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Traditional is a Mapping Dialect, in which countries speak to each other in colors "Grey (Gray)", or "White". The Mapping Dialect was created by MervueMeringue in 2010.


The style of the Traditional Mapping Dialect is when nations immediately annex a nation that is in control of them, depending upon of the creator's choice. Vassals are also used if a nation is at war with another nation, but a darker color then their master's color (e.g. Dark Blue if Blue, or Dark Red if Red).

Example of the Traditional Mapping Dialect

This is the first ever Mapping video, created by MervueMeringue, in 2010. This video shows an example of the Traditional Mapping Dialect.

The First ever Mapping Video07:59

The First ever Mapping Video.


This are the Mappers who use the Traditional Mapping Dialect.

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