The Duel is now in progress and has begun on June 6th.

The battle is trying to heat up though slowly. ArceusFan2013 now has one thing to say:

"We Must destroy Google before The Duel gets out of hand! If not the mappers will be either closed from severe damage which will lead to a cold era or even worse!"

99batran loyalty with Google was tarnished as soon as the new design was forced.

Rebel mappers vs. Loyalist mappers.

Majors in The Duel
Loyalists Rebels
TheJarJar99 99batran
Guiyii2 (Former Rebel) DisturbedFan1100
MrOwnerAndPwner MapAnimator
frfkgbjnjkbfdfdgbngf ArceusFan2013 (Non-Youtube) (Former Loyalist)
MervueMeringue (Inactive)

The Rebels aim to destroy Google while the Loyalists aim to save Google.

Who will win? Who will lose?

We have to find out...But when will it happen?