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FrancoSpanisianConfederation flag

The Flag

FrancoSpanisianConfederation map

The Land of the Empire.

The Confederation of the Francospanisian empire was an Empire, located in Western Europe. It also had some small municipalities, near the Caribbean and Africa.


The FrancoSpanisian Empire was formed during the Spanish Italian war,when France aided Spain and then offered a treaty, where these 2 nations united into an Empire. Signed in Rome (2018), France and its Colonies and Spain and its colonies, united into the FrancoSpanisian Empire Confederation.


During the First European war of control, the Francospanisian empire had fallen, although the Spanish and German states went on the South European Peace Keaping alliance's side and French States (except Paris, which kept its autonomy and neutrality) went on the White Russian Side, the war was catastrophic and victims were over 40.000.000. That was the end of the Francospanisian Empire and the dawn of a new empire.