2015: Europe restores Ukrainian territory. While Russian troops move southwards to China. A new world war has come, US has barricaded the Alaskan lands as well as the Pacific Ocean.

June 2015: Russia is suspended from U.N. Russian transport and air has been campaigned at Nome, while China continues to fall apart, economy becomes weaker as Russia occupies their cities.

July 2015: Korean War, North Korea won the war after their troops are trained after the first Korean War slowly. Russia asks Iran to help the war, they agree then a bombing happened in Saint Petersburg, taking Russian land and weakens their military.

August 2015: Start II.


Around 2030s, monarchy is becoming more common than democracy. Which flared the Japanese Empire, China, some European empires becoming a monarchy, including Poland. Some remains of democracy like United States, Australia survived.




Episode I

North Korea and China fighting with the USSR.

Episode II

Soviet Union crushing China while Japan, India fights with Soviet Union.

Episode III

Cambodia attacking Teshkavar. China can be seen in the Himalayas.

Episode IV

Mongolia unleashing river floods to the Chinese States. While Russia and Japan is shown in the top corners.

Episode V

China finds Indonesia is doing the congklat and Australia in the waters. An unknown countryball can be seen in the underground.

Episode VI

Astonian Khanate (unofficial flag) takes the flight of SS Taurus. European Federation terraform the Moon and capturing aliens (even there's none in mars), same with Varcahi but capturing aliens. Ming stares at Japanese Empire while India and reunited.

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