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After the calming down for Ethan he begun a new war called The Third Wiki War a.k.a. Ethan's Second Revenge, he begun sabotaging and edit and created a poll and wanting to be the admin later the no and meh is removed trying everyone to vote yes.

The war continued and the blog was posted. MrOwnerandPwner backstab Ethan according to him.

Soon the war begun to fill into the dragging to darkness, Ethan posted the video showing Ethan became an admin and overlap 99batran. He revolted to 99batran and starting his own mapping. But the war continues until he may surrender or take leadership! He has created three blogs.

This is also the Third Wiki war made by Ethan who wants the wiki and take leadership. Ethan have created over 2 wars making him an aggressive mapper in the community.

MrOwnerandPwner begun to edit Ethan's Edit which the edits are getting worser, sieges are about to stop but the war still continued as Brandon wants Ethan's video to see what happened.

The Third Wiki War


21/8/13 - 24/8/13 (3 days)

The Enemy





99batran (victim)

HistoryMapper (day 2)


Ethan becames hostile to all mappers.

The shattering era that brings into the dark ages.

ArceusFan becames the friendiest person along with 99batran except Ethan.


Ethan (5000)

ArceusFan (4000)

MrOwnerandPwner (5000)

99batran (2000)


The Wiki


No information