Day of Election in this pact for peace is close. But first of all you need to find person who will lead with you 2 mounths.

You can comment if you want to found a new party or something that you want.


  • Danijel and Zephyrus (Former)
  • EthanConquistador and Zukas (Terran Party or Reds Party(?))
  • MrOwnerandPwner and 99Batran (International Bocialist Party or Blue Party)
  • Multi Mappers and Goldenrebel25 (GMA Party or Gold Party)
  • Drexmapper and Zephyrus Mapping



Parties: Danijel and Zephyrus

Winners: Danijel and Zephyrus (there's no party there yet)

January 2014

January 3rd to January 4th?


Danjiel and Zephyrus

Ethan and Zukas

MrOwnerandPwner and 99batran

Winners: Ethan and Zukas

March 2014

March 19th to March 29th


Drexmapper and Zephyrus

EthanConquistador and Zukas

99batran and MrOwnerandPwner

Multi Mappers and Goldenrebel25

Winners: 99batran and MrOwnerandPwner

May 2014

May 19th to May 29th?

Confirmed Parties:

99batran and MrOwnerandPwner

July 2014

Confirmed Parties:

99batran and MrOwnerandPwner(?)