Kingdom of Tybers
Reino de TybersES
Royaume de TybersFR
Regne de TybersCA
Flag of Tybers.png CoA of Tybers.png
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Tybers (WIP)
Capital Madrid
Languages French, Spanish, Catalan
Religion Catholic Christianity
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical era Future
Currency Tyberi lira
Calling code +715
Internet TLD .ty

The Tybers is a country created by the MapAnimator in his Future of Europe series.


During the late 28th Century, Spain and France formed an alliance, the Franco-Spanish Alliance .It was created to fend off invaders, such as Great Britain, Portugal or The Holy Roman Empire. In 2788, the Spanish Emperor died, childless. That meant that there was no heir to sit on the throne. The French Dictator also became the Emperor of Spain, thus creating the "Union of Aragon " ,The Tybers' predecessor.

British Intervention

A Franco-Spanish Superpower?!? That was something Great Britain and its alliance didn't want to see! So Great Britain declared war on the Union of Aragon and backed up the German Alliance, which was currently at war with The Union of Aragon.

Russian Assistance

Russia was also eager to join the war. Russia saw opportunity in this war, and decided to back up the Union of Aragon.

The War

The war involved the US alliance, the German alliance, the Spanish alliance and later the Russian alliance. The War ended in a stalemate. There were some minor territorial changes, but most importantly, The Union of Aragon prevailed!

  • The Battle of Strasbourg- 887,000 German troops vs 1,243,100 French troops. French Victory.
  • The Battle of Normandy- 745.000 British troops vs 963,000 French troops. French Victory
  • The Battle of Libya- 3,768,500 American troops vs 2,689,700 Spanish troops. American Victory '
  • The Battle of Cornwall -  1,500,000 French troops vs 1,100,000 British Troops. French Victory

Formation of The Tybers

In 2804, The Dictator of France, Francis de Tyber (Who was also Emperor of Spain) had decided that it was time for a name change. He wanted a mighty name for his nation. He decided to name it after himself. Most of the other Tybers felt left out, therefore angered. Francis was forced to rename his country to "The Tybers", and thus The Tybers were born.

Gelert the Great

After Francis' death in 2834, his son, Gelert succeeded to the throne. Gelert was very skilled in both administration and military managing.

War with Rome

During Gelert's reign, The Holy Roman Empire and Byzantium merged together, reviving Rome. Soon after, war broke out between The Tybers and Rome. At the begining, Rome was clearly winning, but the legendary battle of Paris, commonly referred to as The Miracle in Paris, where 7,550,500 Tybers, lead by Gelert the Great himself, attacked the besieging 31,000,000 Romans. The Battle lasted 4 months non-stop and ended as a disaster for the Romans. 16,000,000 Romans were killed, 3,000,000 captured, 9,000,000 injured and 3,000,000 managed to escape, compared to the Tybers where only 1,000,000 were killed and 2,000,000 injured. That great battle was the turning point of the war. After that, the Tybers quickly counter-attacked and after 3 years, occupied all of Rome and annexed it! Annexing such a huge amount of territories, brought Gelert not only revolts, but also a very tarnished reputation.

Further Conquests

Many countries felt very threatened by Gelert's actions, and many more declared war. Before he knew it, he was at war with Great Britain, USA, Persia, Arabia and the Netherlands. But that was not enough to stop him, having occupied all of the Roman territories, The Tybers were stronger than ever! Soon he owned half of Europe!

End of Europe?

Soon all of Europe was at war with the Tybers! Unfortunately, The Tybers were already too powerful to be stopped and in just a few years, all of Europe fell. Gelert died in 2906 and The Tybers ruled Europe for exactly 1123 years before its collapse.

The End of The Tybers

Revolts were always a problem in big nations which consisted of many different culture groups, so you can imagine, just how much of a threat they were to the Tybers! In 4020 AD, during the reign of Roger III de Tyber, the Mongol Horde, stronger then ever, once again threatened Europe. Roger wanted them annihilated and so war broke out. The European patriots saw this opportunity and started causing riots, massacres and causing trouble to poor Roger.

Civil War

The amount of Rebels grew so big, that they could now challenge the Tyber military! People were killed, cities were bombed. It was a massacre. In 4027, the legendary Tyber military was crushed by the people, that it was to protect. On the 3rd of May 4027, Roger the III abdicated and the country was now anarchy.

Europe Destroyed

By 4029, Europe was reduced to rubble. There was not ONE city, the people could live in. Shelter was scarce. People were dying. It was hopeless. People were starting to regret the destruction of the Tybers. Where they had all the luxuries and comfort the wanted.

Europe Reborn

Somewhere in the 61st century, Europe has been reborn. People were starting to build huge cities, the economies were booming and countries were starting to rise from the ashes.

The Tyber's future

It is still unknown whether or not the Tybers will ever again make and appearence in MapAnimator's future of Europe.


  • This country was created by MapAnimator
  • In the future of Europe, the country was created by Dictator of France, Francis de Tyber
  • Gelert the Great was the Tyber's legendary ruler.