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In the beginning~

1: In the beginning there was Mervue, God and father of Mapping. he began creating videos of an alternate future of Europe.

2: And Mervue created the 10 Titans of Mapping: TheJarJar, Titan of the Early. Batran, Titan of the Renaissance . CookieDamage, Titan of the Foreign. EthanConquistador, Titan of the Innocent. Mapanimator, Titan of the Later. Disturbed, Titan of the Neutral. MOAP, Titan of the Colossal. Noonlock, Titan of the Unknown. Craft, Titan of Laughter. And Michmapp, Titan of Crafting.

3: And Mervue said unto the Titans: "Thou shalt map together united, otherwise Thou shalt fall into inactivity."

4: And Batran, Titan The Renaissance said "Let there be official nations." And it was so.

5: And after this The Titan of the Neutral had abandoned the house of the Titans and went his separate ways, yet still admired the Titan of the Later and said unto him "Oh MapAnimator, Shalt thou seeth glory in thy life." And he fled.

WIP could the older mappers maybe help a bit?