The time mutants are a race from Goldenrebel25 's AFoE series, where a border changing Romanian time machine malfunctioned and created mutants. They became known as The Time Mutants and eventually forced the humans to use the time machine to go back to 2014, where they were destroyed. 

Paul Dolan MutatedMan

A time mutant


After Hungary annexed Transylvania in 2179, Romania built a border-changing time machine as an attempt to regain the area without a fight. This caused a glitch through Earth's history and made flooded sea levels start to rise again. Another thing that happened were the Time Mutants, some sort of Human-Alien hybrid that nobody had seen before. They first invaded France, then Italy, then the whole Mediterranian, and eventually the world. They used extremely advanced weapons, and forced the humans to combine as one country and build another time machine to 2014. The glitch also changed their history from 2014 on, so the future would be different. The countries eventually found the time travelers and they were excecuted.

Other effects of the Time machine

Reverse sea levels

The Sea levels were attempted to be brought back to the past, but it was replaced with an acid-lava combination.

Different history

Ever since the beginning of the earth, it's own history was changed.


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