The battle of Paris

The battle of Paris, commonly reffered as The Miracle in Paris, was the great battle and the turning point of The Tyber-Roman War and also possibly this very battle decided the future fate of Europe.

Numbers and Losses

The Tybers were wisely led by Gelert the Great himself, while the Romans were led by an exellent General named, Maximillian Hetzer. Although greatly outnumbered, The Tybers managed to absolutely demolish the Romans.

7,550,500 Tybers vs 31,000,000 Romans Result: Tyber decisive victory.

7,550,500 Tybers, lead by Gelert the Great himself, attacked the besieging 31,000,000 Romans. The Battle lasted 4 months non-stop and ended as a disaster for the Romans. 16,000,000 Romans were killed 3,000,000 captured, 9,000,000 injured and 3,000,000 managed to escape! Compared to the Tybers were only 1,000,000 were killed and 2,000,000 injured.

Alternative History

If Gelert and his army wouldn't have won the war, it could be possible that The Tybers would never occupy and annex Rome, which means they would've never rulled Europe!