The Arab Civil War is a war of independence for SAA from the unstable GAA alliance in the United Arab Emirates. This war has ended.

Battlefield that came afterwards: The Arabic Civil War Battlefield


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.06.04 AM

Side 1

The Grand Arabic Alliance

  • Usman Mustafa Saleh
  • JabrilAbu97
  • SameerImad97

People that support them, or are cheering for them

  • Mapper Freaker
  • Multi Mappers
  • It's excellent

​Side 2

The Second Arab Alliance

  • Gafar Rahim Amjad
  • AmmarBousaid97
  • MansurNejem96

People that support them, or are cheering for them

  • Goldenrebel25
  • Zukasratavarius
  • GanDaiMe11
  • EthanConquistador
  • Mind1337
  • Drexmapper

Side 3

People that think both sides must die

  • Batıkan Bora
  • TheBronyPenguin
  • Lolistan
  • Thumboy


Before the War

The SAA declared its independence from the GAA, while some didn't recognise it with arguements about the independence and politics.

Day I - Independence

SameerImad97 was the first to declare war against the SAA, the rest followed quickly after. They all started making maps of the battlefield.

Day II - Egos and Whys

There has been a reason why the leader of GAA is been bossing around, since he is the oldest of them all.

Day 3 to 5?- Ceasefire

inactive may result in a ceasefire. However larger factions are starting to think that they control their land.


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