Original Concepts


Firstly, the leaders still be the same in the old council, 99batran and MrOwnerandPwner. Since Arcy is blocked, I will need another leader to lead UCMC, like me. If you disagree, see the elections. Or we can start fresh, since there's over 20-25 mappers on the TFOE wiki, we can make it about make 3-4 leaders.

Elections will be simply as factions. The winning faction can have the faction leaders in the head of the UCMC state. There will be every two to four months, I prefer four months because I think it would like a longer one, since one day looks like one month because conflicts, conflicts, everywhere makes the wiki around ~50-120 year old. Hurray. The polls will be the factions, so that means UPMU, GMA, GCA, HDA, NMA and more. The UN has around 230 members or something so ours are like 5 or 6 members (if you count TRA) as our factions are smaller. If you disagree, we can use the old mechanics of the council on elections.

Secondly, the UCME can have more types of members than the old Council, while keeping the advisors. There will be no parties in UCMC just like the old Council, there needs to be more order and laws than having random factions going along the same goal, stop wars, instead we can make the wiki more peaceful and keep the factions alive.

Thirdly, the UCMC will be friendly to all of the factions except aggressive ones and will take action against them, unless they surrender, the UCMC will be more powerful than every faction in the wiki such as the UPMU, GMA, GCA and HDA. Rules cannot be like every faction that can kick their members out, instead it goes on purposing the rules of TFOE wiki, if the rule is pruposed, a poll is open either to agree or disagree or been absent. If there's lot of votes of agree, it becomes a rule, if lots of disagreement, it's rejected. If the rule becomes to serious and outdated, they can appeal it, the leaders can make a decision on the rule on either be removed or leave it. Advisors must be intelligent, loyal to the leaders.

I'll make a poll or a page for signing the formation of the new council. If six or more signed the agreement before 20th May, the faction is born. If a poll, if there's lot of yes before 20th May, then the faction is born as well. It's your choice 99batran.

Once the UCMC is born, the elections on the leadership can be either Faction or like the old council leader concept just to prepare the creation of UCMC, once it's done, the faction will be officially been created unless you didn't recongised it. All of the mappers (including the neutrals) will be automatically joined, unless you want to stay out and wait for a while. The wiki needs to be organised and be normal once again. The page will be separated from the old page of the Council.


-Every alliance can vote for 1 or 2 members to represent them in the council. It is not necessary to be the leader one of the representers, but he can participate if is selected. -If someone is in more than 1 alliance he must select one to represent. If a founder of an alliance is 2 different ones, he must represent his alliance.

-The Council can be convoked every month, the first weekend of it.

-In case of emergency the council will be convoked instantly!

-The neutral people can be the ones who lead the Council BECAUSE:

1) They are not in any alliance so they can be fair.

2) Some of them are good in diplomacy, because they are not influenced by others. If you do not accept this proposition, give me an alternative in the comments' section below.

ALTERNATIVE: The Council's leader can be an alliance. They can be elected by the rest of the Council's members before the start of it.

What is UMF?

UMF is the result of the unification of TCA and UCMC.

And now the wiki has come to an end, to prevent faction creation, we warn the ones who are making the factions or wars. After all of the factions are dismantled, the UMF will be dissolved.



  • EthanConquistador
  • Percy


The leaders of military, the council are below.

Leaders of The Council

At the elections, we have finished at 18/5/14, for the rest see: Leaders


Marshal/Vice-leader (if one of the current leaders resign):


None yet, no generals, or any type yet.


  • Gandaime11


Diplomats are used for diplomacy. They can negotiate the factions, the wars and conflicts on peace or anything.

Conflicts needed to be solved

  • Tenth Wiki War (Needs diplomacy)


None yet, basic rules.


Unofficial flags, any type of flags are needed!
We need some people to design our flag and the official flag!
Don't make it rushed, we want it to be accurate.

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