The First Crisis is an episode of the AFOE, which is more unpredictable times and sets in 2015, the stability is dropping off and events occur and UN has to create GEO.



United Nations found the ESO to save the world's disaster to human decline, people gets to explore the next era, thousands of gold, silver and copper has been melted for the preparation of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics but the war has started but the rebels are spreading throughout on Russia and Estonia creating an unstability of a war and people sent to the Russo-Estonian War. People gained to decline the incomes to create more worst events.


After the Summer Olympics have started, Estonian soldiers are been disbanded to convert it's military and steal the technology on USA, which created a highly hostile army to prevent an attack on the Battle of Riga.


The Treaty of Riga has arrived in this slide.

Sieges are been created to attack major cities. United Kingdom has increased the gaming industry which made the unemployment is decreased. USA worries to make Estonia to form peace but they demand to stop the war to stay as the NATO member, the treaty of Riga is created, they might be arrived at 17 February 2017.


Baltic people changed their diets after the invasion of the Russo-Estonian War, the food that includes fast food are banned by the the leader on 9 October 2017, when this causes the changes are only salted pork, beef, chicken, and healthy foods, but they only drink 5.56 litres per day, the people protest for the leader's food, as the war breaks the Russian economic has been declining, and the civil disorders are spreading.


As people wear on war, higher military supports are rising, Middle East, North Africa are in a high civil war bringing bans on ESO until 2040, the Middle East have cause battles on the Tehran riots, Romanian revolts are quickly spreading and established a new government and set the capital to Bucharest as the old government has been created only the capital remains the same.




WWIII is starting, the Regime is a tense on a civilisation in Middle East, the outbreak is very unstable on the Middle Eastern nations. Outbreaks on the peaceful countries have spammed Switzerland for safety, later the WWIII breaks out on the whole world, Switzerland's leader is more like a dictator.

General Illians have managed to seek out the USA have to stay neutral to avoid the war comsuming.


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