Trio Hydra wreaks havoc across the Wiki. Thumboy, a mortal, saw this and attempted to beat him. Some of the titans like MOAP and Ethan came to Thumboy's aid. Because of this, Trio Hydra tried to convince guides like Michigan. Michigan was wise and said no. Trio Hydra was angry and threatened with the weakest threats ever. Michigan finally joined against Trio Hydra along with other guides like Golden and Mind. Golden cut off Trio Hydra's head. However, two alt heads came out and tried to make peace. Both were cut off. Golden the guide and Batran and MOAP the titans had to protect Mapperdonia from monsters like the infamous Trio Hydra.

More alt heads sprouted, and they continued to blast the wiki for ages. Eventually, Trio Hydra was defeated by Zephyrus, but not before Ferdinand the Mimic spotted his powers. Ferdinand turned himself into a hydra even bigger than Trio Hydra, as he was a mimic, but he seamed to disappear after a while. Many moons later, Stockholmer, a humongous monster with 666 claws and teeth, crawled out of Arcy's underworld and vomited scores of alt minions made from the souls of dead mappers. Trio Hydra has left a legacy that has inspired bigger monsters to repeat.

Story made by Michiganmapper and Monsoonjr99.

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