Belfrug (Salute Belfrug!)

  • Belfrug will move out of Benelux and will be located in Eastern Germany.
  • It's capital will be moved to Frankfurt.
  • A party/province of Brabrantium will be named after Belfrug.
  • It's new language will be Anglo-German.
  • Belfrug will appear in 99Batran's New World Series.
  • Brabrantium will guarantee Belfrug's territory to keep it an offical nation.
  • Belfrug will be allowed to be in the Benelux area in Mapmaker023's Series.
  • Mapmaker023 will accept and respect Brabrantium's existence and dominance. 
  • 99Batran will be awesome.

Brabrantium (Brabrantium is Dominate!)

  • Brabrantium will have total control over the Benelux.
  • Brabrantium will be the Dominate of the Benelux.
  • Brabrantium will have to have a party/province named after Belfrug.
  • Brabrantium and 99Batran will have to protect Belfrug as a nation and offical nation.
  • 99Batran will have to salute to Belfrug whenever he says Belfrug. (JK LOL! Optional)
  • 99Batran will respect Belfrug.
  • 99Batran most not make any offensive SIGS or HEILS that is related to Belfrug.
  • Brabrantium will be the dominant summoned up.

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