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Alternate World war 1 FIXED

The Day Of Victory: Central Powers is a map game in the works. This map game has been created by Bob's Mapping and Galack Mapper. It has been made for fun of course but, we won't tolerate mischief.

In Mid-1917, the Russian Republic (once an Empire) signed a treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the German Reich ensuring their exit of the war. Despite heavy British monitoring of communications of Germany to the Americas, the Zimmerman Telegram slipped in unnoticed to Mexico. Obviously, Mexico would not accept it in the first place, most were unenthusiastic for another Mexican-American War, as Mexico is undergoing a civil war at the time. Even if Germany had supported the Rebels against the US-Backed Government of Mexico, they still would've lost. However, Germany back in Europe launched the spring offensive on France and took Paris, the worn French government was forced to surrender. After French surrender, Germany began increasing unrestricted submarine warfare, and building up their navies that eventually outmatched even Britain's itself. Later in the early Fall of 1918, with support from separatist Irish, Welsh, and even Scottish states from increasing frustration of the war, Germany invaded Britain. Despite heavy resistance, the British forces were crushed in the Late winter of 1918 and officially surrendered in January 1919. Germany would spend most of the 1919s killing off resistance. By this time, the US had have enough, using a casus belli that killing off Britain will kill off Democracy and economic opportunities for the USA, USA declared war on Germany in Winter of 1918, only to be invaded by Mexico two months later (when Rebels were victorious) when the US failed to launch an amphibious invasion in Northern Africa. Despite the Great machines of American might cannot topple the German innovation and effectiveness, over Thirteen Million American soldiers died by the Mid-1919s, an anti-government coup set up and supported by the Russian Republic was declared in the southern cities and deemed itself socialist to grab support of the average worker. The US officially signs surrender in November 1919 in the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles forced France to pay 300 Billion in US dollars to Germany and the occupation of Northern France along with other territorial and colonial treaties. By the end of 1919, any rebels and resistance movements were crushed by the might of the German War machine.

The Day Of Victory they said, its a dark day for the allies. The sun has set on the Allies, all hope is lost. The Allies have surrendered to the Central powers, in this world. Who will rule supreme in this world? Germany and its allies won the war, But countries will choose their fate in this Alternate World!


  • Owner: Galack Mapper
  • Owner: Nihilus Mapping (Formely Bob's Mapping)
  • Admin: Aendarus Mapping, Batran99
  • Map Maker: Bob's Mapping
  • NPC Events: Chris Mapping, Galack Mapper (Only Co-NPC Events)
  • Player Events: YoshiFan
  • Mod Events: Galack Mapper
  • Turn Overwatcher: Galack Mapper, Nihilus Mapping


  • The Top 5 nations are going to be played by Map Game Pros
  • Do not Insult or do Mischief
  • Do not edit the page without permission
  • Do not be OP or do things that can never happen (Example: China invades Germany and succeeds)
  • Don't make technologies that can't exist in the time period
  • Please, don't be stupid.
  • Make your turns long enough, we don't want 3 liners and thats it.
  • To join, please say "iwanttojoin". If you do not say this, you shall not be a player in this game. This is a precautionary measure to make sure that you have read the rules. (Don't forget to say what country you want too.)
  • You can play as a vassal, but you will do what your overlord tells you. Or you can revolt.
  • Be nice to new players.
  • Don't make two player nations.
  • If you will leave the game, DO NOT CEDE YOUR LAND TO ANOTHER NATION.
  • Make sure to enjoy the game.


Central Powers

  • German Empire
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Mexico

Helsinki Pact [LOCKED]

  • United Soviet States of America
  • Bolsheviks (Revolting in Russia)
  • Finnish Socialist Republic
  • Romania
  • Spain (Spoken in Skype with Anda DAH Mapper)
  • Mongolia
  • Denmark (Spoken with Soviet Siberian in Chat)

Atlantic Commonwealth

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Country List

Test Nation = Already taken

Top 5 Nations:

  1. German Empire
  2. Ottoman Empire
  3. Austria-Hungary
  4. Japan
  5. Mexico


  • German Empire
    • Colonies
      • German Goetheland (German Oceania, or Australia)
      • German New Guinea (German Pacific Isles and New Guinea)
      • German New Swabia (German Antarctica)
      • German Togoland (Guinea-Bissau,Liberia, Cote D'Ivore and Benin) (German West Africa)
      • German Nigeria
      • Kamerun
      • German Central Africa (1/2 Chad and Central African Republic)
      • Gabun
      • German-Sudan (Disputed Area: Ilemi Triangle with German East Africa)
      • German East Africa
      • Deutsch-Kongo (German Congo)
      • German Angola
      • Deutschrhodesien (German Rhodesia)
      • Südrhodesien (German South Rhodesia)
      • Betschuanaland (German South Africa)
      • German Arab Territories
      • German South India
      • German Banquibazar (German Bengal)
      • German Sudostasien (South-East Asia)
      • German Singapore
      • Kiautschou Crownlands (German China)
      • Neukleinvenedig (German " New Little Venice" or Colombia/Panama)
      • Hanauischindien (German "Hanauan Indian America" or Guyana)
      • German Morocco
    • Vassals:
      • Poland
      • Belaruthenia
      • Wallonia
      • Flanders
      • Latvia
      • Estonia
      • Ukraine
  • Austria-Hungary
    • Colonies:
      • Austro-Hungarian Senegal (With Sierra Leone)
      • Austro-Hungarian Nigeria
      • Austro-Hungarian Tunisia
      • Austro-Hungarian Libya
      • Austro-Hungarian Somaliland
      • Karl I. Territory (Antarctica)
      • Austro-Hungarian Congo
      • Austro-Hungarian Mozambique
      • Austro-Hungarian West India
      • Austro-Hungarian Cabelon (Eastern India)
      • Austro-Hungarian Burma
      • Austro-Hungarian Timur
      • Austro-Hungarian Pihlipines-North Borneo
      • Austro-Hungarian Tientsien Crownlands (Austro-Hungarian China)
      • Austrian Crownlands in Arabia
      • Austro-Hungarian Guiana
    • Autonomous Regions:
      • Hungary
      • Banat
      • Transylvania
    • Disputed Regions:
      • Bukovina (Disputed between Ukraine, Romania and Austria-Hungary)
      • Western Ukraine (Disputed between Ukraine and Austria-Hungary)
    • Vassals:
      • Styria
      • Czech
      • Croatia
      • Serbia
      • Montenegro
      • Lombardia-Venetia
  • Bulgaria
    • Colonies
      • Bulgarian Antarctica
    • Vassals:
      • Albania
  • Romania
  • Ottoman Empire
    • Colonies
      • Osmanli Territory in Antarctica
    • Vassals
      • Egypt
      • Arabia
      • Georgia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Armenia
      • Crimea-Kuban Republic
    • Revolting Groups
      • Turkish Nationalists
  • Greece
  • Russian Provisional Governement (Russian Republic)
    • Revolting Groups
      • Bolsheviks
      • Fashistskoye Dvizheniye (Fascist Movement)
      • TLM (Turkestan Liberation Movement)
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Tannu Tuva
  • Mongolia
  • Chinese Republic
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
    • Colonies
      • Greenland
      • Faroes and Iceland
  • Scotland
  • England
    • Colonies
      • British Sudan
      • Kenya
      • South Africa
      • British Raj
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Algeria
  • France
    • Colonies
      • French West Africa
      • French Madagascar
      • French Indochina
  • Netherlands
    • Colonies
      • Dutch Indonesia
      • Dutch Guyana
  • Italy
  • Spain
    • Colonies
      • Spanish Morocco
      • Spanish Western Sahara
      • Equatorial Africa
    • Personal Unions
      • Portugal
  • Ethiopia
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Nepal-Bhutanese Union
  • Australia
    • Territories
      • Northern Territory
  • Tibet
  • Paraguay (In a Union with Bolivia)
  • Bolivia (In a Union with Paraguay)
  • West Caribbean Union (Dominica, Puerto Rico and Jamaica)
  • East Caribbean Union ( Antilles)
  • Bahamas
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • USCA (United Stats of Central America)
  • Belize
  • Alaska
  • USA (United States of America)
  • United Soviet States of America (USSA)
  • Canada
  • Mexico
    • Vassals
      • Texas
      • California

Player Countries

  • Deutschrhodesien (German Rhodesia): Galack Mapper
  • Bolsheviks: Nihilus Mapping
  • German Empire: Chris Mapping
  • Japan: Empror Cheese Brittania
  • Mexico: Asdf Mapping
  • Argentina: Flaming Spaghetti Monster
  • England: Thunder Mapping
  • Brazil: Multi
  • Spain: Anda DAH Mapper
  • Turkish Nationalist Rebels: Numan
  • Mongolia: Spyro.con
  • Denmark: Siberian Mapper
  • Bulgaria: Tadija
  • Finland: Yoshifan Mapping
  • Romania: ROmapping
  • United States America: Joshua R. T. Reed
  • Italy: Croat Mapper
  • Austria-Hungary : TheSoaringHawk
  • Sweden: Scout107
  • France: Zappod Mapping
  • German South-East Asia: Batran99
  • Canada: Ethan
  • Colombia: Beto99
  • German Oceania: Pisiu369
  • Scotland: Filipinovo
  • Wales: Demon Mapper
  • USCA: Eltool
  • Peru: Wenshan
  • Australia:MrForestein

Turn 1 (1920)


  • Military: 70,000 footmen 3 tanks 7 planes 3,500 heavy guns 2,000 machine guns 2 steamboats
  • Government: multi house parliamentary system
    • House 1. the house of Elders, the members of the house is composed of politicians that have previously served
    • House 2. The house of experts, composed of members voted on by the first house
    • House 3. The house of commons, composed of members elected by the people
    • Politics: Parties sorted by influence. The Liberal party, the Socialist party, the Federal party, the Stockholm party, the Conservative party, the Libertarian party, the Liberal democratic party, the Green party, the Carbon party, the Union Alliance party, the Colonial party, the Scandinavian party, the Imperial party, the Blue party and the United party.
      • House 1: 784 members
        • 500 members of the Libertarian party
        • 123 members of the Imperial party
        • 33 members of the Liberal party
        • 30 members of the Green party
        • 27 members of the Scandinavian party
        • 25 members of the United party
        • 46 members independent
      • House 2: 30 members
        • 29 members of the Liberal party
        • 1 member of the Conservative party
      • House 3: 113 members
        • 45 members of the Liberal party
        • 20 members of the Socialist party
        • 17 members of the Federal party
        • 16 members of the Stockholm party
        • 15 members of the Conservative party
      • Policies enacted:
        • The conscription of 100,000 men
        • create 400 tanks
        • create 1,000 planes
        • plane subsidies
        • tank subsidies
        • farming subsidies
        • 70% taxes on the top 1%

Diplomacy: Sweden will be neutral in most Global affairs.


  • Diplomacy: France tries to make better relations with Germany, Austria-Hungary, Mexico and Bulgaria. 
  • Warfare and Military: France tries to convince Germany to abandon their conquered in France. Sends an peace offer to Germany; 25% of the GPD for joining The Great Powers, regaining all the occupied land and control over German Morocco, Kamerun and Neuseeland. Sends rebels in Spain, for the unification of Catalunya, Euskadi and Balearic Island as a satellite state named: Francospania and the disband of the personal union of Portugal and Spain, and make all three vassals of France. And also mobilize the army in Paris, at the borders with Spain and Italy.
  • Government: Makes pro-German propaganda (trying to put a pro-German government) because next year in France are the elections: in the elections are four parties:
    • - Parti Démocratique Français (PDF) - the lead party; pro-conservative - 41% ~ 40%
    • - Parti Libéral-Démocrate (PLD) - the pro-U.K. party - 8% ~ 3%
    • - Parti pour L'Avancement Technologique (PLAT) - the progressive party - 12% ~ 15 %
    • - Un Pas En Avant pour la France (UPEF) -  the pro-german party - 39% ~ 42%
  • Economy: Tries to improve the colonies to make more money. Sends more supplies to French Madagascar and French Indochina, invest enough to sustain the French West Africa and trades guns and ships with Portugal and Russia, food with Portugal and U.K., and medical supplies with U.K.
  • Technology: Make a little improvement in medical assistance on the battlefields. Discover a very effective way of making functional planes and cars.

Bolsheviks/Soviet Union:

  • Military: More and more People's join the Bolsheviks, because they hate the Tsarist Government, also we will make them to Civil Soldiers. All Bolshevik Civil Soldiers got the the Task: "Defend your Hometown!"
  • Government: Since the Uprising of the Bolsheviks in 1919, they got a Marxist-Leninist Soviet Government.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Helsinki Pact:
      • we create the Helsinki Pact with:
        • United Soviet States of America
        • Bolsheviks (Revolting in Russia)
        • Finnish Socialist Republic
        • Romania
        • Greece
        • Spain (Spoken in Skype with Anda DAH Mapper)
    • Germany: We try to make with them a Non-Aggression pact
    • France: We try to make with them a Non-Aggression Pact
  • Economy: We want to trade with anyone who wants to trade.
  • Warfare: We make Uprisings near of the Russian Coast in the Japanese Sea.


  • Government: The current president, Hipólito Yrigoyen is overthrown after a coup'd'etat lead by General Manuel Figueroa from La Plata was succesfull. Yrigoyen is charged for corruption and "crimes against the nation" but he manages to escape and flee to Chile before being convicted. Later on, Figueroa takes power and nearly immediately proclaims a socialist republic, although he decides to not align with the Helsinki Pact for now (like Yugoslavia in OTL). Figueroa is seen as a "benevolent dictator" as he applies more authoritarian measures. He also decides to increase the salary of all military personnel, especially for the generals. Figueroa keeps a close relationship with the military in order to secure loyalty. After having stabilized the nation with the help of the military by crushing the resistance and arresting opposition leaders, Figueroa begins a program for modernizing the armed forces due to the beginning of a new era of Imperialism. Compulsive conscription is aldo enforced. In domestic policies, Figueroa starts applying a socialist model, but keeping free market.
  • Military: 
    • Land Forces: Currently, the Argentinian army has 150,000 personeel; 100,000 are active troops and the remaining are reserves. Argentina also has a couple artillery pieces, but no tanks or other armored vehicles.
    • Naval Forces: The Argentinian Navy has 5,000 personeel, 3 cruisers, 13 destroyers and 20 transport ships. 
    • Air Forces: Figuroa officially creats the Argentinian Air Force with aircraft that Argentina already had, it has 10 fighter jets and 1 bomber
  • Wars & Conflicts:
    • Invasion of Uruguay: In order to "spread the revolution" and protecting Argentine interests in the region, Figueroa declares war on Uruguay on March 27th. 65,000 troops cross the border into northern Uruguay on March 28th, quickly seizing the provinces (and cities) of Rivera and Artigas, securing all of the Uruguyan-Brazilian border by mid April. Ar the same time, the still small Argentine Navy conducts a naval blockade over southern Uruguay, crumbling Uruguay's economy. By the end of the year, the Argentinians had occupied two thirds of Uruguay's territory, including the northern part, and some of the East, although Montevideo has not been taken yet.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Bolivia-Paraguay: Relationships are increased, and Figueroa sends a secret proposal for spliting Chile in the future, promosing Bolivia their former lands.
    • Brazil: An alliance and a non-aggression pact are requested.
    • Mexico: A free trade agreement and an alliance are requested.
    • Chile: Border control is increasing as an invasion is being planned in secret.
    • Soviet USA: An alliance is requested with the fellow socialist nation.
    • Germany: Requests to buy the Falkland Islands for the lowest price possible. The Germans will be allowed to keep their military bases in the islands if they wish to do so. Later on, thr islands are bought for 400 million.
    • Denmark: Requests to buy the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands for a lowest as possible price. The Danish will be allowed to maintain military bases in the islands if they wish to do so.



Ground troops:There are 96 000 foot troops,with 3 artilery divisions.

Naval troops: Navy is increased to 23 destroyers and 7 submarines.

Air Troops: Little number of planes,28 fighter jets, 3 bombers and 17 scout jets.

Wars: We declare war on Cuba and our whole army is sent there with help of 5 000 troops from Italy, we manage to ocuppy its south ,navy is bombing their troops and killing their navy, also 13 fighter jets and 1 bomber is sent there to attack.

Economy:Increases to war captures and normally for 2.56%.

Diplomacy: Italy:We request alliance and trade agreement.

Ottomans:Trade agreement proposed.

Germany: Military and trade is proposed.


  • Government: Fascism grows strong in Italy gaining supporters every month those fascists are pro-german and Italy accepts them but many people do not want fascism so an election is made.Italy also starts military propaganda and destroys all press rights.
    • Results of election:

Italian union of fascists 60%

Imperial Party: 10%

Communist Party: 3%

Democratic Front: 5%

The Worker's Party: 22%

  • Military
    • Land Forces: Italian troops are poorly equipt so we begin working on equipment like guns and ammunition also army is increased from 20.000 to 30.000 active soldiers and reserves from 50.000 to 55.000
    • Naval Forces: Italy is starting to maintain a good navy because Italy has lost the war we have 1 battleship 10 transports 1 air carrier and 5 cruisers currently but we hope to increase that
  • Economy: Italy has lost the war now we must recover Italian economy is really bad and will crash if it is not fixed quickly and efficently so Italy increases taxes and reduces pensions so government can have more money it help the economy but it is still very bad.
  • Diplomacy:
    • German Empire: We request trade.
    • Bulgaria: Although they requested 10.000 we send 5.000 volontiers and trade is accepted
    • A-H: We ask them to give us 1936 lands because Italians live there.
    • Bolsheviks: Sends 5.000 volontiers to help them agains White Russia
    • France: Requests trade

German North Rhodesia:

Government: The Government, being a colony of the German Empire decides to become more nationalistic,but it activates a law which states that the people of North Rhodesia will be able to go to school and learn the German language for free, as well as practice the language of the Rhodesian people, however, more people are begining to speak to German.


  • Land Forces:The army begins to make a conscription draft (idk if that's even possible kek) to total the army of North Rhodesia to 43,000 personnel.
  • Air Forces: The air force is building up though with few resources it was only able to make 2 fighter planes. (If that's even possible <-<)


  • Germany: We ask Germany to have us unite with South Rhodesia as it will be easier to manage the both of us united.
  • South Rhodesia: We ask South Rhodesia to like make them want to unite with us (Idk)

Infrastructure:The Infrastructure is improved everyday however at a slow rate, but more buildings are being built to industrialize the nation.

Finnish Socialist Republic

  • Government: Capitalist/Democrat movement in Finland have increased it a lot since year 1919, and our government has started to fight against corruption with more law enforcement. Fascist movements has also increased by 33%. This is why new elections are selected in next year. Most popular winners are socialists or communists.
  • Military Due to risk of possible revolution, Finland starts to increase their armies by increasing the age of army status. Also many young boys (around age of 16-18) are hired on military. This isn't seen as a bad thing, and actually many civilians have said that this country seems way more protected than it was before.
  • Economy: Finland isn't increasing taxes unlike other countries, even though country is still poor and relatively new. Prohibition of alcohol is set and using alcohol in any kind of way, is criminalized.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Bolsheviks/USSR: We request some aid on our economy status, but we accept the decline as well. Even though we are part of the Helsinki Pact, we also request major non-aggression pact just to be sure. World can be bad place and we are small country.
    • Germany: We want non-aggression pact, just to be sure. Germany seems to be big superpower at the moment, and we really want to be friendly and supportive.
    • Soviet USA: To improve our relationship, will ask simple thing. Embassy and little trade. We can send paper as weh have a lot of that.
    • GLOBAL DIPLOMACY: Finland announces publicly that they accept everyone's (who is not an enemy) non-aggression pact.
  • Infrastructure: We announce that we will start the production of the Great Kultavuori (Gold Mountain) in the Helsinki. This is meant to be "Finland's Eiffel Tower", however budget isn't so big yet, so it won't be ready so soon.


  • Government:
    • Mainland Germany: A Germanification process has begun in mainland Germany on the newly acquired lands. Although minorities are allowed to use their language and are granted education on their language they are encouraged to leave behind their heritage and become German so they would have lower taxes and lower housing prices.
    • Colonies:
      • Administrative changes: North and south Rhodesia are allowed to unite and they form Deutschrhodesien (German Rhodesia). Also, the Congolese administrative regions (südkongo, kongo-Brazzaville, Kongo-Mitte) unite into one region Deutschkongo (German Congo).This new administrative region also gains the congolese lands from Neukamerun so the new administrative region look like a combination of the DRC and the RC.The rest of Neukamerun is divided between Kamerun and German Central Africa.
      • Colonial policy:The Germans treat the colonial citizens as humanely as no colonizer did before.Slavery is abolished and now they're working voluntarily for money which they spend on food and other neccesities.They're also given good education and are also being taught German.Meanwhile there's a mass project for improving the colonial infrastructure by building roads and railways.This is done so the precious minerals can get faster from the mines to the factories and goods can be traded faster which will cause faster economic growth on the long term.
    • Vassals:Luxemburg is annexed and a referendum is being held in Belgium whether they want to split into Flandria and Vallonia.The referendum passes with 72% of the Belgians supporting the split and both of them is a German puppet. Estonia gets all lands with Estonian majority from Latvia.German is being taught in schools and the people living in the puppet states are encouraged to leave behind their heritage and become German so they would have lower taxes and housing prices. Although they are encouraged to Germanificate themselves they are given the right to have education on their language and to use it whenever they want.
  • Economy: Although the Great War significantly weakened the German economy but it's recovering fast due to it's efficient industry and the precious materials mined in the colonies.
  • Military:Since Germany needs money to recover from the war it decreases the number of it's ground troops by 10% so it fell from 430.000 to 387.000 but all military equipment is kept. Germany seeks to sell its older equipment to other weaker countries while it would modernize its own.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Italy: The Italian offer of a trade agreement is accepted and it's allowed to join the Central Powers.
    • France: Germany agrees to pull out from its occupied territory in France and helps them funding the rebels in Spain and in exchange France pays 22% of its GDP and joins the Central Powers.
    • Bolsheviks: It's NAP offer is accepted.
    • Argentina: Germany agrees to sell the Falkland Islands for 500 million, however, it keeps its right to keep it's military bases on the islands.
    • USCA: USCA is told to hand over full control over both sides of the Panama Canal and everything south of it.
    • Bulgaria: Germany accepts the trade agreement and thinks Bulgaria's offer of a military alliance is unnecessary as both countries are in the Central Powers.
    • Finland:The Finnish offer of a NAP is accepted.


  • Government: Mexico's government is centrist, but run by a benevolent dictator, Eduardo Flamin. There are rumors that he believes in a giant Sphagetti monster as a god instead of the Christian one.
  • Military:
    • Land Forces: The Military is increased, and their goals are soon released. The military aims to control much of Central America.
    • Naval Forces: For an invasion of the Caribbean, the navy gets increased funding. The navy's ships are strengthened for an amphibious assault on the islands.
  • Wars & Conflicts:
    • Invasion of Western Caribbean: The Western Caribbean is invaded as a sort of Mexican "Manifest Destiny". Since most of the islands are small almost all of the country falls by the end of the year. The attack is carried out by an initial naval assault followed by military landings.
  • Diplomacy:
    • USA: Mexico warns the USA not to expand south, or to mess with Mexico's vassals.
    • Brazil: A non-aggression pact is asked.
    • Argentina: A trade agreement is signed.
    • Central Powers: Mexico strengthens ties with its allies. Although it does not approve of Italy joining, Mexico does nothing as of now.
    • Vassals: Mexico tells to its vassals that they should eventually join Mexico in a number of years after they have been more assimilated into Mexico's culture.


  • Government: A new government was established as an independent state after the Great War (break from the former British Empire/England), with the ideology by that time is around "liberal"-aligned. However that changed this year as they decide to be isolated from every country, sticking to neutrality but if a nation requests trade, they accept but are quite cautious, more details on isolationism and at diplomacy for diplomacy while the isolation policy has started as a transitional policy to separate from the world but still apply trade to the open world.
    • Isolationism: Isolation from diplomacy and being neutral to all affairs apart from any trade agreement if there was such thing. They are however wanted to seek neutral nations to negotiate but are not willing to at this time.
    • Political Parties: No changes but the stance of Canada is becomes centrist at this time.
  • Military: After the Great War which Canada had sided with the allied side (as a British dominion before breaking up somehow), Canada has started investing a more larger military size of infantry but maintains the navy and air forces as usual with slow growth of air forces as aviation becomes popular.
    • Land Forces: Land forces are increased from the basic and estimated ~50,000 (again i don't know, I need to wait for an admin to approve the number) to 55,000 by active personnel. The reserves are raised from 10,000 to 16,000 this year.
    • Air Forces: Only one fighter plane has being commissioned.
    • Navy Forces: At least two military ships are funded for construction this year.
  • Economy: As war had damaged some parts of the economy, recovery will be done around six turns. Overall doesn't improve much by GDP and industry starts to expand as well putting the unused land policy into use.
    • "Make Use of Unused Land": The government decides to send 20,000 people from large and "populous" cities into rural regions, devoid of settlements apart from natives. This increases production and industry partially, so results have improved partially at this time.
  • Infrastructure: vague reorganisation of how infrastructure will be introduced, this is not final as i referred the recent version at times since im not sure
    • Vancouver Region (British Columbia and Yukon): Prioritised to build factories and some military factories abroad. Although paert of their economy was broken down due to voluntary help for Britain earlier.
    • Alberta-Saskatchewan: Industry expands like Vancouver (military factories and other industrial production), even though the region of Alberta is known for oil sands, that time is not allowed for oil sands to be made however one chemist has planned to extract bitumen this year.
    • Nunavut (incl. Northwest Territories): No changes.
    • Ontario (incl. Manitoba): Infrastructure starts to expand at major cities, forestry is promoted here and at least 1,500 here as part of the policy were sent into the forest to create "factories" to refine wood into lumber along with some of their family for future generations, enough to export.
    • Autonomous Region of Quebec: Led by conservative Jacques "Sunburnique", is an autonomous region made at the 1920 to deal with the problem of a Quebecer majority here however still subject to absolute rule of the Canadian government still. The region here is prioritised for industry at the south, especially military ones and prioritise part forestry.
    • Labrador: No changes but to prioritise fishing and part cutting wood for industry
    • Newfoundland: No changes but to prioritise fishing
    • New Brunswick-Nova Scotia-Charlotte: This region is probably irrelevant to their own standards and decides to focus them on grazing, although the terrain here to the government is not so great in their opinion. They also decide to promote fishing in the region of Charlotte and Nova Scotia.
  • Diplomacy: None due to starting the isolation policy.


  • government: after the war ended we are hurt we changed our government from monarchy to socialism extremely fast,our new socialist government signed an alliance with Russia, Finland, USSA, Greece and Spain.
  • military:
  • ground troops:50.000 troops 70 tanks,
  • naval troops: We only have 34 transports
  • aerial troops: We have only five bombers and ten battleships
  • wars:
  • we send a troop wal in bucharest made up of 30.000 troops and 30 tanks, if bulgaria takes more land and even bucharest we will call in the helsinki pact to help us out , our naval troops are all sent to Varna, we barely capture the city and we mobilize troops there in a total number of 20.000 troops, our air forces are constantly bombing Bulgarian troops from what we can tell our first bombing run killed 30 bulgarians and harmed 10
  • economy: unfortunately because of the war with bulgaria we need money to mobilize this tax add up will last for 2 more turn we use the Romanian RON as our money salaries are medium the everyday person it has a neutral to good impression of our government.
  • diplomacy:we are at war with Bulgaria, if they make any more movements i am going to call in my allies to help me out, we are allies economically and military to Finland,Greece,Russia,USSA and Spain .


  •  Government : The government decide to become socialist without civil war. Mongolia decide to allow woman suffrage and to adopt republican elections.
  • Military:
  • earth army: 20,000 (5000 reserve)
  • plane: 1 000
  • Economy : With a very bad economy, Mongolia ask help to Japan to get more money. New industrialization the country begin with social reforms. Moreover, the country try to create a new policy against enemies named  Hermer, The new general leader is Reven Boghana.
  • Diplomacy : Mongolian republic refuse to be annexed by Russian empire because Mongolia has do a trade with Japan. The country refuse to be with China too and refuse to be colonized.

Turn 1's Player Events

  • Sweden says publicly that they will be neutral.
  • France starts major operation on Spain as they send rebels to make Basque, Catalonia and Balearic Islands independent satellite states.
  • Bolsheviks forms Helsinki Pact with Soviet USA, Finland, Romania, Greece and Spain.
  • After Argentina's old president was overthrown by coup'd'etat, Argentina launches full scale invasion of Uruguay.
  • Bulgaria declares war to Cuba and gets small support from Italy.
  • Italy's fascists rules Italy after national election.
  • German North Rhodesia becomes more nationalistic and unites with South Rhodesia (accepted by Germany).
  • Finland annouces that they'll accept (almost) everyone's non-aggression pact.
  • Germany starts Germanification of whole Germany (includes vassals).
  • Mexico kick off huge invasion of Western Caribbean.
  • Canada establishes new government.
  • Mongolia becomes socialist republic and do a trading diplomacy with japan.


  • Bolivia-Paraguay: Accepts Argentina's offer and begins militarizing
  • USCA: Accepts to hand over full control over the Panama canal and everything south of it to Germany because it's scared of fighting against such a strong country.Meanwhile the USCA also militarizes as it feels vulnerable
  • Turkmenistan: Due to the chaos in Russia Turkmenistan decides to break away and become an indepent state.It's revenues mostly come from the export of gas and oil
  • Russia: As Russia is in complete turmoil it allows Turkmenistan to become indepent.Meanwhile it also manages to retake some lands from the fascists and even a little from the bolsheviks in Europe as they only cared for defense thus giving Russia more time to organize itself and prepare an offensive
  • British Raj: As Ghandi's teachings begin to spread wider more and more people wants to make the Indian colony indepent from England.However Ghandi wants to make it peacefully so there's no war yet.Currently they agreed with the English on the colony getting more rights but it's far from indepence yet
  • USSA: Funds the bolshevik rebels in Russia however the tsarist Russia still managed to advance slightly
  • Finnish rebels: Some people are rebeling in Finland demanding democracy and the end of the communist regime.Even some former members of the army join the rebelion so they are well equiped.They managed to take over much of southern Finland and the city of Oulu
  • Cuba: Tries it's best to slow down the Bulgarians so although Bulgaria manages to advance it does by heavy casualties
  • Denmark: Agrees to sell Argentina the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands for 325 million

Mod Events:

The Mass Media:In November 1920, the first commercially- licensed radio station began broadcasting live at the events of the world, this causes many people to buy radios, and many governments would aim to make propaganda through mass media.

The Ponzi Sales Scheme: An Italian Immigrant in the United States saw a loop hole in the sales system, because Europe was in Economic ruin after World war 1 he realized that he could buy coupons in various countries and redeem them in others and in return he would get large sums of money. This of course effects the worlds economy making the Global Economy turn for the worse.

Turn 2 (1921)

The Day of Victory- Central Powers Turn 2 Map

Bolsheviks/Soviet Union:

  • Military: We Create more Prolet Armies and say them: "SPREAD Out! Get Russia under our control!"
  • Government: The Governement Spreads Propaganda in Tsarist Russia, Lenin makes plans to proclaim in Far East the "Far Eastern Republic" as vassal.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Mongolia: We ask Mongolia if they want join the Helsinki Pact
    • Argentina: We make with your better relations, we just want an alliance.
    • Finland: We help you with economy.
  • Economy: We Trade with Finland
  • Warfare: We attack more lands in Russia, and make more Uprisings in Russia. We also ask Finland if they wnat help us for a regard: Kola and Karelia.
  • Technology: We research into Bombers, which can drop many bombs.

Mongolia ( Mongolian republic ):

  • Diplomacy: Mongolia accept USSR offer. Mongolia ask some part of East Turkestan with North of China as territory and help from Chinese republic. At excange, Mongolia will keep good relations with this last and will create Ulaan batar pact. Mongolia ask to Tannu tuva if they want to join.
  • Government: Mongolia create Vice president post, The president will Boghana Und. At the end, Mongolia will try to improve a new democracy. Legislation is created under assembly.
  • Economy: Mongolia get an official name ( Mongolian republic ). Economy is low but increase always. Collectivism begin in the territory. Population is now 520 000 inhabitants. However, peoples are unsatisfied by heatlh problems. Life expancy is less than 50 years old.
  • Technology: Mongolia get now Physic thank to communism after years of socialism. However, the tank aren't like in Germany.
  • Culture: Mongolian script is keeped because this country refuse cylliric writting system, Chinese peoples visit monuments in Mongolia

Texas(Mexican Vassal)[wip]

German Oceania (vassal)

Economy: We begin trade with other colonies of Germany, we also begin building more coal plants all over the country.

Government: Our government is a colonial one.

Technology: Improving radio technology in order to improve communication throughout the country.

Military: We train 10,000 troops and 3,000 more are in reserves.


  • Germany: We ask them for more autonomy and being able to declare war on other countries and forming our own alliances.
  • Australia: We ask them if the would like to unite as we think the continent should be 1 country.
  • Dutch Indonesia: We ask them for a free trade agreement.

Bulgarian Empire:

Military: In Guyana and Suriname,here have been some loses,but 100 Italians died and around 2000 Bulgarians. This just higher moral,because people want revenge for their friends.Military has Rosen back to 96 000 soldiers.

Wars: Operation: Guyinam

In Guyana and Suriname we make a big push with our soldiers ready to fight to death,by the End of the year we are having whole Guyana and Surinameunder our Rule. Loses are much smaller,with only 100 Italians and 4689 bulgars because we now understand their way of fighting,Guyana and Suriname are annexed.

Operation: Bolt

Nothing is know much about it all what gets out is letter J and date 23/3/22 Economy: Economy is not much damaged,it is going its own Way because soldiers in Guayana and Suriname have food,only Bullets have been brought to them,dead bodies are returned and burried. Economy falls because of same Weird sheme,so it only grows 1.89%

Infrastructure: Due to Weird sheme we are building more factories to give more goods.


Italy: Becomes good and trustable allie.

Germany: We would like if they can send us little economic aid and weapons.

Argentina: Trade proposed.

Canada: Trade proposed

Austria-Hungary:We propose more trade.

Brazil:We would like an alliance.


  • government our new socialist president is elected he is Dragos Fugarevici he is fighting corruption he executed about 10 government officials that he tought were corrupt, the population likes the change
  • military we built 200 more ground troops and 3 more bombers
  • ground troops-50.200 troops and 70 tanks
  • naval troops-34 transports
  • aerian troops-23 bombers 5 battleships
  • economy after the white peace with bulgaria our economy is still we lowerd the taxes so our economy isnt gaining or losing any money
  • technology we are researching more powerful land mines that can destroy tanks, it will take 1 turn
  • diplomacy we and bulgaria signed a white peace , we are still economicaly and military allies with the helsinki pact.

Finnish Socialist Republic

  • Economy: Our economy is dropping, because of civil war and we accept happily every donation from other countries.
  • Military: We start to build armies. We recruit over 200 000 new soldiers from our civilian based. We losed our biggest tactical city, Helsinki for those pesky capitalist pigs, but we'll take them back.
  • Government: Election results:

- Communists 65% - Fascists 20% - Capitalists 15% (main reason of revolt)

  • Diplomacy:
  • Everyone who sent NAP: Accepted
  • Soviet Union:Public answer: No. We won't help you.

Secret answer (only ussr): Yes, we will help you by few troops and of course with first aid.

  • Warfare:
    • Invasion of Tampere:

We start major assault on Tampere, trying to cut down revolutionaries' railroad, so they won't get supplies from Helsinki or any other city. We attack with over 150 000 troops out of 400 000. Other troops are defending borders.

  • Technology: We start also production of 1910's new artilleries as we don't have much of them.

Kingdom of England:

  • Government: England remains a kingdom decides not to become Socialist nor Communist.
    • Laws:
      • Gay Marriage: While still being mostly catholic, the Kingdom of England legalizes Gay Marriage
  • Military: The active personnel reaches 75,000 troops. And with the fall of the United Kingdom and the rise of Germany, many English see Germany as a threat and England expands its military, spending 8% of their GDP on Military.
  • Economy: The fall of the United Kingdom affects England greatly as many oil reserves were located in Scotland. However, more jobs have been made to make the economy better
  • Diplomacy:
    • England, Wales & Denmark: An alliance if created by these 3 nations for protection from other countries. This alliance is called the "Atlantic Commonwealth".
    • France: France is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.
    • Norway: Norway is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.
    • United States of America: The USA is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.
    • Canada: Canada is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.
    • Brazil: Brazil is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.
    • Spain: Spain is invited into the Atlantic Commonwealth.

Union of Socialist Latin Republics (Argentina):

  • Government: With the integration of Uruguay into the country, the need for a political reform becomes real for the sake of ensuing stability. As a direct result, Figueroa proclaims the Union of Socialist Latin Republics (USLR) or Socialist Latin Union for short. The country becomes a federation consisting of two Socialist Republics (SRs) for now; The Socialist Republic of Argentina, and the Socialist Republic of Uruguay. This is done to promote a pan-hispanic movement and to let each republic have autonomy in order to avoid revolts. Later on, Figueroa begins a program to improve the quality of life of Latin citizens known as "Desarrollo Benefactor", more schools and hospitals are built in the country, mainly in major cities such as Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Motevideo. A literacy campaign begins, focusing in bringing education to every sector of the country. As the population benefits, the popularity of Figueroa grows, making him seem as a charismatic leader. Meanwhile, the program for increasing and modernizing the military continues.
  • Military:
    • Latin Army: In preparation for Operation Allende (invasion of Chile ft. Bolivia-Paraguay), 14,500 troops are recruited this year and at least 5,000 troops from the Uruguayan army align with the Argentinian Army (idk if this is unrealistic tbh). Later on, as the USLR is proclaimed, the Latin Army is created after merging the Uruguayan and Argentinian ones. The total number of actives troops in the Latin Army is 115,000, with 50,000 reserves. Adittionally, the USLR begins a military project codenamed "Project Cóndor" to develop their own tanks, althought this will most likely take a couple years.
    • Latin Air Force: Only one bomber is comissioned this year. The LU still has 10 fighter planes and 1 bomber.
    • Latin Navy: Some ships are taken from Uruguay, the Navy ascends to 3 cruisers, 14 destroyers and 22 transport ships. The personeel is also increased to 5,600. Everything else remains the same.
  • Wars & Conflicts: 
    • Cuban War: The Latin Union is outraged by the European (particularly Bulgarian) expansionism in The Americas and they condemn the Bulgarian invasion of Cuba, publically supporting the Cubans (but not declaring war on Bulgaria). The USLR sends "humanitarian" aid to the cubans, although weapons and other military supplies are sent in "food shipments" without the Bulgarians knowing. Later on, 6,000 volunteers (mostly Argentine-Cuban nationals) from the Latin Armed Forces form "División Azul" and go to Cuba in order to help defend the island.
    • Uruguayan War: 5,000 reinforcements are sent to the Uruguayan front, totalling 70,000 Argentine troops fighting in Uruguay. The last Uruguayan strongholds; Maldonado and Montevideo, are taken by Argentine troops in late May, making them capitulate. After Uruguay was defeated, it was occupied for one month until the Union of Socialist Latin Republics was proclaimed, where Uruguay merged with Argentina as a SR. Argentina suffered 4,500 casualties in the war and Uruguay had 9,900 (mostly civilians). Later on, Figueroa publically apologizes to the Uruguayans for the death of innocents, giving a compesation to the victims' families. Figueroa also starts to develop the Uruguayan republic, focusing in social issues in order to gain the people's simpaty.
    • Operation Allende: The secret plan for invading Chile with Bolivia-Paraguay is code named Operation Allende and it is expected to start next year. Bolivia-Paraguay is later informed about this and preparations for the operation begin with many Latin troops moving to military bases near the Chilean-Latin border.
  • Economy:
  • Diplomacy:
    • Mexico: Relations improve and an alliance is requested once again.
    • Cuba: The Latin Union gladly welcomes Cuban refugees and offers political asylum to Cuban leaders, in order to help them create a government in exile in case they are defeated by the Bulgarian imperialists.
    • Central Powers: The Latin Union states that they're ok with the Central Powers as long as they don't expand further into the Americas. Later on, a Free Trade Agreement is requested with all the members of the alliance except Bulgaria.
    • USSA: An alliance and free trade agreements are proposed once again since they didn't respond last year.
    • Bolivia-Paraguay: The LU informs Bolivia-Paraguay about Operation Allende starting next year in order to coordinate their attacks on Chile.
    • Colombia: An alliance and free trade agreements are requested.
    • Brazil: A non-aggression pact, free trade agreement and alliance are requested once again.
    • Helsinki Pact: A free trade agreement is requested with all the members except for England because they are historical rivals of Argentina.

United States of Central America

  • Government: After a crisis in the government. The president do a Coup d'état and proclaim as Curcio I the emperor of The United Empire of Central America.
  • Military: We recruit 4,000 troops to the army this year.
  • Economy: We improved the economy.
  • Diplomacy:

Belize: We ask them to join us for defending them from European imperialism.

Austria-Hungary: We improve relations and alliance is requested.

Germany: We improve relations.

Mexico: We improve relations.

Cuba: We try to help Cuba with resources in the war.


  • Economy:We have avoided bankruptcy but the Italian economy is still very bad the trade with Argentina has helped and the government starts to invest in fish and fruit exports and of course tourism the government wishes to make Rome the best tourist destination in the intire world we also start constructing factories for clothes and of course weapons.
  • Government
    • Ethnic Cleansing:The Fascist Party begins sending minorities to labour camps not executing them they see in them free work force so they are hunting them down and making them slaves.But tourist's are treated with care.
    • Taxes: Taxes have returned to normal since Italy avoided bankruptcy.
    • Laws: Smoking and alcohol are outlaws for more healthy people and people must serve in the military for four years.
  • Military
    • Land Troops:Active troops increased to 40.000 and reserves to 60.000.
    • Naval Troops:Nothing changes.
  • Technology:Can't afford it right now.
  • Education:People can not go to high scools that are under 3 years.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Argentina:Trade is accepted.
    • Bolsheviks/Soviet Union:Alliance is proposed.
    • England:It is warned to disband their alliance.


Japan takes it's time to build up its military strangth in hopes to invade Korea. It's Navy is moved close to the Korean Coatline and Invasions begin. Seoul is soon captured and Busan is also captured, the South of the peninsula falls in 2 weeks and the rest of the Korean Soldiers are starved into submission. Now with no fight to give, the Korean Government surrenders. The Treaty states that Japan will annex Korea to form the Empire of Japan. Though, Japan doesnt stop there and it's military might is moved close to Manchuria and Taiwan, due to a weakened China, Manchuria and Taiwan are invaded. Taiwan falls as Taipei is taken. Manchuria still stands in battle though.


  • Government:
    • Legislation: As the Italian immigrant in the USA found a loophole in the law the German government begins to desperately fill in loopholes. Although it doesn't manage to fill in all of them but the one discovered by Ponzi and some others are filled in so an economic crisis has been avoided.
    • Vassals and colonies:With the increasing popularity of the radio the government begins to distribute propaganda with the help of the technology.The propaganda feautres Germany as a liberator from the Russian oppresors in the vassal states and in the colonies Germany is being featured as the country which treats it's colonies so humanely as no colonizer did before.Because of that the German government is liked by most of the population.
  • Military:
    • Military force:Due to fast economic recovery the size of the military increases from 387.000 to 402.000.Meanwhile Germany keeps modernizing its military in order to keep its military dominance. Lots of tanks, airplanes, ships and submarines are being produced.
    • Conflicts:
  • Economy:The German economy is recovering fast.As cars are becoming more affordable and popular Germany begins to develop a strong car manufacturing industry.
  • Diplomacy:
    • England:Tensions are high between the 2 nations as England wants to remake the UK which is seen as a threat by Germany
    • Argentina:The Argentinian offer of a free trade agreement is accepted
    • Bulgaria:Germany refuses to send help as Mexico disapproves the Bulgarian attempt for colonialism and Germany wouldn't like to lose Mexico as its ally
    • Ireland:The indepence of Ireland is guaranteed by the German Empire.


  • Government: The government has decided to continue on their isolation policy, but had their plans on making an invasion onto another country as expected. It also issues the election to be around 1924 for the new government separated from the former UK and begin posting propaganda as their isolating policy is starting to work at its first levels.
  • Military: The Canadian military continues to be funded and began raising their numbers of army after they decide to just conquer Alaska.
    • Land Forces: Land forces are increased from 55,000 to 83,000 by active personnel as they are now plotting an invasion against the Alaskans. The reserves are dropped from 16,000 to 0 this year.
    • Air Forces: Only two fighter planes has being commissioned. Popularity is continuing to grow and only a basic level of factories are built at the Vancouver Region and in Ontario. Overall, only 8 planes exist in the fleet this year.
    • Navy Forces: Another two military ships are built this year. Overall, around 13 military ships exist. The Canadian goal for the ships is to defend their coastlines, despite their whole fleet being ending up on the eastern side. Now they are considering to build ships at Vancouver as a goal and priority.
  • Canadian Conquest of Alaska: As they have only one chance (and the only one) to expand, they go for Alaska because they think they are not protected by anyone. 80,000 troops land on Alaska and initially declared war on them for subjugation at March, over the next few months, since the region is mostly not settled, easily took over it. The only largest city and outpost is Anchorage at December, a battle may happen but who knows.
  • Economy: Overall continues to expand and improve.
    • "Make Use of Unused Land": An extra 60,000 were sent into the wilderness with some tools to set up a town/facility. They are now part of the exploiting program (no more lumberjack projects and other mining projects) they start using their plans on oil sands in Alberta but still isn't really done because it was slow.
    • Exploiting: Research on getting the oil sands' resources continues by one scientist and would later come with more companies.
  • Infrastructure: Overall improves, the Vancouver Region, Ontario and mostly around that level of Ontario has improved factories and other facilities given to it. In Alberta, there are still claims that oil can be extracted somehow since last year.
  • Diplomacy: None due to the isolation policy and they remain neutral still.
    • England: Refuse


  • Govermment: Elections are held and the Democratic Union, a centrist party, wins with José Luis Colosio as their candidate. Colosio starts investing in military and also in the economic sector for the sake of improving Colombia's economy. He also tries to stay neutral in the "cold war" between the Central Powers and the Helsinki Pact, since they do not identify with either alliance.
  • Economy: Colombia starts to build up their infrastructure by offering jobs to unemployed people, working in building up more factories, railways and some schools as well. The main economical activity is agriculture, and the main exports are coffee and bananas.
  • Military: 10,000 are recruited this year. In total, Colombia has 50,000 troops; 40,000 are active and 10,000 are reserves. There is also an small navy consisting of 2 cruisers, 7 destroyers and 15 transport ship. Colombia also has only three fighter jets and 1 bomber, so the Air Force hasn't been created yet, although 2 fighter jets and 1 bomber are commissioned.
  • Diplomacy:
    • Ecuador and Venezuela: We send a message to our two neighboors proposing the Bolivarian Federation (we don't use Gran Colombia because that would seem irrendist and BF is more inclusive). The Federation would be composed by three autonomous states, meaning that Ecuador and Venezuela would keep their autonomy. We state that we need to create this union in order to protect from foreign imperialism by making an stronger country, and we put Cuba and Panama as examples of why we should do this.
    • Cuba: We condemn the Bulgarian conquest of Cuba and we send supplies to the cubans to help them defend their island.
    • Mexico: We propose an alliance and a free trade agreement.
    • USA: We propose an alliance and a free trade agreememt.
    • Argentina/Socialist Latin Union: We propose an alliance and a free trade agreement.
    • Brazil: We propose an alliance and a free trade agreement


  • Government: Elections in Peru is over. Federico Larille got over 70 percent and becomes the Peruvian leader.
  • Diplomacy:

Asks Columbia to join bolivarian Federation.

USA: We ask for an alliance

Argentina: We propose an alliance and free trade. We also like to help you in the Chilean war.

Brazil: We would like to improve our relations with you

  • Military: We are getting ready to attack Chile next year. We currently are increasing our army.

Troops: 55,000 45,000 are active and 10,000 are reserves. We are also expanding our navy and air forces.

  • Economy: The new leader has ordered to build more infrastructure and our economy is not doing that good but it's still going well.


  • Military: 230,678 soldiers, 679 tanks, 3,900 planes, 4,578 heavy guns, 3,767 machine guns, 7 steam boats, 2 oil powered boats
  • Politics: imperial party leader of the house of elders Albert von Schnuken died at the age of 49. Albert baci rondoniv of the house of experts was accused of treason.
  • Policies enacted
    • Barracks built in North Sweden
    • Gotland is controlled by a new regional capitalist government.
    • in the rest of Sweden's government regulation on business increases.
    • a border wall is to be built on the Finno-Swedish border. 

Mod Events (World Events)

  • Far-Right Wing party in France is founded: French Popular Party (Francais Populaire Parti), founded in late 1921 by a man named Jean-Felix Marques Montague. Once a French soldier back in World War 1, he had endured harsh trials of the trenches of Northern France, now a harsh monument reminding men of France of their loss of the war they could've won. Montague spoke of the old-days of Napoleon and that, through him, France can be united under the Napoleon imperial family again. His speeches had gained many followers, but had since remain a small voice out of dozens who cry out for the vengeance of France. His speeches are as sharp and inspiring as many of those who cry for vengeance. Lets just hope that in any case, his resolve is in good will.

NPC events:

  • Bolivia-Paraguay:Keeps militarizing
  • Belize:As it is sandwhiched between Mexico and the USCA and could get colonized anytime it agrees to join the USCA
  • Tannu tuva:Despite it's much weaker military and smaller population it decides to not give in.The prime minister of the country said:"We shall never surrender to imperialists like Mongolia"
  • Norway:Declines England's offer as it has no interests in joining the Atlantic union plus it feels safer not doing it as they don't want tensions with Germany
  • Korea:Gets rekt by Japan
  • Spanish rebels:They keep advancing against Spain
  • Cuba:In the begining of the year they were loosing ground but after the USCA,Colombia and Union of Socialist Latin Republics began sending supplies to them they were able to fight back against Bulgaria and retake some land though not all of it
  • Tajikistan:Seeing Turkmenistan's succes it also becomes indepent
  • Turkestan:They want to become indepent as well however they have difficulties doing so.Currently some of their lands is occupied by Russian and Bolshevik forces
  • Russia: Allows Tajikistan to become independent but not Turkestan. Russian forces are still occupying some of Turkestan meanwhile they are losing ground to the Bolsheviks but are doing well against the fascists as they are unpopular so they lack the manpower to defend themselves. Due to their difficulties with the Bolsheviks they are asking for help from Japan promising them Kamchatka, Primorsky, Khabarovsk, Russian Shakalin, Magadan and Amur.
  • Alaska: As it got outnumbered against Canada it capitulated and got annexed.
  • Ecuador: Accepts to join the Bolivarian Federation.
  • Veneuela: Declines Colombia's offer as it doesn't want to be in a union with Colombia again
  • Iran: As it was occupied by the great powers during WW1 it feels vulnerable so it begins to modernize itself and rampantly militarizes
  • Finnish Rebels: Although it is losing on the western half of the front and lost Tampere but it managed to make some advances on the eastern half of the front and since the Finnish government ignored Oulu the rebels also managed to expand from there

Player Events:

  • Bolsheviks: Expand in Russia and Revolt more and more over Russia, ask Mongolia to join their Pact and Help Finland.
  • Mongolia: Mongolia joins Helsinki Pact.
  • German Oceania: Begins to trade with all Other Colonies and build more Coal Plants and ask Dutch Indonesia for a free trade agreement.
  • Bulgarian Empire: Still attacks Cuba, and loses many troops, and asks Germany for economical and military Aid, gets with Italy Becomes good and trustable ally, also they propose trade with Canada, Argentina and A-H
  • Romania:new socialist president is elected he is Dragos Fugarevic, and expands it's military.
  • Finnish Socialist Republic: Economy is dropping because of Civil War, and asks for help from everyone. They also start build armies, now they have 400 000 Soldiers (Civil Based). They Attacked Tampere. They accept everyone's NAP request, and help secretly the Bolsheviks/USSR.
  • England: We make a new pact called "Atlantic Commonwealth" and are the most hated nation on world. They also have only Catholics in their country and allow The Gay Marriage . They invited into their pact Wales, Scotland and Denmark and more... They also try to remake UK, because they find Germany as Threat.
  • USL (Argentina): They help Cuba against Bulgaria and Annex Uruguay, Argentina asks Mexico for improved Relations and Alliance. They also ask the CP For a free-trade agreement. they ask the USSA for a FtA (Free-trade Agreement) and Alliance for the second time.  They also inform B-P Union about the secret operation Allende. They ask Columbia for a FtA and Alliance. They ask Brazil for a non-aggression Pact and Free-Trade Agreement and Alliance. they ask HP for a Free Trade agreement, except for England (Which was never offical a Member of HP).
  • USCA: They had a Coup'd'etat and change their governement in a Monarchy under emperor Curcio I of UECA (United Empire of Central America). They ask Germany and Mexico for better relations and A-H also + a Alliance. They ask Belize to join them, because of European Imperialism and help Cuba against Bulgaria (Like USL)
  • Italy: It has a bad Economy, but 60.000 Active Troops. Minorities come to Labour Camps for not executing , they want slaves, and tourists are treated with care. Smoke and Alcohol are banned, and the people's must serve the Military for 4 years.They ask Argentina for Trade, Bolsheviks for a Alliance and England warning to disband the Atlantic Commonwealth.
  • Japan: Attacks Korea, declares war on China. takes much lands in Korea and Manchuria.
  • German Empire:  the German Empire fills the loophole discovered by Ponzi and some other loopholes as well, but not all. they bring Propaganda through Radio with help of technology. The Propaganda tells "Germany, savior from the Evil Powers". The Military increased from 387.000 to 402.000 Soldiers. They also Fight against Spain in Spanish Civil War, and invade Spanish Morocco and Eq. Guinea, and annexes Eq. Guinea. They Recover fast Their economy. It see England as Threat, because they want to make the UK. They accept the FtA with Argentina. it refuses to help Bulgaria, because they find Mexico is a more important Ally. Also they Guarantee the independence of Ireland. 
  • Canada: Continues it's Isolation Policy, and Attacks and Annex Alaska. It raises their land forces from 55,000 to 83,000. The Reserves dropped from 16.000 to 0 Reserves. 
  • Columbia: We are a democratic Union, and Don't Join the CP or HP , because they want stay neutral in case of a Cold War between them. Columbia has 50.000 Active Soldiers, 40.000 of them are Active Personnel and 10.000 reserves. They ask Ecuador and Venezuela for a Union like Gran Columbia. They help like Mexico and USL Cuba. they ask USA, USL and Brazil for a Alliance and FtA.

Turn 3(1922)

The Day of Victory- Central Powers Turn 2 Map-Wiederhergestellt

German Oceania

Economy: Continue build coal plants especially in the state of NSW.

Government: Still a colonial government, however we are trying to reduce corruption and reduce independent movements. The government has issued a new law that give each family access to a radio so they can hear news around the world and our propaganda.

Technology: Due to the new discovery of radio propaganda we are trying to by radio cheaper and more accessible for our citizens.

Military: Our active troops goes from 10,000 to 12,000 and our reserves go from 3,000 to 4,500.


  • Australia: They have accepted our merger proposal (my friend told me he did) and our nations will combine into a federation. Our name will be the German Australasia Federation.


Economy: After merging with German Oceania our mining industry has returned into full business and exports to Germanic Country's have boomed our economy. We also have put more funding into military.

Government: Australia's government had been struggling without eastern Australia but now we have merged back we are starting to recover.

Technology: prior to the merge we had some issues regarding development and science but now we have been using new intelligence from German Oceania and we are beginning to pull our own weight. We begin to build scientific research centres along the west coast.

Military: Our active troops are resting at 1,000 and our reserves at 4,500. We also using the funding from the government we build and increase military infrastructure and predict by 1924 we double our active troops and increase our reserves.


  • We ask Eastern Australia to combine our governments into a Australian Federal Government that is overseen by the Germany provisional government.

Bolsheviks/Soviet Union:

  • Military: We Recruit more Civilists as Military Personnel.
  • Government: We spread more Propaganda
  • Diplomacy:
    • Helsinki Pact: We locked the Pact
    • Whole World: Helsinki Pact is locked, no one can join anymore, except i say yes to it.
    • Japan: We signed a Friendship Treaty, where u get Manchuria, and u help us (Spoken in Chat)
  • Economy: Our Economy goes up a little bit.
  • Warfare: We invade more lands in Russia, and Surpress Turkestan Rebels.

Austro-Hungarian Empire:

  • Government: In the past 3 years, the people of Austria-Hungary have grown tired of the monarchy and begin to want democracy. Through January and Februrary protests occur with a few growing violent. The king, not wanting unrest after gaining so much new territory, agrees to turn over his power making Austria-Hungary a constitutional monarchy. The people of Austria-Hungary still remain extremely imperialistic wanted to spread the greatness of the empire.
  • Military:
    • Land Forces: Not wanting to be overshadowed by its more powerful allies, Austria I'm going to use just Austria for now on) begins to mass produce weaponry and tanks. The active duty troops now number 300k with 100k in reserve. The tank fleet approaches 4k tanks.
    • Naval Forces: Autria improves its fleet as the fleet is much smaller than the other world powers. Austria focuses on submarines but battleships and destroyers are also made.
    • Air Forces: Austria begins to make a massive fleet of planes. Bomber and Fighter pilots are highly trained and become the best pilots in the world. While the Austro-Hungarian Elite Air Force is smaller then say the German and Mexican air forces, each Austrian pilot is worth 10 German.
  • Economy: Nothing to say. Using colonial resources the economy continues to rise quickly.
  • Diplomacy
    • Germany: Relations increase as Austria still is in moral debt to Germany for helping them in the Great War.
    • Mexico: Austria proposes a alliance and increases relations.
  • Autonomous Regions
    • Disputed Territory
      • Bukovina (Disputed between Ukraine, Romania and Austria-Hungary): Austria refuses to relinquish claims and moves soldiers into the region. Austria however does not war.
      • Western Ukraine (Disputed between Ukraine and Austria-Hungary): Offers to pay Germany to relinquish their claims.
    • Colonies:
      • African Colonies: Mainly used for food and to extract resources.
      • Karl I. Territory (Antarctica)
      • Austro-Hungarian West India: They are given a lot of self governing. Austria will take a tax from the West Indian government and they must help in wars but other then that they are left to their own.
      • Austro-Hungarian Cabelon (Eastern India)
    • States:
      • Hungary
      • Banat
      • Transylvania
    • Vassals:
      • Styria: Not wanting a large region inside Austria not directly controlled, they are annexed.
      • Czech: same as Stryria
      • Croatia: Annexed into the Empire as the fourth state of the Empire, they are given equal rights as Austria and Hungary
      • Serbia
      • Montenegro
      • Lombardia-Venetia

Finnish Socialist Republic:

  • Government: Presidental election is annouced to been held after hopeful civil war victory. Most likely winner are the current socialdemocrat Voitto Munnerheimo or communist dictator Joona Saali.
  • Economy: Are current economy is falling apart and Finland accepts every possible donation possible! Also trades with Soviet Union are accepted.
  • Military: We hire around 100 000 more people into military and results seems to be great! Also developements of artilleries are done, so they are bringed into battlefield.
  • Infrastructure: Production of "Finnish Eiffel Tower" has been stopped and actually destructed by horrible rebels!
  • Warfare:

We start two huge interventions.

Liberation of Oulu

200 000 man of Finnish People Army marches to Oulu. Casualties are huge, but a lot damage is done. Plan is this: 1. Don't kill civilians. 2. Kill rebels. 3. Profit.

Invasion of Southern Finland

Other army (300 000) starts invasion of Southern Finland. Plan is to invade EVERYTHING. On this mission, we don't care about casualties, we only care about the win. This attack is specific for every South Finland rebel city.

  • Diplomacy:

Japan: We would want to improve trade (maybe) military relations with you.

Secret Diplomacy: We hide our "massacre" attack on Southern Finland, by spreading propaganda of dangerous and disgusting capitalist murders, who want to kill our women and children.

UECA(United Empire of Central America)

  • Government: Emperor Curcio I start to do propaganda about himself. Some in the parliament worry about the empire for the emperor is not married and have no heir and they think the empire would collapse if Curcio I die without an heir.
  • Economy: Goes up little bit.
  • Military: Emperor Curcio I is afraid for the revolutionaries and facism and think they will try to kill

him. So Curcio build up a imperial bodyguard to protect himself and his castle.

  • Infrastructure: Curcio start to build some castle's in the land.
  • Diplomacy:

Germany: We ask them a alliance.

Argentina: We ask them NAP.

Central Powers: We ask to join them