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The Gavivark are part of the Ethan's Alternate History of Europe (Option 1). Option 2 is following history path but behaves different. The species replaces the Human species in Option 1 of AHOE.

"In a parallel world, where humans are the opposite of this." - unknown Hersphellian

Physicial Description and Behaviour


An average gavivark's lifespan depends how long until the fuctioning of its body ends, estimated to be 40-75 years.

Digestion and Diet

They survive by flesh, and the flesh is their own survival, even they have a high metabolism, they need to comsume lot of food even through battles. The gavivark will search for flesh through wild and feed in animal flesh. As it devours more flesh, the stomach slowly digested the flesh, it is fed well for the non-militarious gavivark, while the militarious ones will continue devour dead gavivark and the other militarious gavivark from other civilisations. As more flesh is fuller than the stomach, the militarious ones have to digest more after it's full, it is forced to remove all of the food before taking the attack again. Through their sleep it digested lot of the flesh until they woke up and starts to find flesh yet again.


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