The Balkan Empire
Founded: 2058
Population: 143'000'000
Currency: Balkan Lira
Capital City: New Constantinople (Istanbul)
Government Type: Authoritarian Empire
Languages: Turkish (Official)
Land Area: 1'056'000 km2
Balkan Empire Flag

Flag of the Balkan Empire


The Glorious Invasion of Greece

Following ISIS' aggressive expansion in the late 2040's and early 2050's, Turkey became paranoid, and on the 11th December 2057, the Turks invaded Greece. The invasion was extremely successful, and by February 2058, The Balkan Empire was established. After spending 3 years sorting out internal affairs, The Balkan Empire noticed The East European Coalition's invasion of Yugoslavia. Eager to gain more land and influence, The Balkan Empire entered the war on the side of The EEC. They triumphed, gaining land in Albania and Bulgaria. Following this successful teamwork-event, The EEC and The Balkan Empire allied with each other, as well as in response to the Triple Alliance between Ukraine, Belarus and Rumania. They were extremely pleased with the addition of Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom and Italy to their alliance, viewing them as ways to gain power to defeat ISIS, their mortal enemy.

Image of Balkan Empire in 2058

Balkan Empire 2058

Balkan Empire After WW3

Extent of The Balkan Empire (c.2100)

The Great War

The Balkan Empire felt neutral towards France's induction into the Alliance, and became increasingly wary of ISIS' growing influence in the south. They were among the few to welcome the outbreak of World War Three, and gained masses of land in Arabia. The VIth Army lead the charge on Baghdad right at the end of the war. Following the war they expanded into Arabia, and gained control of the West Indian coast, the western half of Australia, and huge amounts of land in East Africa.

Expansion into Russia

The Balkan Empire had a succession of greedy emperors following the Third World War. They wanted land in Russia and Asia, and fought many wars between 2100 and 2115. They were joined in there conquest of Russia by the EEC, who had wanted more gain from WW3. The Balkan Empire conquered massive amounts of land, so that, by the outbreak of WW4, they had lands reaching from the Adriatic all the way to New Delhi. They conquered most of Australia and about half of Africa. By 2119, they were the strongest country in both military and economic terms, and decided to fight the Fourth World War on their own.

Fall of The Balkan Empire

The Balkan Empire bravely decided to go it alone during the Fourth World War, and were mildly successful, occupying land in Russia. They were unsuccessful in Africa and Europe though,as they lost ground to Britain and The EEC right from the beginning. After the defeat of the Great Frankish Empire by the Russo-British-Coalition Alliance, the Emperor mobilized his entire population. However, the population resented this, and refused to fight. In the capital, thousands stormed the Emperor's palace, and the Imperial Government was overthrown. On the 10th of January 2127, the Balkan Empire surrendered. They were split up into dozens of small states, nevermore able to reclaim their empire.


Population: 728'000'000 (Census 2111) (Massive world population explosion)

Currency: Balkan Lira

Capital City: New Constantinople

Official Language: Turkish, although all Balkan dialects are accepted as being official.

Government Type: Authoritarian Empire

Minority Groups: Turkish: 78%, Greek: 14% Slavic: 8%

Conquered Nations










Parts of Russia

Occupied land in EEC during WW4



They have a very proud and very powerful land army, and there are annual parades in New Constantinople. There are no less than three Military Pride Days (National Holidays)

Formed: 700'000

Peak: 728'000'000

Now: 0


Their Navy is reasonably powerful, but most of their shipping is peaceful.

Formed: 13

Peak: 7000

Now: 0

Air Force

The Air Force is likely the weakest part of their armed forces. They have slightly backward technology, and haven't the resources to put in lots of time to improve their Air Force

Formed: 200

Peak: 4'500'000

Now: 0

Military History

Wars Fought

Turkish Conquest of Greece (Victory)

Balkan-Coalition Yugoslav War (Victory)

World War Three (Allied Victory)

Balkan Conquest of Russia (Victory)

World War Four (Defeat)

Other Information

Created by RandomWhovianMapper on the 20/09/14

First Featured in RandomWhovianMapper's Future of Europe Part Two: Gathering Stormclouds

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Fell in RandomWhovianMapper's Future of Europe Part Five: World War Four


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