Turrania is a nation located in Central Asia. Turrania was created by the first modern Zoroastrist emperor in the world. The nation is a great country (~5,500 km of land controlled). Like all the other accidental nations, Turrania in fictional history is fascist, without any freedom but with abolished death penalty for the common rights.

Republic of Turrania

( جمهوری های آسیای مرکزی )

For nation , patry , resistance



Population ( 2800 )

120 millions

national langues

Turranian , Kazak

capital city






State chief

Zirran ( Zirra IV )

Largest cities

Birra ( 5 millions ) , Fi ( 2 millions )


2000 billions ang ( 9000 billions $ )

gouvernor ( Prime Minister )

Angelasi ( Angela IV )


This country was born by some revolutions by central asian countries in 23th century . Independance have begin and country have continue to get lands. Turranian Rulers wanted to form a new Persian empire . After the Dashian's invasion , the country will submit war against Emberia and yavhe wars . 

Demography and Other

Turrania is the most dangerous country in the world because this country contains an abundant resource of oil, gas and nuclear production. With Birra (25 million inhabitants in urban areas) and Fi. This country has a great economy but it is unstable due to civil wars. Unlike Rumas, this country is a more democratic and rejects death penalty for common rights, however, sanctions are very important. Population growth very little and This country get a weak HDI .


Turrania ( Al Turo-Semaria in Turranian ) mean "earth of Turcs and Persians"


Turrania inspired on Zirra dragoness by Seeraphine.

Lazistan credits inspiration to a friend on DA, Pirra to Seeraphine, Bakistan to Servo11, nurtenistan to nerts, Feuriah to weirdHyena, and Angelistan to Angela-45's owner.

all right reserveds , all this country is fictional