When the father of Prince Golden of Goldenhordolcos, his brother Batikan took control of the kingdom and usurped the title from Golden. He told golden that if he wanted the throne he had to prove his strength by stealing the golden taco of DisturbedFan, king of Mexicolchis. Golden had to gather many heroes of that time. He and his crew:

  • Golden (Lead Crusader and Navigator)
  • Zephyrus (Crusader) 
  • MikiPL004 (Crusader) 
  • Batran (Lead Engineer and Navigator)
  • Percy (Artillery)
  • MichMapp (only to set up Mexican food trading partnership with Disturbed) DOES NOT SHARE CHURROS WITH ANYBODY BUT DISTURBED
  • Zukas (Medic)
  • Multi (Robot army)
  • Mapmaker (Mortal who brought Soap to keep everybody clean and hearty)
  • Philipp (Flyer who make Surprise Attack)
  • Lisa (Jetpacker who Throws Jars of Iodine) 
    Iron best viking
  • Iron (Angry Viking)

inspired by Golden's version

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