The Anti-ArceusFan Coalition War, known as the Seventh Wiki War or the First Super War so far in the wiki's history and also the most embraced. It has been created a coalition by Z. Mapper[who?] and Zukas, the leader could've been Zukas or Z. Mapper. ArceusFan is the victim but since they don't know if ArceusFan is a mapper, they have insulted him.

It was now the first YouTube war in the whole mapping history now that Zephyrus Mapper and his members have a chance to knock Guiyii2, will they finish them off by before Ethan's sleep or Ethan will join the war?

Later shows that the war is worser, the account creating is useless thanks to ArceusFan's rejections and just make it peaceful without it. Z. Mapper demanded him more and now YouTube users entered the war.

Later Google+ is now joined the war for an ultimate war fate, no choice is that, we're going weirder into a nuclear war-like event.

The successor of that war is: The Great War.

The Anti-ArceusFan Coalition War


11/5/13 - 11/14/13 (1 week, 2 days) ~ (Successor: ongoing)

The Enemy

Guiyii2 (hates ArceusFan making account in YouTube and current victim)

Google+ (suggested victim by Ethan)

MrOwnerandPwner (Day 2)

Zukas (leader) (Day 1 - Day 3)

Z. Mapper (assistant leader) (Day 1 - Day 3)

Anti-Guiyii2 Coalition

Ethan Chong (Day 1 - Day 2) (rejoined Day 3)


Z. Mapper (since Day 3)

Zukas (since Day 3)

MrOwnerandPwner (since Day 5)

HistoryMapper (since Day 5)


ArceusFan2013 (wants to stop the war)



The Alternate History of China show has been disputed due to arguements.

The A-G2C is founded.

The A-AFC is disbanded due to no-one had joinned in except Guiyii2 is now the war leader.

99batran is now current powerful mapper.

The hippies are stopping everyone, Ethan began to start ArceusFan to stop making the hippies rising to form the peace. Leading Brandon to force into a hippy.


Ethan (2400)

Batran (1300)

MrOwnerandPwner (980)

Guiyii2 (5000)

ArceusFan (1500)

Zukas (300)

Z. Mapper (300)


TFOE Wiki and YouTube


Guiyii2: Demand ArceusFan not to create an account.

A-G2C: Stop guiyii2 and occupy guiyii2.

ArceusFan2013: Demand to end the war with no casus belli/reason.


Day I - Demanding Upload

At the morning, Zukas tolds to make ArceusFan mean and angry to him like he is not a private mapper just sitting around and playing stuff and creating wars and lots. He said:

"i am starting to believe that you are not a private mapper that you are just a person who just likes sitting on the wiki and making wars and arguements" - George (Zukas)

ArceusFan is getting angry on his insult to him, he tried to stop him then that Zukas has been insulting for 331 episode lies, because of this, Zukas believe that ArceusFan is imitating to make the episodes, but 99batran has the longest series of 43 episodes, leading Ethan, TheJarJar99 behind for their series of Create a Planet and Future of Europe. Such as TJJ99 has ~75 episodes made in all mapping videos and Ethan had made ~60 episodes in all mapping videos.

Z. Mapper is joining up with the A-AC, with his bad quotes making AreusFan getting angry on the enemies, Z. Mapping said as an insult:

"I kinda agree with that.You can't just say:"Yo,I'm a private mapper,who hasn't uploaded anything but have 331 episodes whithout proofe and I expect you all to belive me"It doesn't sound very promising..." - Z. Mapper

The coalition demands ArceusFan to upload the video like that, in the past Zukas said that ArceusFan is guyii2 buthe was seperated if he does that YouTube account making, the guyii2 account is angry. Now that Z. Mapper has similar personalities to Brandon, it was been revealed for the polite sentence.

Day II - Chatting Crusade

Within few hours, the chat is worser that leads a war towards the face, MapAnimator seemed to sided the A-AFC but we don't know. Soon, the conversation turned into RoTK chat later that MrOwner is knowing that he is joining the A-AFC.

George (Zukas) had leaved the war at Day 2 due to bringing the peace represention and also leaved the coalition of the A-AFC due to apologised Raymond for a peace treaty.

Day III - Birth of A-G2C

Later, 99batran suggest to create A-G3C to stop the Guiyii2's ArceusFan account war, it will make conflicts sooner, Ethan has rejoined the war as a supporter and now A-G3C. There now two coalitions, A-AFC and A-G3C. Note that the A-AFC will join in  A-G3C sooner.

A-G2C is now rampaging towards the freedom for ArceusFan, Z. mapper and Zukas has joined the A-G2C leaving Guiyii2 as the leader of A-AFC. Z. mapper told him to stop making silly questions, but Raymond refuses the same time but Ethan told to stop making Raymond fear on it. Brandon and Ethan are the current supporters of ArceusFan, while Brandon is the leader of A-G2C.

Day IV - A War Plan

The A-AFC is disbanded due to everyone leaving and joined A-G2C. And now that the Google+ partition has started the war is slowing to the rumours of the Google+ removal.

With the second conversation had got over with Google+ trying to destroy the nazi Google+ fate to save Facebook's social network record. With continuation the war is very worsen with ArceusFan thinking the wiki is revolting into pieces just the second era of splitting apart, it became the wiki unstable.

The war continued with shouting plans and focusing on Google+, will the war will be resolved if that's possible, the Google+ is going to be the worst day ever, who will be get into, find out soon.

Soon, the campaign is rising, the plans are set, George and Zephyrus Mapper are now getting friendlier to eachother, the two mappers are the first mappers to communicate through Skype due to the message tha was shown:

99batran is here!Everybody ready for action?I will try to skype zukas.Except if he is typing in school again..." - Zephyrus Mapper

Ethan is getting tired and Zephyrus is now the war leader in the A-G2C and will lead Brandon as the assisstant, so much that the Guiyii2 is fought, if Ethan was tired the war will be continued on, but unknown.

Withim days, Zephyrus, Zukas had a plan to erupt with then MrOwnerandPwner had discussed about the real battle, a real battle has begun...

Day V - Planning Day

Since the plan is staring to be planned and plot, Ethan and 99batran were chatting on the steam plot on guiyii2 and 99batran suggest to attack Runouw, Ethan refuses and complain to look on the forum rules.

MrOwnerandPwner and HistoryMappers joins the war against guiyii2.

Day VI

No current events.

Day VII - Planning Day II

Complained on the plans but they aren't many suggestions since Ethan has no games such as minecraft. The only suggestion is to insult guiyii2 by YouTube.

ArceusFan2013 is trying to tell Brandon that his palship with him is too powerful to break, and told Brandon without him being a pal to ArceusFan2013, the wikia wouldn't exist today, Ethan demanded to stop ArceusFan by using Zephyrus Mapper. Brandon however was trying to convince Arceusfan that the war is neccessary.

Ethan assumed Brandon left the war. However arguably, Brandon never mentioned he left. But plans are going insane that Ethan reject the minecraft idea and then the Team Fortress 2 idea since he think it is VAC-banned.


ArceusFan is going insane. Some agreed the same for Ethan.

During the night of this day (Before 7 AM on November 13th, 2013), ArceusFan2013 felt ANOTHER strong energy pulse. It seems something more powerful is threatening the alliance, ArceusFan2013 is already slightly scared about this threat...But it didn't come from the Earth, Rather from somewhere far away, Does it occur frequently? No one knows yet...But rest assured this COULD be the reason why Ethan and ArceusFan2013 are acting insane.

A likely explanation was that they were bored. Really bored. This was most possible with Ethan.

Positions and Leaders

Day 1:

  • Zukas and Zephyrus Mapper - A-AFC (leader)

Day 2:

  • Zukas - A-AFC (leader)
  • Zephyrus Mapper - A-AFC (assistant leader)

Day 3:


  • Guiyii2 - (leader)


  • Brandon Tran - (leader)
  • Ethan - (assistance leader)

Day 4:

  • Brandon Tran - (leader)
  • Zephyrus Mapper - (assistance leader)
  • Ethan - (soldier)
  • Zukas - (soldier)

Day 5

  • Brandon Tran - (planner and leader)
  • Zephyrus Mapper - (planner and assistance leader)
  • Ethan - (planner and soldier)
  • Zukas - (soldier)

Day 6 - Day 7

  • Brandon Tran - (planner and leader)
  • Zephyrus Mapper - (planner and assistance leader)
  • Ethan - (planner and soldier)
  • Zukas - (soldier)
  • MrOwnerandPwner - (soldier)
  • HistoryMapper - (supporter and soldier)

Day 8

  • 99batran - (Leader, planner and general)
  • Zephyrus Mapper - (Co-leader, planner and general)
  • Ethan - (general, assistance leader and planner)
  • Zukas - (soldier and planner)
  • MrOwnerandPwner - (soldier, assistance leader)
  • HistoryMapper - (soldier)


  • Z. Mapper is a short name due to people who can't spell, full name of this can't count.
  • A-G3C is a typo.
  • Note that planner is someone who wants to plan something, in steam, in wiki about chatting to siege a user.
  • Note that the soldier do attacks and the leader can control everything and fights, while the assistant leader has few traits of the leader but when someone leaves the war they can be the leader.
  • The hippies are pacifists.