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The island is of volcanic origin, mostly made of fissure vents. Gran Canaria's original surface area of this map game is 1,560 km² and its maximum elevation is 1,949 metres (Pico de Las Nieves). It has a round shape, with a diameter of approximately 50 km.

Climate,(important for farm and water supply)

Gran Canaria is noted for its rich variety of microclimates. Generally speaking though,the average daytime high ranges from 20 °C (68 °F) in winter, to 26 °C (79 °F) in summer. Some cool nights occur in winter, but lows below 10 °C (50 °F) are unknown near the coast. Inland the climate is stillmild but mountainous areas see the occasional frost or snow. Annual rainfall averages 228 mm (9.0 in), most of this falling in the cooler months, with July, August and September normally rainless. Rainfall is unevenly distributed through the island with some areas being much drier than others.Cloud cover and sunshine is often quite variable during the cooler months, and there can be several rather cloudy days at times in winter.Summers are generally quite sunny however, with the south of the island being most favoured.North basin is much more favourable for farm,but is the mostly active volcanic zone.



Event maker:avaible



basically the mostly map games rules.

  1. Don't minimod.
  2. Don't be too unrealistic.
  3. Being realistic in your expantion,respecting the island relief
  4. Don't edit the page if you are not an admin. You can only edit the page to add your turn.
  5. No porn. Be nice to each other.
  6. You cant populate the new lava fields unless the eruption ends or wait one year to incorporate it in your empire,waiting that it will cold.
  7. You have time to do your turn. More important, you must do your turn.
  8. If you don't do your turn three times a row, you will get banned.
  9. You have to say 'dead chat' to prove that you have read the rules.
  10. You have to add your turn in page. If you don't, your turn doesn't count.
  11. You must respect the fact when a lava field took some of your territory
  12. You can order the construction of new harbours when your empire progress and have shoreline to comerciate.

Settlements owners

()to claim a settlement,say the colour of the settlement that you want,see political map.

Green:Brenn Mapper



2018 Q1

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settlements avaible (9),later more will be added if more than nine people join.Map pocket template will be thanked.


Gc01 cropped&no watermark

Volcano in red and geological fracture in black.

Gc01 cropped&nVolcano

Medium temperature map

MMTemp01 1000

Volcanic risk map

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