United Protectors of the Mapping universe. An organization made by Zephyrus and Danijel to stop wars on the wiki. There will be leader elections every 2 months.


When the second super war is finished, Danijel and Zephyrus Mapping founded UPMU. Many members joined and also GMA, both played the role in a wiki war called the third super war or the second part of sixth wiki war. Both have similar goals, but when Arcy joined in, Arcy demanded to make the re-election but it was denied because he's absent from the elections, he wants 99batran to be the leader so he can ban Ethan and Zukas.

Since UPMU and GMA has goal to stop any enemies, they have similar rules. They played a role of defending the wiki as possible, from small to large.


UPMU "Peace Keeper" Soldier


  • Leaders can ban any members if they are too aggressive against other users of the wiki or start threatening or flaming around.
  • Elections will be in every two months. (January, March, May, July, September, November)
  • Everyone is free to join but if they are too aggressive to anyone in the wiki, they are kicked out of the alliance.
  • The creation of the party only requires two people. So you do not choose only one person as yourself, or three.
  • If the enemy or enemies declare war against one person, all of UPMU have to stop them before it gets worser. UPMU can take up any size, goal or any type of wiki wars. Such as Arcy, large, small, overthrowing and stuff.
  • 9.Members can remain neutral if the GMA-UPMU supports a faction in the war. They will be called to arms if there is a declaration of war but there can be a certain number of neutrals depending on the war. ALL members must be ready to participate if attacked/provoked.


Note: The following flag has been approved by the leader Zukas. (See Comments below). Also Warflags are used if a faction is at war with a certain faction.


Total Members: 10 (as of May 20th, 2014)

List of Members

  • Zephyrus (Founder)
  • Danijel (Founder)
  • Drexmapper (1 Medal of Peace) Ssss Upmu flag design1
  • Goldenrebel25 Upmu flag design1
  • Zukas Upmu flag design1
  • HistoryMapper Upmu flag design1
  • Multi Mappers Upmu flag design1
  • 99batran (Alpha and leader) Leaderumpu Upmu flag design1
  • Craft0video Upmu flag design1
  • MikiPL004Upmu flag design1
  • Mapmaker023
  • Ironhand21 

edit the page if you want to join


(Current Leader): Leader of the UPMU (Could be more than one).

(Alpha): Major, Beyond General.

(Medal of Peace): Selected member received a medal for a specific reason.

(General): Loyal Person who shows willingness towards the Leader(s).

(Founder): Person who founded UPMU.



Opinion: We have members in this alliance and also we fought together during the Anti-Arcy Wars. But we are natural rivals.

Relation: 195 (Allies)


Opinion: We are not sure about this new faction but we show signs of curiosity of how this faction will survive. Some of us are thinking of protecting this new baby faction.

Relation: 50 (Friendly)


Opinion: some of our members disagree with this alliance's sudden declaration of independence and almost led to a crisis that could mean war, but the leaders are willing to establish friendly relations. One of our leaders is in this alliance, and we consider them a loyalist faction

Relation: 95 (Friendly)


Opinion: Some of their members are here, this means they have established an embassy with us. But some of our members disagreed with this alliance that led to a temporary distabilization of the community. Tensions are somewhat invisibly present, but have a degree of uncertainty.

Relation: -5 (Neutral)


Opinion: We don't get it.

Relation: 0 (Neutral)

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