The Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia
Η Αυτοκρατορία των Κασσανδρίων της Μακεδονίας
156 AD (as Kingdom of Potidaea)–Present
Asdfgfds2.jpg CEOMSeal.png
Flag Coat of arms
Location of CEOM
Capital Thessaloniki
Languages Greek (main), Slavic, Italian, Arabic
Religion Orthodox Christianity Catholic Christianity Islam
Government Democratic Parliamental Monarchy
Leader Alexandros XVI
Legislature Cassandrian Royal Parliament (600 deputies)
 -  2272 86.315.736 
Currency Cassandrian Phoenix
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|+36]]
Internet TLD .cem/.cmk

The Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia (Greek: Η Αυτοκρατορία των Κασσανδρίων της Μακεδονίας) abbreviated as CEOM, and also known as the Cassandrian Empire is Percy's Official Nation. He created it in 2008-9 and also tried to write a book about it. At first it contained only some parts of Greece, but after the uprising of the New Cassandrian Empire, its borders expanded very mach into the Aemos/Balkan peninsula, South Italy and Northern Africa. It is free to use it if you want.

Origins and name

The Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia owes its name to the founder, Emperor Cassandros I of Potidaia. Other manuscripts claim that the name of the Empire comes from the Cassandra peninsula in Chalkidiki, Greece, where was firstly the name of the Empire announced. The Cassandrians Dynasty actually founded the kingdom in Potidaia, Cassandra, which remained the capital city of Cassandrian Empire until Hellas conquered and raided it.





The provinces of C.E.O.M.

The Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia consists of 32 provinces and 2 micronations.

Provinces in Europe

  • Makedonia
  • Thrakki
  • Thessaloniki
  • Roumeli
  • Athens
  • Thessalia
  • Peloponnisos
  • Aegeo
  • Ippiros
  • Crete
  • Rodopi
  • Alvania
  • Skopje
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia
  • Sarajevo
  • Vorria Dalmatia
  • Nottia Dalmatia
  • Tergesti
  • Mavrovounio
  • Bari
  • Salento
  • Two Sicilies
  • Cypros

Provinces in Asia

  • Alicarnassos-Smyrna-Ayvali
  • Cypros (Undefined in which continent it belongs)
  • Sina

Provinces in Africa

  • Carhidonna
  • Tynisia
  • Tripoli
  • Cyrinaica
  • Aegyptos


Despite the fact that there's no official religion, according to the latest reports of the Cassandrian Statistics Center, religion in Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia is:

Orthodox Christianity: 86%

Catholic Christianity: 10,5%

Islam: 3,2%

Other Religions: 0,2%

Atheism/Agnosticism: 0,1%


In C.E.O.M. exist 186 micronations. The biggest of them are: The Democratic Peoples Republic of Sicily and the Republic of Free Serbia.

Democratic Peoples Republic of Sicily

Founded by businessman Frederico DeRossi. His vision was a free, independent Sicily. With the help of Sicilian Mafia, DeRossi made to defeat the cassandrian armies, and established a country in west Sicily, with Syracusses as capital. But when he asked the leader of Mafia to be the Head of State, he declined. DeRossi published propaganda that the leader of Mafia was Governor. The next day borders were drawn, as people of the businessman put customs and dug trenches across the borders and built electric fences. DeRossi ordered the emperor Diogenis XXIII to recognize the state, but he refused. Again the businessman published propaganda that the emperor has recognized it. The emperor sent troops to take down the revolution, but he was assassined a few days later and the troops retreated. Now Cassandrian Navy sieges the island to this day. Today DPRS is like our N. Korea. The government of the state keeps the people in silence so that they cannot really realize the actual situation. It is a sovereign state, according to themselves, but no one actually recognizes it.

Republic of Free Serbia

Outside of Beligrad, in the Cassandrian Province of Serbia there is a micronation, called Republic of Free Serbia. It is actually a little village that declared itself as a sovereign state. But it has no real borders and people do not take this state seriously. They see it as a movement against the Cassandrian rule in Serbian territory. It was founded by Danijel Rostović, a communist, anti-cassandrian farmer, who claimed his birthplace independent from C.E.O.M. At first the state was called " Republic of Serbian People", But Serbia was threatened by C.E.O.M.,so Serbia convinced Rostovic to change the name. Today the state has its own passports and currency.



Military banner (made by KingNickIV)

Here are some of Cassandrian Empire's laws, according to the Imperial Constitution of 1997.

  • Article 001:All the People within the borders of the empire are EQUAL, apart from race, religion, nationality.
  • Article 020:Each province of the empire has the right to establish up to 120 laws that will be applied to the people living in them and only.
  • Article 021:The Emperor is the Head of State and President of the Imperial Parliament until he/she dies or resigns.
  • Article 450:Immigrants who cross the borders of the  empire illegally will be deported to their home country.
  • Article 501:There's no official religion. The freedom of practising the religion, someone desires, is granted to every citizen.

Fun Facts

  • CEOM started as the dream of a wacky farmer, whose love for his city, Potidaia, evolved in a regionalist dream and the creation of an independent Potidaian Kingdom. Although he never achieved this , his son became obsessed with the idea and managed to move the people of the city to revolt against Rome in 156 AD.
  • In Two Sicilies C.Province you are not allowed to speak about and independent Sicily, especially after the DPRS Rebellion. If you do, you get sentenced 10 years in prison.
  • The shortest ever reign was the one of King Georgios II and last 1,5 seconds!!! His brother died at the age of 115 and he was about to die, too. He crowned King at the age of 104, and died right after.
  • The Serbia C.Province is the only place in the world to be controlled by two cuntries: Republic of (East) Serbija and CEOM. This proposal ended the Serbocassandrian war and restored peace, despite the fact that both governments, informally, don't recognize it.

Mapperdonian Life


  • Cheenarn
  • Ronschdilatia
  • Pylion
  • Illuccia
  • Belaruk
  • Polskaňowa
  • Guanche Empire
  • Renmark
  • Hijkal
  • Germaska
  • Pyzantion
  • Polnocslavia

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