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The Endless Infinite Stuff takes place on June 2014 to somewhere September 2014. It's an update on the best comparison so called the Infinite Stuff, without any fiction and myth. It will feature some new things:

  • More exoplanets (with their parent star if possible)
  • More stars
  • More atoms
  • More fauna and possibly flora
  • More moons
  • More asteroids
  • Pulsars!
  • Possibly more bacteria and microbes.
  • More theoretical objects
  • Cutted beyond the Universe for the Beyond the Universe: Comparison beyond the Universe.
  • If you don't believe dinosaurs, too late, this place will be full of prehistoric life such as the spriggina. >:D
  • And what it doesn't include is the DNA, and some stuff from the infinite stuff.
  • Improvised information.
  • Removed all fictional stuff in order to be 'realistic'.

Please note its full name is The Endless Infinite Stuff: A Comparison of (Almost) Everything - Part ??? - ??? (2015) but is cutten down to a smaller size to avoid title limit to something like this, The Endless Stuff: A Comparison of (Almost) Everything - Part ??? (2015) if possible, but it looks identical to the full name.

Just few of the objects such as the stork will pass through just the every size comparison that I did!

Please note the graphics look the same as the infinite stuff where my fauna drawings are bad (I drew a human similar like me)

And exceptions for my official creatures and official nations from others (with real cities) to fictional stuff such as Miracium, Talin and Cythrius. They are part of the series.


Part I:


Here are the few slides every five slides.