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Hello i am a new mapper here. I come from Macedonia and my birthday is December 21 2002. I first found a channel called MervueMargine and MOAP. I watched all of his videos 2 years ago the i met other same channels. I joined this wiki on 26 july 2014 and i created a youtube channel on 27 july 2014

180px-4 - Copy

My youtube chanell


I live in Macedonia (FYROM) in Strumica. I m a very funny person and i don't like fights. I am going to start seventh grade

Relations from - 100 to 100

Ethan Conqestedor

makes great videos +30


He said hi to me +20

tottal:50 (friends)

Phillip Maping

he said Hi to me +20

He invited me to the NMA +40

He makes great videos +20

tottal:80(Great friends)


He's friendly to me +40

He make great videos +20

We're friends on skype +30

tottal: 90(Pals)


He,s friendly +30

He's from Turkey +40

He is a money colector +10



he maked vieos +10

he thinks i have fake subs-60


more coming soon