Tylastrona is the official nation of Mordecai Mapper.

Tylastrona, officially the Scadinavian Republic of Tylastrona, is a country on Scadinavia, North British Isles and Baffin, it borders Canada, Germany, England, Russia and Latvia and it is divided in 4 main NUTS (territories)

Scandinavian Union Flag This nation is a member of the Scandinavian Union

Scadinavian Republic of Tylastrona


We are stronger than you
The March of The North
Capital Oslo
Capital-in-exile Reykjavík
Largest city Oslo (2016)
Official languages Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Russian, English, Danish, Greenlandic
Recognised regional languages Sami, Scotish, Irish, Manx
Ethnic groups Scadinavians, Russians, Irish, Inuits
Demonym Tylastronian
Religion Atheism, Christianity
Government Federal Presidential Republic
 -  1905 - 1908 Albert Hansson
 - 1908 - 1911 Knut Andersson
 - 1911 - 1914 Markus Petersson
 - 1914 - 1918 Judit Aagedatter
 - 2014 - ... Ansgar Augustsson
Legislature Stortingets Rettigheter Og Lover (Parliament Of Rights And Laws)
Historical era Present
 - Founding August 15th, 1905
 - Kristiansand Rebellion August 1st 1905
 - Declaration of the Tylastronian Act August 15th, 1905
 - Communist Revolution November 17th, 1937
 - Fall of the Communist Govern 1st February 1990
 - Joining the Scandinavian Union 12th November 2019
 -  2016 41.140 million 
GDP (PPP) 2015
 - Total $1.815 Trillion
 - Per capita $62,000
Currency Comuna
Date format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the Right
ISO 3166 code .ty

History (WIP)


Kristiansand Rebellion and the Tylastronian Act (1904 - 1905)

In 1904, norwegian republicans wanted a free Norway from the Sweden-Norway union, so with help of some generals that were tired of this governament planned to do a rebellion in order to create a norwegian free state, the movement was called "TylastØna", on August 1st 1905, the movement headed by Albert Hansson, took control of the village of Kristiansand and started to march to Oslo, the Sweden-Norway army on Norway in facto was weak so the revolting people did it to reach Oslo and surrounded her. The swedish king, with fear of a rebellion in Sweden also, declared that Norway could have her independence, with the Tylastrionian Act signed on August 15th 1905, Norway changed their name to Tylastrona and is a Independent Republic.

1st Republic (1905 - 1937)

With the first president of Tylastrona as Albert Hansson and with the governament leaded by the liberalist George Alanson the first rules of The Republic of Tylastrona were announced for try a stablization in the country. Between 1905-1910, the governament saw a lot of pressure and it was very unstable, in this period Tylastrona saw more than 30 governaments. That until 1911 with the politics of the president Markus Petersson, the governament had less instability. M. Petersson also was the one who declared war on Sweden (1912 - 1923 (interrupted for WW1)). This war was the one that definitly made Sweden part of Tylastrona. Finland joins Tylastrona by the end of 1930, via an Ultimatum sent by the Tylastronian Governament. Between 1931 - 1937, The Tylastrona Republic was really unstable and this political and economical crisis only ended with the communist revolution on November 17th 1937.

WW1 (1914 - 1921)

During World War One, Tylastrona entered the side of the Alliades, by invanding Denmark before Germany could touch these lands. Tylastrona sent a lot of soldiers to the Western Front. During the period of treaties, Tylastrona claimed Denmark and Iceland territories and this claim got accepted by most every member of the League of Nations. Greenland become a Tylastronian colony.

Interwar Period and the Communist Revolution (1921 - 1937)

In 1923, the Tylastronian-Swedish war ended with the Tylastronian victory, Sweden got annexed by Tylastrona. In 1925, Greenland officialy makes part of The Tylastrona Republic. Between 1926-1931, Tylastrona saws a big expansion and the president of times says that: Tylastrona will be the nation that will unite all of Scandinavia, in a beautifull and universal way. So in 1927, Tylastrona buys Newfoundland, Baffin and Eastern Canadian islands. In 1930, via ultimatum, Finland joins Tylastrona. Then the politico-economical crisis arrives to Tylastrona, making a big instability, and the rise of communist revoltists, creating the movement Free Tylastrona January 1935. By 17th November 1937, the movement lead by Alexander Jógsson, circulated Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm and overthrowred the governament, announcing the Scandinavian Union of the Socialist Republics of Tylastrona (SUSRT). Alexander was the head of state until 1963.

WW2 (1938 - 1946)

SUSRT joined World War 2 in 1941 at the Alliades side, the Tylastronian army was sent to the Soviet Front and to the Western Front, helping UK, France and USSR. As gift of the help, USSR ofered a militar/economic alliance in 6th April 1946 and gave to SUSRT Nova Zembla, Estonia, Karelia/Murmasnk and Nenestia.

Cold War

Present Days