The Republic of Lavinant is Empror Cheesecakes' secondary nation. It is located in Belgium, Luxembourg, North France and south of the Netherlands. The country's economy is extremely well, having one of the highest economies in Europe. Lavinant has an army of 300,000 men, equivalent of the army of Austria. Lavinant has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Famous attractions such as the Humble National Museum and the Lavinant Aquarium bring tourists from around the world to visit the country. The population rose to 76 Million, being the most densely populated country in Europe. The Capital of Lavinant is Brusselia (former Brussels). Brusselia is the most populated city in all of Western Europe and is the 15th most in the World after Moscow. Brusselia also has one of the most famous buildings in the world, The Haska 980. Brusselia is also home to the headquarters of the European Foundation, and is the capital of the union of the West (West Europe). Lavinant is a wealthy country with a official religion of Christianity. It is one of the Richest countries in the World with a staggering amount of making 30 million Shala a month. The Shala is the official Lavinantian currency. The country speaks a mix of German, Dutch, Luxemmbourgish and French.

The History of Lavinant

The Lavinant's history is quite complicated. They have been included in many wars such as the Western European War. Lavinant was conquered in the war by the Fascist State of France, aided by Austria and the Fascist State of Italy, but soon liberated by Germany and Britain. Lavinant was named Belglux for a five years soon after Belgium and Luxembourg merged to form The Republic of Belglux, which soon changed it's name to the Republic of Lavinant. After the war, Lavinant was left in rubble. they cleaned up after receiving the war reparations. Ever since then the nations plunged into a bankruptcy almost collapsing. Until the European Foundation was founded in Brusselia. Ever since, the country has been in good conditions.


Lavinant shares a border with France, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands. Gaining Calais from France, and Limburg from the Netherlands, Lavinant has a total area of 42942.092km2, including water area. The coastal land of Lavinant contains one of the continents whitest sand. The water is high and is nicknamed 'The Death Sea' due to the waves that sometimes engulf 60% of the beachs.

The highest point in Lavinant is Signal de Botrange, standing at 694 metres (2,277 ft). Signal de Botrange is sometimes referred as 'The Grand Point' do to its elevation. Signal de Botrange is located in the High Fens. The Summit is a cold icy place, sometimes dropping to a temperature of -30.1 °C. The Summit is usually an attraction to tourists and citizens. Mainly to go skiing or to simply go on a trip.


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