The Sayid Caliphate
The Sayid Flag

Population (2060)


Population in Mosul (Capital)

Around 6 Million

Official Language





Arab Dinar


Neo-Caliphate System





The Sayid Caliphate is an Official Nation in Goldenrebel25's Season 2 of Alternate Future of Europe. It has half of Africa, all of the middle east besides Turkey and Azerbaijan, all of central Asia, and they stretch into India.


The Sayid Caliphate Started as the ISIS. They started a large revolution in 2019 during World War 3, starting in Kurdistan. They quickly expanded, with their large army, into Syria and Iraq, defeating and annexing them. They eventually took on the whole middle east and won. By the end of World War 3 in the mid 2020s, they had an empire from the Senai peninsula to Iran. Afterwards, they made alliances with the four terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabab, and Boko Haram in secret in 2031. Three years later, the groups rose to power, helping ISIS take control of Pakistan, parts of India, most of central Asia, Orenburg (in Russia), and all of the Sahara. In 2036, the ISIS betrayed the terrorist groups, annexing them. After this, they renamed to the Sayid Caliphate, with the Sayid family, having rose to power, ruling the empire. They declared themselves as the Protector of the Islamic faith, but a very extremist version. In 2041 though, the two countries of Urfa and Voltemida declared independence. The Caliphate recovered land by annexing Islands in the Mediterranian sea and all of the Caspian coast.

But then, the Sayids picked the wrong enemy in 2067. After they declared war against Russia, a whole previously unknown coalition declared war against the Sayids, and they were destroyed in little over 3 years.


The Sayid Caliphate in 2060.

List of Caliphs

Note: This starts in 2019, after the modern-day leader of ISIS is killed in an airstrike.

  • Youssef Naseer Sayid (2019-2031)
  • Adel Hasid Sayid (2031-2053)
  • Fareed Nahim Sayid (2053-2059)
  • Jabril Abdul Sayid (2059-2067)
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