This is now an Inactive Map Game.

All is not the end, when the time machine makes to the modern.

When everything will make the time change.

As of June 2014, it became Map Game 3.0.


Since the wall itself is now a wall of text, I will move it here to avoid scrolling all day long.

Turn holder:

EthanConquistador NPC -> <99batran NPC (backup Gamemaker)> -> Percy -> (MrOwnerandPwner) -> Demod -> 99batran -> Ironhand21 -> Sunburn9000 -> TheBronyPenguin


(_____) - Turn Holder.

[_____] - Skipped a turn once.

{_____} - Skipped twice or more turns.

<_____> - Player not playing. Everyone skips him. (Please if you are not playing, give me a comment)

Wants to join but not in-game

Will be in-game once the next turn starts. If the person wants to join and approves.



Kicked/Banned Players

A kicked player is a player is kicked out of the game due to violation on the rules once. The player is suspended for two days to two weeks depending on the violation. Rejoining can be allowed but he must follow the rules. Requirements must be at the warned player level, and violated five times.

A banned player is a player that is permanently banned for a reason from the map game, that includes multiple breaking rules and will be banned forever until he appeals the ban with truth. Once the player's banned, his country will be absorbed to the NPC which is Ethan. Rejoining is not allowed.

  • Ecpatter (joined without permission) (kicked)
  • Linh.dh.1 (joined without permission) (kicked)



  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Egypt






  • Israel
  • People's Republic of China
  • Sweden
  • Bangladesh
  • Congo
  • Norway


  • United States of America (USA)
  • Germany (Fourth Reich or Fourth Reich of EU)
  • United States of Vietnam (Previously South Vietnam)(USV)
  • Nationalist China (New Republic of China)
  • Croatia (Yugoslavia) (Annexed/merged)




  • Quebec
  • Mali
  • Japan
  • Argentina


  • Kingdom of Britannia
  • Brazil


  • Australia
  • India

NPC (Ethan)

All of the world (except coloured) (does not include European Union)


  • Spain


Any wars can be posted here:

  • Second Vietnam War (Finished)
  • Congo-Angolan War
  • Argentinian-Chilean War
  • Kurdish Conquest of East Syria
  • Quebec War (Or War of 1812 Part 2)
  • Australian Conquest of Papua New Guinea (Finished)
  • Britannica Invasion of Norway
  • Chinese Civil War
  • Japanese-American War
  • The War for the Nile (Egypt vs. Libya, Sudan)
  • Third Balkan War


  • The map will start at 2014 CE, not 3000 BCE, not 5000 CE, just today.
  • Has to be in the appropriate size.
  • No making land or moving land. Just the water levels can sink every time the ice melts every 50 years.
  • You can make a nation stat, please use (TME) in it at the end of the country name.
  • Please do not make the turns by separate.
  • No text going like "THEY LAUNCHED USSR" or the section blank.
  • No official nations, only cities, historical and regional nations. This is realism people, not unrealism.
  • If the person does not do the turn by 24 hours, he'll be skipped.
  • The player can take the NPC's nation from the list.
  • You cannot ignore someone's history.

Nation Naming and Picking

  • Keep the name historical, regional, and modern. No random names allowed such as Gava, Savalvaor, unless it is a primary or secondary official nation.
  • Antarctica cannot be a country because it's claims let's Antarctica divided.
  • Be careful on small countries, if you pick for example, Rwanda, and the person controls a bigger country neighbouring Rwanda, it can be destroyed easily.
  • Don't pick rebellions. Making a rebellion can be under yours not everyone else's.


  • Do not take all of the land. Be plausible, try and conquer land by the size of Portugal per one year turn.
  • Then the size of France in per two year turn.
  • Then the size of Britain in every 5 turns.
  • Then the size of the Austrian Empire in every 10 turns.
  • And the size of the whole Europe (without russia) in every 20 years.
  • The NPC cannot be coloured and be dull white.
  • Independence doesn't count on occupying land limit.
  • Merging doesn't count as occupying.
  • The country can take the size as portugal and occupy it at each country they are conquering or defending.
  • Half of Portugal for smaller countries and larger ones as double as Portugal. (Portugal is 120px)


  • To be a moderator you must be good and following rules for about 20 turns, one its like that you become moderator.
  • More players equal more moderators are needed. So far no-one.
  • If he violates the rules and he will lose his membership of been moderator.


  • Game Maker: Can access to all stuff such as the news, moderator abilities, editing maps. And editing rules, and he cannot be kicked out.
  • Moderator: Can edit news, moderator abilities and edit maps.
  • Player: Cannot have any abilities of them except having basic abilities such as doing the turn.
  • Warned Player: Cannot be permited to be in the moderator group, even he is doing well after he is warned. Basic abilities.


  • You can try and make an alliance or a peace treaty by message on this wiki. Go to talk and type what topic and put in details and put any leader.


EthanConquistador (Game Maker)

The Game Maker can make any news as long they are in the rules of taking land. Other events such as economical collapse is fine. They can control their own nation while they control the world by News. The Game Maker cannot take a turn, but when is his turn, makes a news report worldwide.

The Game Maker has all of moderator powers. And he cannot be skipped unless he's away and the other person who wants to be NPC could be a relief person. The Game Maker can control the NPC nations on politics, science and stuff but he cannot use their land unless independence.

Game Archives

Will be archived if the history section is too long. That way it will clean the topics, turns in order to avoid scrolling all day long. Turn 20 becomes cleaning day.

  • Turn 1-20


The news topic will be archived in this section.

  • Turn 1-20

Time Lapse

  • 2014 CE to 2100 CE (1 year) (86 turns)
  • 2100 CE to 2200 CE (2 years) (50 turns)
  • 2200 CE to 2350 CE (5 years) (30 turns)
  • 2350 CE to 2500 CE (10 years) (15 turns)
  • 2500 CE to beyond (20 years) (infinite unless they can build an ark and colonise a new planet so the game is over and that person wins)

The Ark: Victory

The Ark is a ship that carries millions of frozen human baby eggs (~10 million) to another planet, this way that it's controlled by the Artificial Intelligence that controls the whole ark itself. Once landed, the ark itself will make the eggs into babies, and will be self-cared by the mechanics been put in the Arm, about 10-20 years, the population will colonise and survive and also adapt the climates of the planet itself. And possibly contact earth if the parts are been stored in some warehouse storage.

Please note that every 10 turns, please copy and paste to the randomiser. (2024 is the starting line)

Hull, Hull, Life Support, Thrusters, Thrusters, Thrusters, Fuel Engine, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None, None

Randomiser link:

Please note that achieving a part is unlikely because of 13 nones, so it may be challenging. Please no chances, this is what you get, please try and comment what part you achieved and I'll put in the stats. If you don't comment, I'll automatically do this myself.

Requirements for the Ark

You need some parts and some population to win the game:

Hull (5x)

Life Support (1x)

Thrusters (6x)

Fuel Engine (2x)

After you achieved all of the parts (including extras), you can launch it, please note that it will take about 5-20 turns, depending on your extra parts you've got. One extra part equals one less turn.



Turn I: 2014 CE


None are reporting. (North American, Central American, South American, Southern African, Central African, North African, West European, East European, North European, Russian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, South East Asian, Australian, Pacific regions)


The population is raised by 55 million as. 7,155 million (7.155 billion) people in total.


Greece is mobilizing and is conquering Asia Minor, taking back its old lands. The population is still stable, no changes


Croatia unites with Bosnia and Slovenia and the population raises to 11mln. Quickly after declares war on Serbia and Montenegro to revive Yugoslavia, but under Croatian rule.

Turn II: 2015 CE


Floods been seen in the Eastern Australian coastline, 20000 people died during the flood. Many are refuged to the east. Many have been fled to Western Australia, or a safer territory. Few towns are been damaged with 95% of no survival. The government makes sure to put security to the coastlines in the future. (Australia)

Putin has annexed some part of Ukraine, and most of the Russians in Ukraine are happy about this except the west, they are actually 'neo-nazis'. With Russia been unstable, Ukraine becomes an anarchic state after the unstability. US and EU takes the help of Ukraine. (Russia)

The Iranian forces took control of Azerbajijan's territory in the south. Many soldiers are killed and the defences are lacked, the government surrenders to Iran and gives the land to Iran so much that Azerbajijan lost it's 'Armenian' land. Armenia slowly moves into the Islamic territory, the Armenian government forced to ban any islamic practice. (Caucasus)

The US has sent another rover in Mars yet again, but this time its in the north pole or the south pole, depending which way the ship itself in it's direction. It'll arrive in 2016, while Curiosity still responds to the space station. While US starts to execute about 300 people in this year. (North America)

Africa has starved to death, only 245,000 people died, and 35,000 were children. An foreign aid has been sent from America and Australia. The famine has set in Mali, Niger and Somalia. It's poor fertile soil may have been making the food impossible to yield. (Central Africa and North Africa?)


Population grewed from 61 million causing it to be 7,216 milion (7.216 billion).

The global warming warns to the arctic ice cap that it'll slowly melt itself as scientists warns to the world with the industrial scale by carbon emissions, the governments must reduce the carbon emissions and pollutions by making recycling centres or any type of anti-pollution and anti-emissions or the temperatures will increase.


Putin annexes southern Ukraine. Greece takes northern Epirus.


Croatia destroys Montenegro and continues attack on Serbia. Argentina declares war on Chile and moves army to southern and central Chilean Territory.


Luxembourg annexes Belgium.


Israel starts a war with Palestine and Jordan and annexs them.

Turn III: 2016 CE


Ukraine has made a peace treaty to Russia, Putin is removed from the elections after because he is violating the International Law, and some claimed that he was trying to coup the new President of Russia as some reported, but it's claims were flase as he is planning to take another revenge. Too many people protest in Russia causing unstability for Putin, while the Euromaidan has been dissolved, but Ukraine still haven't have accession to the European Union (Russia)

An earthquake has strucked in the region of Japan, it's believed that the tectonic plates are moving slowly. The Japanese had felt the Earthquake and the magnitude is around 7.8 on the Richter Scale. Only about 2.1 million died, tsunamis also occurred and flooded some of the regions causing millions to die, government takes the control on stopping the earthquake, trying to make sure that they must try to repopulate as possible. (Japan)

Wildfires of Australia are increasing as  heat is increasing further, many of the fire is spreading quicker, causing few of the houses to burnt down as the firemen are too slow to get through. Only 500 are homeless while 34 are dead. With the wildfires been spawing further, there's been a government change soon, a small law purposes that they have to make the productions strict as more are getting overflowed, but it also makes trade harder. (Australia)

The Summer Olympics is a small success, but with some conflict in Argentina as the leader of Brazil declared war against them, when they are, the Argentinian soldiers have arrived in some parts of coastal Brazil later. Of course that the Rio Olympics is cancelled after nine days of starting the game. While the Amazonian rainforest slowly becomes deforest because of infrastructure spread so much that they have needed for production, it also risks animal extinction in the Amazon. (Brazil)

Europe has been a large diversity, now Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland considered as a poor country now due to lack of debts and large amount of bankruptcy making a new Second PI(I)GS. But due to German rise of nationalism and nazism, they have to take care which Euro becomes the central destruction of the European Union all to the fault. (Europe)


Population grewed from 76 million and 2.3 million died (from events in news or old age), causing it to be: 7,289 million (7.289 billion).

The Arctic Ice Cap melt becomes a large danger, Polar bears and arctic animals will face a large risk of extinction, with warnings, they have to stop their industrial buildings or temperatures continue to rise as the melting of the Arctic releases methane.


Greece declares war to Bulgaria. Egypt declares war to Sudan, in order to ensure its dominant position. Meanwhile, the polar problem alarmed Russia who started environmental programs.


Croatia destroys Albania and remaining Serbia, Yugoslavia is recreated. Argentina attacks Chile in yet more places to cut it into very small parts. Bangladesh takes parts of Eastern India. Egypt changes color, cause Argentina already has it.


Israel starts a war with Lebanon and wins. PRC, due to crisis between PRC and RoC, finally annexes Taiwan.


In order to restore the Reich and to make a unified state, Germany peacefully annexes Netherlands and invades Denmark. By the end of the year, they are sieging Denmark's islands. In the United States, the Barrack Obama deals with debt by purchasing Canadian land to have more people to tax on. China however was pressuring the United States about paying it's war debts or it will attack. The United States started rebellions across the remaining Communist states in order for the communist states not to support China in the war. The Federal Republic of Vietnam (an exiled government of South Vietnam after the Vietnam War) had taken control of most of South Vietnam and is currently in civil war with it's Northern Part. South Korea, Japan, what is left of Taiwan, Philipines, Australia, and most of the Anglo-sphere nations (like the UK or Canada), along with France supports the Southern Government while China , North Korea, Cuba(semi because they deal with economic pressure from USA), and Laos supports the north. There is a chance for an inevitable World War 3 coming soon in the future.

A election in 2016 in the USA results in the Republican Party victory (Jack Fellure). This means that the USA will have a boost in military during war (since Republicans are good for war).

Turn IV: 2017 CE

Ethan's Notes

Percy expended Egypt about 1.25-1.5 times bigger than Portugal. Will be warned, a third warning means a user will drop into the warned player zone. If false, please comment why its false.

Happy, I saw that you're using paint tool, try use a pencil instead and fill please.


European Union has expended to Iceland. Coloured in darker blue, darker than US itself. I'm controlling it, until you pick an EU nation. With trade expansionism expended, going into the right, but not too far. Some decided to leave EU. (Europe)

At the burst, the cities in Eastern Germany started to merge at around 20 or more million people. As cities are become more ruled by urban areas around Germany. While nazism continues to roam soon, as neo-nazism terrorism has continued on. The German government tried to ban the Neo-Nazi parties around it, along with fascist ones, to avoid the rise of nationalism. With many immigrants dying due to neo-nazis, the amount is around 45,000 this year. (Germany)

Pipeline of gas is opened again in Russia, after a state of unstability, the leader has released Ukrainian countries under Russian rule, that doesn't mean they have an absolute rule to themselves meaning the Russian leader has a control of them with no reason. Europe is now free and gas is now freely available unless the Russian attacks the European people again. (Russia)

With the North Vietnam is now dealt with the second Vietnam War, a small battle happened in the borders of North and South Vietnam, with a small amount of United States support but soon be involved if they start war again, they try to avoid WWIII along with China and other countries. (South East Asia)

A small flood happened in Australia due to a new cyclone been enlarged and expected to flood the cities near the Queensland coast, while it affected the Pacific islands near Papua New Guinea, the damage has struck to 100,000 deaths and leaving a million homeless, but expected that it will become vunlerable to destruction of the coast, they have to move west or south. With costs around 12.9 billion dollars, the people warned that the more temperature it raised, the more chance of a cyclone will be larger. People now called the cyclone as a super-hurricane but some disagreed and that it's no CAT 6. (Australia and some islands)

Protests around Yemen now determine has a smaller development, making the HDI on Yemen to be estimated as 0.41. Been the poorest country in the Middle East and now literacy is now in 39%, most of the people moved into a richer country but some immigration policies in richer countries prohibited illegal immigrants on rise. Since oil has run out in Yemen, the protests continue as food is running out and water is so low, meaning large protests are around in Yemen, creating chaos and unstabilty. Foreign aid will start at 2018. (Yemen)

Sudan makes a treaty on Egypt, taking some of the land and Egypt keeps their occupied land. While SUdan pays around $200 million dollars since its poor, leaving Egpyt slowly moving away from poverty, today Egypt is almost poor (i think). Egypt starts to stabilise itself. (Sudan)

Most of the terrorists in Middle East are creating larger chaos, as many are dying, at 1.3 million and also causing a great war soon if no-one wants to stabilise Middle East. Few supporters must be assigned to stabilise Middle East from a terrorist, war-raging region to a more stabilised and  peaceful. But without it, Middle East will simply try to stabilise itself but its unlikely, or simply ban the News and possibly leave UN. (that ranges from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and other countries in the Middle East except Israel, I don't know but its unstable)


Population grew from 58 million and 1.7 million deaths from old age or events. Causing it to be 7345 million (7.345 billion).

Amazonian rainforest got deforested by 1,450 square kilometres for producing wood and paper. As many are trying to replant it, while industrial levels are killing the environment, making few species in a few risk. A small project is opened to few people, while having donations in $160,000 only.

Temperatures are rising to 1 degrees celsius rise. Arctic will be suspected to be at 7.8 degrees celsius increase per five years, releasing methane from the ice and making the permafrost melt and will make viruses awaken.


Middle Eastern Stabilisation Project (requires few countries to make the project):


This needs a reason why you want to support the project. If not signed by the end of the turn, the project fails, and Middle East will break into a new war in WWIII. You can also use non-player countries, the NPC will automatically agree unless they disagree, so think wisely!


Greece starts negotiations with Turkey about land issues (Megali Idea). Simultaneously, negotiations with the EU start, about joining.

Northern Vietnam declares war against the Southern Vietnam. A civil war breaks out.

By the way, Russia signs the Middle East agreement and alarms USA. Elections are going to be held in 2018 CE


Croatia sees opportunity to expand south and declares war on Greece. Greek supply convoys are destroyed in land and sea and many islands in the Aegean Sea occupied.

Argentina starts to destroy encircled chilean armies and takes more land in the south.

Bangladesh signs a peace treaty with India. East Indian Territory goes to Bangladesh, but small strip of territory also goes to China as a gift of friendship.

Dictatorship rises in Congo and it attacks all small countries in range. Rwanda and Burundi are destroyed, Angola loses part of its territory.


With an overwhelmingly unpopular vote against the EU, the Kingdom of Britannia is proclaimed with the aim of restoring the former prowess of the British Empire. After independence and receiving England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, their first course of action is the invasion and occupation of Ireland. This is met with condemnation and outrage on the behalf of the European Union, but they are largely ignored.

Meanwhile, Brazil is now an emerging power and is replacing it's industry with automobiles and arms manufacturing in place of coffee and sugar, which still contribute plenty to it's economy. For now, its Government remains focused on continuing to expand and develop it's economy, once that is over, then they will begin to assert Hegemony over South America, and as such seek an alliance with the United States.  


Luxembourg who had previously annexed Belgium in 2015 and built up an army in 2016, annexed Holland and took parts of France and Germany. Luxembourg constantly grows powerful for more.


Israel starts a war with Egypt and readily annexes Sinai. In Vietnam Civil War Israel supports South Vietnam.

Under chinese pressure communist revolution takes place in Bhutan and Bhutan joins PRC as Bhutan Autonomous Region. Bangladeshi present becomes a part of Tibet AR. In Vietnam Civil War PRC supports North Vietnam.


Germany had built and alliance with Britannia and the United States. Germany had requested Britannia to help invade Luxembourg. When Luxembourg invaded Germany, it had halted the plan to invade Austria. When Germany saw Luxembourgian Forces stopped at the Rhine, they saw a chance to retaliate and push the Luxembourgian Forces down to Belgium.

The United States had called mutiny for Argentinian Invasion of Chile. And called for Brazil to help invade Argentina. during the meantime, America saw that the PRC is starting to support North Vietnam with Troops. Seeing this as a threat America Supported South Vietnam with PHASR Rifles (Lethal Version), M16s, Futuristic Tanks, Bomber Planes, the newly made XM25, and other incredible weapons only built by American Ingenuity. Meanwhile America spurred a revolt in Taiwan to restore the ROC.


The french population of Canada revolts and then, Quebec gains independence. They invade United States to regain thier lost land. However, the US is distrated because of thier wars in Taïwan, Argentina...

Mali invades Burkina Faso and Senegal to become a west-African power.


Spain acquires a new monarch.

Turn V: 2018 CE


The scientists have drilled into the mantle as the minerals can be searched more. As Europe starts doing this first, it's hoped to make the most advanced drilling event in the whole time, Science Fiction idea has turned real. And the discovery of ancient history of the geography and accurately make maps of the ancient world. (Europe)

Canadian government has decided to make a trade purposal of Quebec, if declined, Canada remains normal but a lesser GDP. While it seems to be okay, it would boost the production on industry in Canada. The forces have bordered the Quebec region, to avoid the West part of Canada been destroyed by Quebec. (Canada)

The Vietnamese War continues on as the south wins, while Hanoi is now under at siege, about 60,000 troops are stationed. As guards have tried to remove the threat, China gave them 50,000 soldiers to control with. Russia plans to annex Belarus but simply lack of politics so they decide to 'support' the north whlile keeping it secret. (Vietnam)

As insects are becoming spies, those robotic insect spies can secretly analyse the data and sends it to the military where it is. It was deployed now, only that it's unconfirmed that it's going to be common for military espionage or any kind. (USA?)

French troops move to the north, as Luxembourg's forces are getting weaker due to attacks from Germany, it secretly invades Luxembourg. But since Germany can see it, they have to stand a small control against their occupation of Luxembourg. Most of the south in Belgium are "French". (Luxembourg)

Yemen's lack of poverty caused revolts, which was due to lacking the stuff, which the HDI lowered down to 0.38, it seemed to be dangerous now, but some refugees have moved to the north, which is the Saudi Arabia. Few children died of starvation, poverty roams around Yemen, while a bailout has happened also at $110 billion. (Yemen)

The project has finished. While USA(?) and Russia signed it, it seemed that no-one cared. So a lack of stability caused a slow revolt to spawn in, while Kurdistan invades Syria to get their land, about 50,000 people died in this battle. (Middle East)

Sweden left the EU and Finland unites with Sweden, with lot of money, Sweden starts to make it surpassing Norway's wealth soon. While it took so long, Finland slowly becomes under the New Swedish Emnpire yet. Too many people aren't happy about this. (Sweden)

Asteroid mining is purposed to the American space program. As they said, the asteroid mining can get some minerals off to analyse the rock and it's age. It would be a good plan, but since it's a concept, no mining has happened yet but the drilling has happened, so it'll take about 5 years. (USA)

A hurricane has struck in Cuba and Florida, many people are worried that it'll be worsen as many are exposed to storms, they moved to northwards to avoid flood damage. About 1200 died and costing $12.1 billion in the total itself. Military will be affected unless there's something that can protect it. (Cuba and US)


Population grew from 79 million and 8.4 million died (old age, events or wars) causing it to be: 7,415 million (7.415 billion)

As the report from the mantle in Europe, there has been a slight heat change, due to activity and stuff, it may become worser and the soil will be unsuitable for the fertility and people will soon be forced into non-bological soon.

Nigeria has lost it's rainforest due to deforesting, it's replanting is 40 hectares while the whole deforesting is 2555 hectares. Soon the area becomes unsuitable but good for Industrial things.


EU supported Greece in the war (3rd Balkan War) sending troops, supplies and armor. The Ionian and Aegean islands are taken by the Greeks, while united EU and Greek troops sieged Zagreb. Croatia is forced to sign the Treaty of Sofia:

  • Greece takes back the old Macedonian region.
  • Bulgaria gains Rodopi.
  • Croatia must pay 1.45 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, in Vietnamese Civil War, N. Vietnam surprised S. Vietnam and took control of some military bases. Russia plans to intervene, while is persuading China to sign the Eco Treaty (previous round)


Bangladesh decides to expand more and declares war on Nepal. Small parts of it are given to China as a gift.

Congo attacks Angola and seizes its coast. Congo-Brazzaville supports Angola and that leads to another war. Border territories are occupied including the capital - Brazzaville.

Argentina focuses on driving out the US forces which haven't landed in big numbers.

Croatia after lost war with EU and Greece starts seeking for allies.


The Kingdom of Britannia declares war on the European Union under the pretext of "Liberating it's member states" under the rule of the Kingdom. Normandy and Britanny are invaded by 12 divisions. Mass mobilisation is underway and conscription from ages 18-45 is in-effect. Luxembourg is taken over in 2 weeks. 

Meanwhile, Brazil invades Paraguay and Uruguay, a border skirmish provokes war between Brazil and Argentina. The Brazillian company of Innovacao begins producing Tanks for the Brazillian Armed forces. Half of Uruguay and Paraguay are occupied and a theatre of war is opened with Argentina, consisting of over 2,000,000 Brazillians, the entire Armed Forces including reserves.


With the war as a threat, the European Union regain Luxembourg, only to see that Luxembourg takes this as an opportunity to rebel against the European Union. The European Union soon takes over 3/4 of France as well as occupying some German land. The European Union (split in half) see Luxembourg as a threat; and the Empire of Britannia signs a peace treaty with European Union. European Union, Britannia and Germany keep a close watch on their new neighbor Luxembourg; as they claim a colony in Africa; Tunisia.


In DPRK, under PRC influence, AntiKim Revolution happened, and new (but still communist) DPRK succesfully joined PRC as Korea AR. PRC starts a war with India and Pakistan to liberate Kashmir. China continues support North Vietnam and even lands in the centre of Vietnam to divide South Vietnam lands to two parts. But this idea is very strange and it might fail. Also, Chinese Army becomes better and better every year. So now PRC Army is like Russian Army 2014.

Israel wants from Egypt three Egptian provinces more: Suez, Ismailia and Port Said, so Israel offers peace. If Egypt accepts Israel will stop their invasions to Egypt at least for 10 years (or maybe even forever).

Meanwhile, Sweden remembers their old abition of uniting Baltics. So, after fast conquering of Estonia, Swedish troops enter Latvia and readily go to Riga. Sweden is waiting for European Union reaction.

Quick Notes from Ethan

Reports from the King of Luxembourg said they'll release Tunisia and gace France back their land and keeping Belgium and naming it the Luxembourg-Wallonian Empire. The Flanders becomes Netherlands.


(With Permission of Ethan) Germany had gathered an invasion force to retake it's lose lands in France. In the alternate version(with permission partly from Ethan) Germany had taken over the smaller countries and started an invasion force for France.

Meanwhile, the USA (with Ethan's Permission for the territory-capture size) had taken a invasion force to Quebec in retaliation for their crimes against the United States. The United States also prepared an invading force for Argentina, taking the war more seriously.

After South Vietnam won the Vietnam war, and upon seeing China is slowly capturing it's neighbors the United States warns China not to invade any more countries (besides Russia) or face an imminent conflict. South Vietnam (or now the United States of Vietnam), was granted permission to help take over America's job in Asia to take down the Communist threat. Almost completely ending American Involvement in Asia.


Australia overthrowed the britsh monarchy and invaded Papua New-Guniea took get back their old land.

They wanted as much land as possible from papua-new guniea to form the australian commonwealth.  After taking over eastern papua-new guniea they pepared for an assualt for the rest.


Quebec asks Canada for help. American military aweakens Quebec. Most of the US controled french speaking populations are revolting againist the us. 

Mali continues its invasion of Senegal and Burkina Faso. 

Japan becomes an empire again and invades russian islands.

Turn VI: 2019 CE


Anti-Russians are been arrested in the Russian centre. Some rebellion have broke out and resulted the Kola declared their independence (and also Ingria!). Because of this, the unstability causes the Russian government to collapse slowly, with the leader trying to unify the order and resurrection of the communism, it turned into chaos. In some Kola areas, the Pro-Russians are trying to cede back to Russian Federation. (Russian Federation)

Canada accepts the help of Quebec on the American invasion. The army in the Southwestern Canada starts to invade Washington, some of the soldiers in Washington are defending its cities. In a battle in Seattle, some soldiers from Canada are killed because of their advanced weaponry, and took occupation of Seattle. Some of the US army are moving to Washington (state) to retake the land. (Canada)

In Yemen, the HDI becomes 0.45, but revolts are still ongoing, the rebels are occupying almost all of Yemen, it's military are exhaused due to lack of food, water and it's poverty. The people will replace a leader to its desire. It's skilled at agriculture while trying to sell a quarter to stock market. (Yemen)

The Portugese have suffered a new disease with a lethal symptom, the doctors have to try and make a vaccine before it spreads by airport and port, the Spanish also suffered when some are crossing borders, about 50,000 people have this disease and 3000 died. Some people need request to make a vaccine, Spain starts also in a few days after Portugal did this. (Portugal)

A social network called the Greptorvu is launched in USA. Some complain that it may be a scam or a Russian project to raise revolts worldwide, it was said that the data will be sent to Russia and the Russian government can see their identity and steal them. It has been blocked a few days later, the users in USA on Greptorvu are been put to jail to 1 week. The total users worldwide in Greptorvu is about 4,600,000, people who registered didn't noticed this much. Some blocked that domain. (USA)

Poland starts to make a new place, so called the 'Polish Space Agency'. With a dream of launching its own, so far no-one had found this, it was a hoax one believed and one step to Poland can't be possible, if they got the stuff right, they can launch it easily. (Poland)

Armies of European Union are surprised that the German armies are invading with its 1.2 million men, they almost occupied Paris and Budapest, so some rebellion struck and starts to suport the EU, while the armies may be getting stronger every time, the men are pushing its land back. (Germany)

America has finally launched more objects to space, but this time it sets around Mars and Jupiter. It's goal is to find any evidence of life, while the drilling is accomplished in Europe, they started using it for the mantle drillng in Europa and Ganymede. Few didn't think Ganymede has oceans underground but it's possible. Europa may have been struck by ice comets and flooded the planet and few million years the ice grows and traps life itself forever. (USA)


Population grew from 120 million and 32 million died causing it to be: 7,503 million (7.503 billion)

Reserves of gold is draining up, once its vanished, mints have to force to make artifical gold, where the other minerals are been used by painting gold colour and waterproof and also stainproof, for touching the 'gold'. People are warned that it'll vanish worldwide if we waste gold.


After the Suez Agreement, Egypt and Israel finally made peace. Russia sieged and conquered Murmansk with the help of Pro-Russians, while invading Japan. N.Vietnam officially recognizes S.Vietnam as their leader and the are annexed. The new Turkish Government planned to invade Greece, but they attacked them and took Sinopi. Greece, also gave back to Bulgaria the rest of its lost territory, with the Treaty of Athens. One month later joins EU again.


Since Croatia and Greece have truce, they attacked Hungary. The land occupied by Germans wasn't annexed.

Argentinian forces move south and destroy small american landing groups. They propose a white peace offer to USA

Bangladesh finally crushes Nepal. Small border territories are ceded to China and alliance is made.

Congo attacks through sea in Angola and takes the coast of Congo-Brazzaville. The country starts improving and the GDP rises a little bit.


Written by Ethan because he didn't do his history description of this turn.

The Brazilian forces had destroyed Paraguay and Uruguay. With their troops moving south of Argentina, with approaching to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

In Europe, the British men had invaded Normandy and Brittany, while slowly marching towards to Paris itself. Most of the soldiers had attacked France for no reason, which threaten the EU economy. While economy is growing slowly in Britannica.


PRC ended Kashmir War and now it´s trying to improve relations and trading with the US.

Israel signed a peace with Egypt and trying to improve relations (for now). Israel annexes Syria and going to conquer Iraq.

Sweden is going to its dream. Sweden conquered Latvia, Ingria and Lithuania.


The United State's provocation of a national opposition against China was successful. As the Massacre of Tiananmen Square was shown the Chinese citizens. In the beginning the Nationalist Chinese Government in Exile formed a political party in China with economic and Military support from the United States. They had 3,000 founding members by that time. almost 4 months later, the member ship had sky rocketed as the People of China had discovered the atrocious acts of the Chinese government on it's citizens of Tiananmen Square 20 years ago. They then spurred a mass revolt with almost 100 Million Supporters, they also carved a large portion of China away from the Communist Government (Proof of Borders: Red = Communist, Blue = Nationalist, Grey = Other/Neutral) lead by Taiwan. However the Communist Government had sent an invasion and successfully captured Hong Kong, Crippling the Rebel forces.

Meanwhile Germany invaded Through France and annexed it along with Britannia. After seeing Croatian (or Yugoslavian) Invasion of Hungary and occupied it's captured land, Germany sent 1.4 Million troops east to occupy Yugoslavia and to take over Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

In the United States on the American Continents, the Americans had pursued further into Argentina with help from Brazil. In the United States Mainland, The USA fought off Canada and Captured Vancouver. They also funded a mass flanking invasion against Quebec from the North. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, the USA had successfully "Democratized" Cuba after a deadly dictator had violated Civil Rights there.


Forces in Papua New Guinea got pushed by North Australian Army Group back and annexed. Meanwhile in India, they want to recover land they lost from Bangladesh. Since they had so many politcal issues with Sri Lanka they invaded it and South Indian Army Corps, is starting mop the last Sri Lankian army in the south west of the land.


Quebec tries to invades Murrica, but it is hard.

Mali still expands. They invades southern Senegal. Burkinese troops are stuck. 

Japan gets back it's territories in Hokkaido. They ask for peace with Russia. If not, all japanese babies will cry like babies. They invades Korea and ph.

Turn VII: 2020 CE

Four more turns and its spaceship time!


Manchurians declared independence to avoid been under the nationalist Chinese rule, the rule is under the new leader. Leaving the communist China weaker, the Nationalists are been executed every day, at 50000 per day, millions are been dumped and burnt for revolting, the Chinese and Russian leaders blame the American president and their spies, which they began to make a new military group of themselves, trying to remove the Democratic part of the world. (China)

Oil stress has happened, the Scandinavian is dimishing its oil for wealth, meaning the GDP rate in Norway is slowing its income while the continuation of unstability is rising, without oil, the cars have to be forced to electricity which the oil power plants are abandoned soon. Only 1.2% of the world uses electric cars now, as oil is running out, the electric cars come back. (Scandinavia)

Canada uses spies to destroy American military, the spies were almost useless so they use insects instead, deploying tech from European military companies, they sent them to military bases and also camps, allowing them to know their plan. The plan is to try and make their plans ruined and the Canadian tactics improving, economy is almost falling in Canada. (Canada)

Quebec people are protesting around the American embassy because of their plans, they should not be getting anymore revenge, with America trying to attack in two fronts, the Canadian and the Argentinian, the fronts make America difficult to send thousands of troops to that area. Some protestors were killed by the police. The Americans continue to advance their military topping their military ranks to one, with Russia been the second. (Quebec)

America is losing the power on the Asia-Pacific ocean, with WWII been over, its time for the new age to begin. The American power still tries to keep the military while the people are simply getting depressed on American work, the Chinese sent ships to the Pacific and battle in the oceans. (China)

Billions are connecting to the internet, including poor African countries, as millions and millions join per year, it's possible that they have an increased chance of mylopia for children, experts advised to use the computer for work not games. In Australia, the population with internet is now 20 million, the current population in Australia is 26.5 million, with G5 been released, the internet population increases as study said. (Australia)

Shanghai communist revolts have happened, the communist supporters revolt around some areas, the nationalists are trying to cut the level down, the protests are from the capital, Beijing. Which some communists are trying to make China a better place. The Chinese communists are going around in the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai and many cities within the Nationalist China protesting for no reason, some are killed.

Turkey collapses, the city 'Trabzon' is renamed to Trebizond in the birth of Trebizond Empire. The rising military of Trebizond by controlling their population and contributing its effort of making the process. The city states at the south are released also, leaving the centre of Anatolia as Turk remnants. (Turkey)

The project named Sahara is completed, the ones who think are now texting, the people are more happier than before, the technology is booming through phones of G5.


Population grew by 195 million and 80 million died. So the population is 7,618 million (7.618 billion).


Greece took East Attalia.

Russian troops invaded Murmansk and demand Kola to surrender.

Egypt starts a conquest against Libya.


NOTE: 99batran had requested to do Mrowner's turn for him and he accepted.

The Republic of Britannia had manage to recover most of it's hard work in Norway and warns Sweden not to invade Norway or else will face invasion of both Germany and Britannia, along with possible support from the Americans and Brazilians. Meanwhile they Manage to recover most land lost during the Angevin Empire and the Hundred years war. They had agreed with Germany to draw out the Borders of France after their occupation had finished.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the Brazilians had claimed themselves to be an Empire and annexed Uruguay and Paraguay. With Further claims on the Continent, the proclaim themselves to unite South America under a Stratocratic Constitutional Monarchy. They also sent planes to Argentina to bomb it's cities.


Israel continues its invasion of Iraq.

PRChina with the help of Bangladesh fighting the nationalist terrorist "opposition".

Norway trying to resist the british army.

Sweden started invasion of Poland.

Congo tries to be peaceful and improves its economy.


America, hardened by betrayal from it's closest allies from Canada and Japan, they fought back with a fierce combat force. They managed to sign a Ceasefire Treaty with Canada called the Treaty of Vancouver, saying they shall have a temporary ceasefire for at least 5 years. Disruption of the treaty will cause America and it's foreign allies to invade full force. Meanwhile American Forces had taken Saguenay and sieging Sept-Iles.

Meanwhile in Germany, the Yugoslavian and German Government agreed to "merge" and become the Fourth Reich (Yugoslavians were then overthrown 2 weeks later by German Forces). After Germany had occupied Hungary they attempted to invade Poland while they were distracted by the Swedes. Germans had saw that Norway is starting to get active and effectively invaded Norway, cutting it in half.


India took finished cleaning up in Sri Lanka. After they that Afganstian said that India was a warmonger so they declared war on India. India rushed south of the border to take over the southern area.

Meanwhile in Australia All islands in Oceania is under Australian control and they invaded New Zealand for land and New Zealand was a part of the Australian Contient million years ago.


Burkina Faso and Senegal are kinda screwed. Mali stronk.

Quebec does operation one direction.

Argentina and Quebec form the anti-murrican alliance.

Japan frees Shikoku.

Turn VIII: 2021 CE

I am too bored to do information... So I excluded the world, so I'd would like 99batran to be in control of the NPCs, welcome!


Waters are deplinishing in Southwest USA, as the temperatures increased, some refugees move to the east ti get water, the control of the water is improved, as the cities in California and nearby states are falling apart, the waters are restricted for any personal usage and no abusive usages, they also tried to make a program called "Salpha". most of tthe urine is treated and convert into water to bring the continuation and reduced refugees. (Southwest USA)

The booming technology is rising throughout the world, except some poor countries, which is unstable, the smartphones are turning into invisible phones which cannot be seen unless you disable it, the world is content on the whole prototypes of invisible phones. (East USA)

Mind reading technology is taking control of the security system. It uses "non-invasive" sensors and imagers. These observe a person's emotional state, facial expression, body language, body temperature, heart rate, breathing pattern and other cues. Analysed together, these factors can determine whether they are planning to commit a crime. Luckily, they don't arrest you on the spot just for thinking about stealing candy from a baby.(North America)

Despite recent budget cuts, NASA has made significant progress, not only in re-establishing human spaceflight, but actually going beyond Earth and sending astronauts deeper into space. After the Constellation Program was cancelled in 2010, many claimed that manned exploration of space would be placed on the backburner. In fact, this was simply untrue. New space vehicles were being developed with the specific aim of returning to the Moon and studying asteroids, before eventually going to Mars. (USA overall)

The newly elected Sudanese president had promise his people that he would try to take back the land stolen from them from Egypt. They had agreed with Libya to invade Egypt and take back the land. Eventually Egypt made a deal with Sudan and Sudan exited the war. Leaving Libya to fend for itself.(Sudan)

Poland, for the first time in it's history. Is starting to push back invading forces from both sides. Germany signed a ceasefire with Poland and Poland pushed into Riga in Sweden. Holding onto it for dear life(Poland)

Colonies around the world by now are independent or self-governing, with the Falklands leading the charge as it became the Republic of Falklands, sending shockwaves to small island colonies.(Colonial Nations)

After EU was officially disbanded, the funding for a space civilian travel is becoming possible as the first (currently unmanned) Space plane was sent into space when Germany and Britannia had funded an ad joint mission into space. Unfortunately the plane ran out of fuel as there were no space station. It was later retrieved by Russian cosmonauts, unfortunately they refused to give back the plane until Germany pay tribute. This angered Europe, possibly the world.(Europe)

After Chile has finally rebuilt it's military with some help of American Supplies, they invade Argentina to take back their land... Or perhaps, take more land.(Chile)

Several regions Germany had conquered had revolted. Germany had no choice but to open fire on protestors. Quickly putting down several revolts, but more remain in the recently conquered regions.(Germany)


The world population is estimated to hit about 7.7 Billion people by this time.


Egyptian naVy invaded Tripoli and other Libyan shores. Now forces Libya to sign a treaty.

The siege of Murmansk ended with a disastrous invasion. Kola surrenders and gets annexed by Russia. Now Russia invaded St. Petersburg.

Greece tries to make a deal with Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkans In order to Remove Germany, from there.


Note: Batran asked MOAP to do his turn for him while he is gone

Britannia pushes further into Norway with support of it's German allies. During this time Britannia prepares an inevitable invasion of Svalbard. While also preparing an upcoming battle in Gallipoli.

Meanwhile Brazil, USA, and Chile puts pressure on Argentina. With Brazil demanding to annex all of Argentina.


Israel continues its invasion of Iraq.

PRC and Bangladesh fight terrorists in China.

Sweden is very angry of Poland and comes back. Sweden defends Ingria.


Germany attempts to invade Poland several hours after the ceasefire expired. The 4th Reich managed to put down the revolts and sent all who support independence to the Islands in the Mediterranean after Germany had made a deal with Italy and it's islands and invaded the independent state of Baleares. Right now, Yugoslavians (Croats) are in Sardinia, French in Corsica, Czechs in Baleares, and Austrians in Sicily. Most historians in the future called this the European Trail of Tears, despite the migrators were treated decently. Germany had found a several Greek spies, one of the spies said that they are planning an invasion of the Fourth Reich with Bulgaria. The Fourth Reich, Outraged, invaded Bulgaria first and poured into Greek Macedonia. Also capturing a few extra islands because of the blockades. Germany also attempts another invasion of Norway.

Meanwhile, USA pushes further into Japan while it's Asian allies are pushing into China. Korea was invited to help invade both Northern China and Japan. the USA was also never officially at war with Northern China though. The United States landed fresh troops in Quebec and Argentina with newly made technology called Nanotech armor. Which means that troops cannot be slowed down by water and some can possibly walk on it.



Australia attacked Indonesia. Australia also conquerd New Zealand

India took more land from Pakistan, they took Socotra near the red sea and took over Djibouti.


Quebec and Argentina ask for help. 

Japan captures Kyushu.

Burkina Faso is annexed by Mali.


Spain attacks Portugal.

Turn IX: 2022 CE


With Greek supportin Bulgaria, Bulgaria retakes the capital of Sofia, Germany plans to outnumber them by placing more armies to the Balkans. With this, Germany will conquer the whole East Europe and maybe get through Russia as well. (Bulgaria)

Romania invades Moldova and annexes the republic. Transistrians took this opportunity to split apart from Moldova. Transistrians and Romanians agreed that Transistria would become a puppet state of Romania in return for their recognition. Soon after Sofia was retaken by Bulgaria, Romania invades Bulgaria, offering an alliance with Germany and it's allies.(Romania)

After the Fukushima disaster in Japan, a number of countries began to reconsider their use of nuclear power. Germany was among the nations to abandon this form of energy altogether. Its government had originally planned to keep plants running until 2036, but this schedule was brought forward. Seven plants which had been temporarily shut down for testing in 2011, and an eighth taken offline for technical problems, would remain closed permanently. The remaining nine plants would be shut down by 2022. However, Germany would still maintain most of the former EU's Nuclear Arsenal. (Germany)

Water is becoming a weapon of war. As a renewable weapon, water is used in the Chinese Civil War. It is so powerful that it could literally rip your skin off, adding to the fact that you could change it's temperature. During Winter they used cold water, but after that they uses hot water to burn the flesh. Also the fact that the Chinese Nationalist Rebels drained Communist China's water resupply. Meaning that Communist China can't have access to any more water. Water is also used to stop enemy machines. Because water always wins. (China)

Poland invented the first Stealth Tank called the PL-01. It is very effective in the Swedish invasion of Poland. As the tank hides from enemy satellites and it practically have a cloaking device to make it blend in to the environment. Even infrared (and heat) vision cannot find this tank. This tank is so deadly it could take over the world within 5 years if the wielder wants to. (Poland)


Antimony, a metal used for bullets, batteries, etc. Is finally starting to run out. Humanity had found Fusion power to replace Antimony and also the fact that countries are slowly transitioning to Laser, Plasma, Pulse, Nuclear, and WATER weapons would replace metal.

The world population has reached up to 7,866,579,808 People at the beginning of this year.


Russia takes St. Petersburg, but wants to negociate with Sweden about the control of Scandinavia. The Russians had elections-Putin gained 10,5%. New leader (to be added) won with 41,8%. Simultaneously Russia works on a new weapon.

Egypt and Libya signed the treaty of Tripoli-Egypts gains parts in the west and Libya gains tax-free access to Alexandria.


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