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The First Valgond Empire (also known as just Valgond) was a country by Goldenrebel25. 

The First Valgondi Empire

Population (175):


Population in Ovkana (Capital)







55-197 (142 Years)





First Video it appeared in:

Alternate History of Europe Episode 1: Alternate Russia? (by Goldenrebel25)


Valgond was first united in the year 57, when the 11 Valgondian tribes were united by King Clovnkal I. It rapidly expanded, taking all of the land that they could get, and by the alternate year 150, they had taken much of what Russia has today. Valgond became dramaticly stronger in the First Balgov War, when it conquered Balfon in 172, followed by Plcou in May of the following year. Sadly, Plcou and Balfon had many allies to the west, and many of those countries, such as Melrid, Kiel and Firenzis all attacked Valgond, bringing its final collapse in 197. 

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