The Southern Natives is an episode in the Archipelago Exploration. It started after exploring the northern part, now they are going south.


The exploration starts from the city of Haucaladir (Washington), when the exploration continued, the Celts were in contact, they are neutral toward us in the game but I think we should declare war. But after, we explore south.

First Episode: First Civilisations

Previous Episode: Exploration of the Karlark Island


3805 BCE: The Domestication?

We taken the step to the west, the army still moving to the explored area but nothing is happening to anything yet. Yet the domestication to few animals nearby were successful, Archarus tried to make the animals to produce food, it was a bit successful, but many opinions to him is failed. Domestication is very far away from him, it's like ten thousand years ago.

The leader of Haucaladir, Haerkarv died. Leaving Garvat to take the control of the empire.

3790 BCE: Architecture

A small leader, Garvat has proposed to take over the new building changes from a single hut with a new architecture, as possible to create stone soon, but the lack is still here, as marble is the closest possible architecture for them to build. Maybe he can use it to make the buildings converted. If rain is good enough, he can build an alternative of the mud-based and dries out after it was built. Decision will start at the end of the turn. Tucharik and Hershute disagrees while Archarik agrees to the plan.

3775 BCE: Law Changes

Garvat dies after. But the decision is counted, Archarik, Lichar, Muskearnal, Akbuvarn agrees on the project. Galarus did not agreed or disagreed on the project in the past so he attends to not try make new lives. Only three voted no and four yes.

The code of Narchail has begun, they wish to make the world more better but it ended up harsh. A punishment is harsh, cutting off one finger for killing his own son and such.

Meanwhile, the army moves south.

3760 BCE: The Gods in Celt

In Edinburgh, a new rise of the God named Ilkarduroid (because there aren't any deities on the Celtic that believes protection but war so I made it up.) Let's just say those Celts plan to protect their own lands just because they are going to take over. Arcarhildrica plays a role of creating a new deity. But we do not want the Celtic creatures take the belief when they found a religion. We shall raze them into pieces!

The construction of build muddy bricks were harden after the production, but it is a long conversion so they have to wait, Narchail made the punishment to 50 people. People are unhappy in the city (excluding the national happiness) as they have rightfully grown to 3000 people and now they want them to die afterward. They begin to the reoccupation and try to re-establish the laws of the past when Haerkarv ruled.

The leader, Narchail refuses to enforce the demands, few citizens went to use their tools from the city's farm.

3745 BCE: When exploring the south began...

The army just finally reaches south, they began to explore, not sure there were natives here. But also the city has been still under the war, the population is killed at 100, the leader is still not agreeing on the terms as they began to take into the palace.

On the other side, Iartra founds out that she finds out that the water is founded in the river, as the people of Haucaladir does not do any decision on watering by river but rain. So she decide to use the water and few people are curious what is she doing.

3730 BCE: Celts in Haucaladir and Natives

The Celts came to Haucaladir to explore out lands, but there is a slight risk that they'll pillage our lands, these barbarians can raid easily but we have soldiers so they will not do the damage. The revolts ere successful after, Narchail has been enforced by one of the chieftain's meeting. He abolished the Code of Narchail and reinstated the science and production laws back and also the population growth is now free and still few is lacking. Population is now 2860.

What the leader of Narchail died after the abolishment of the Code of Narchail is Gardovar took the place and tries to make science for strict to the chieftain area. The leaders did not agree on this, as Garhavsaip said that if the science becomes strict, means that inventions will be strict also.

The army has founded the capital of Rakarmiy. The tribe is guarded with few warriors in the guard. Led by General Saraila, he takes the role of controlling Rakarmiy's capital, he built few houses to provide shelter for his people, but now all must come to the end.




  • Archarus: Been a farmer who claims to be the first person domesticating animals. But they come back from a long time, so it's false.
  • Garvat: The Seventh leader of the Haucaladir tribe.
  • Archarik: The part of the chieftain's palace, he agreed to the project, allowing few agree to Garvat.
  • Narchail: The Eighth leader of the Haucaladir tribe, created the Code of Haucaladir (just based on the Code of Hammurabi or something)
  • Iartra: Who finds fresh water in the river without rain and grown popular later years, resulting few water is reducing slowly.
  • Gardovar: The Ninth leader of the Haucaladir tribe, he wants to make science more strict.


  • Arcarhildrica: A person who just simply founded the Celtic pantheon where mythology will be founded in the Celtic tribe.


  • Saraila: General of the Rakarmiy tribe who guarded the capital.