The Melville Horde was the largest empire ever to ever be in North America. It was founded in present day Quebec, and slowly attacked the Southern and Western American tribes before finally annexing Greenland, Iceland and much of Northern Europe.

The Melville Horde (At Largest)





Population in Capital City

None; The Melville Horde had no main city

Political System

Barbaric Horde


1,323,000 Miles






108 Years

First Video Seen in

Alternate History of Europe Episode 5: Barbarians and Rebellions!

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The Melville Horde at their largest (In Europe) Year: 275

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The Melville Horde at its largest (Whole Empire) Year 274


The Melvilles were founded in Modern day Quebec in the year 216 by Cornelius Vandalloc. They quickly conquered the Ottowanese Empire to the West by 230 and The New England Confederation to the South in Early 232. Seeing that there were no major civilizations to the islands in the North, they annexed them too. But in the year 239 the old Cornelius Vandalloc, the man who founded the Melville Horde, was killed in battle against some local tribes in Virginia. The citizens at home were terrified and surprised by his death, and avenged him and conquered almost all of the East Coast all the way down to Georgia.

They then discovered the Azores in the Atlantic ocean in 242 and quickly colinized them. Then they also "discovered" Greenland and Iceland in 256 and conquered them from the Irish Empire, and two years later they had conqered the whole Irish Empire. Then one by one, the Melville Horde conqered Kalamar, Tornio, Kiel, Merlid, and tricked Ozyory and Novgorod to give them a lot of land. But in 275 they made a very bad mistake. They tried to annex the tiny nation of Plcou, in modern day Romania and Poland. But Plcou had allies. All at once, the countries of Novgorod, Ozyory, Tyberny, Pivka, Zurkiv and Taratchaka declared war against the Melville Horde and pushed them out of Europe and Greenland. The Horde lost probably because at the time, there were 7 princes and dukes who were fighting for the throne, too busy to pay attention to the war.

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North America as of 281. Both the Eskmonian Confederacy and The Great Louisiana Republic hated the Melville Horde for conquering their allies, and they brought to the Melville Horde's downfall.

By the year 300, both the Eskmonian Confederacy (EC) and the Great Louisiana Republic (GLR) hated the Melville Horde for attacking and annexing their allies. In 309 they planned to attack the MH through the Great Lakes and to reach the Hudson Bay, and that would divide the country into three. Their plan worked. In 319 the North Islands part surrendered to the EC, the folowing year the Ottowa part surrendered to the EC too, and finally in 324 The Quebec and East Coast were fully annexed by The GLR. That was the final fall of the Melville Horde.

NOTICE: This war will be possibly uploaded by Goldenrebel25 soon.

Fun Facts

  • Melville is actually a small town located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Look it up!
  • At the time of when the Melville Horde was at its largest, there were only 5 countries in North America, while there were 12 in Europe!


  1. King Cornelius Vandalloc - Lived: 152-239 (Died at age 87) - Reign: 216-239 (23 years) - Death: Stroke
  2. King Hendravius Vandalloc (Son of Cornelius Vandalloc) - Lived: 198-240 (Died at age 42) - Reign: 239-240 (3 Months) - Death: Killed by his younger brother for the Throne
  3. King Survandilus Valdalloc (Brother of Hendravius Vandalloc) - Lived: 201- 278 (Died at age 76) - Reign: 240-275 (35 Years, Exiled in the deserts of Akkér for murdering his cousin) - Death: Thirst in the desert
  4. The 7 Sons and Grandsons of Survandilus Valdalloc - Lived: Various - Reigns: 275-279 (Average: 6.8 Months) Deaths: Various

12. King Quontven lei Gorntu (Second Cousin of Survandilus Valdalloc) Lived: 247-324? (Died at age 77?) Reign: 279-324 (45 Years) Death: Unknown

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