Theftasy is a name given to a game taking place on a planet representing the mapping community. It is an RPG and fantasy game. It has the set release date on January 5th, 2019. It is currently in its stage of Consept Arts and ideas. It might get a sequel if it gets successful enough.

Games in the Franchise

Name given Codename Developer Download
Theftasy I (for now) batran's quest Sebban TBA
Theftasy II (if possible) TBA Sebban TBA
Theftasy III (if possible) TBA TBA TBA


There are an unknown amount of Continents on the World it is set on. The Currently Only Continent in the franchise has not yet been named



Expand the Theftasy Universe

This is where you expand the universe of the Theftasy Franchise. Please Note that Sebban will delete all the posts of facts about something in the Theftasy Universe that does not fit into the Universe

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