Democratic Republic of Tins is a democratic state in the zones of Belgium and Luxembourg and its the 4th official nation of João The Mordecai Mapper.

Population: ~ 11 700 300

Government: Democratic Republic

GDP: 1,20 bilion

Capital: Brussels

Ethnic Groups:

  • French - 2%
  • Germans - 4%
  • Dutch - 3,5%
  • Flemish - 74%
  • Walloons - 10,7%
  • Luxembourgian - 5,8%

Currency: Rents (1 |R| = 1,235 $ 1$ = 0,2802 |R| )

Animal: Wild Cat

Motto "De grootste ambitie is het leven - The greatest ambitions is life"

Civil Rights: Superb

Date of Formation: 2158

Official Languages: French, Dutch, German and Luxembourgish language

Official Religions: Catholic Church and Calvinism

President: Charles Udekem

Primier Minister: Matilde Felix

Graphic of Population in Tins

Graphic of Population in Tins


Tins´s Flag

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