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The Second Valgondi Empire (Also known as just Valgond) was a country made by Goldenrebel25.

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Second Valgondi Empire


Capital Not specified
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical era AHO Era
 -  700 estimate 79,719,417 
Currency Kazavv


The Second Valgondi Empire

By the year 500, both the allied countries of Great Novgorod and Zurkiv were by far the most powerful of the five Russian states, and they both decided to attack Totma and Taratchacka in 516, and the last Russian state, Kharably, in 519. Great Novgorod and Zurkiv won and annexed all of what is today Russia, and merged to create the Second Valgondi Empire. This resulted in a cold war between Valgond, its new satellite states and the Middle east against The western powers and most of Africa, led by the Sacred Mafrian Empire, also known as the SME. Finally, when a Mafrian terrorist assasinated Archduke Clovnkal III in the City of Kavanola, the former capital of Zurkiv, in 546. That sparked a European war between East and West, and not a single country was neutral. At the end of the war in 551, Valgond was the leader of the losing side. Valgond lost some territory to the Allies and the satellite states were lost as well.

World War 2

Valgond was angered by the Anti-Colinization Alliance when they conquered the Affanasid Caliphate in 719, and declared war against though. Valgond made some of the first nukes in 721, and fought Vordalkien to the end until 722 when they both collapsed.


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