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This is an era in the wiki and started on January 31, 2014. It lasted until elections of the UPMU were held in early 2014.

Also known as the GMA Era, where the GMA became a rising superpower.


Early 2014

  • Arcy is blocked until July 2014 by 99Batran, to end the Third Great War. The Great Peaceful Era Starts.
  • As he promised, Goldenrebel25 returns to the wiki just minutes after Arcy is blocked.
  • Goldenrebel25 and Ethanconquistador start healing the wiki from what Arcy did.
  • 99Batran changes the Wiki Icon.
  • Multi and Ethanconquistador countinue to add nations.
  • Nationballs are added by Disturbedfan1100, MrOwnerandPwner, 99batran, Ethan, etc.
  • The Map Game 2.0 Starts.
  • New Mappers!
  • Map Game 2.0 Ends
  • Arrangements for "Map game 2.5" come to mind
  • Mini Map Game hosted by Ethan.